PUA Dark Arts Manual : The Forbidden Techniques of Pickup Artists
PUA Dark Arts Manual : The Forbidden Techniques of Pickup Artists

Hypnosis. Mind Control. Making women come with nothing but the sound of your voice. These are the dark arts of the pickup artist. There are a handful of top Pickup Artists, or PUAs such as Neil Strauss (Style), Mystery (of VH1’s The Pickup Artist), David DeAngelo, and Wayne Elise (Juggler). They teach techniques for meeting and seducing women to thousands on men every year. They teach openers, negs, and DHVs.

But what they don’t teach? You won’t find any gurus teaching the October Man technique, or instant hypnosis method. Some of the techniques were deemed too powerful to release to the general public. The women that these techniques were used on became obsessed. It was like bringing a nuclear weapon to a knife fight. For years the top gurus kept these techniques a highly guarded secret, available only to a chosen few. I was one of those few. Now, for the first time, these secret techniques, forbidden patterns, and dark arts of pickup can be yours. I am handing you the key…

The first time is the PUA Dark Arts Manual – a collection of the most powerful unreleased techniques. Now is your chance to get this forbidden technology for yourself. PUA Dark Arts Manual contains secret techniques and patterns that have never before been released to the public. Use it wisely…