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Power of Appreciation FOUNDATIONS OF INNER GAME 2: Creating Profound Connection Transform The Depth of Your Relations With Women… Forever

• Create profound connection with women, such that they feel refreshed, open and inspired to know you
• Access your Genuine Curiosity, banishing awkward silences forever
• Feel completely at ease, even when she’s initially unreceptive to you… and turn it around into something exciting, playful and passionate
• Blow the doors open on your capacity to cultivate emotional depth and sexual connection

This is step two of a five part journey towards authentic living, inner wholeness and a radiant masculine presence that intrigues and arouses the feminine.

Back with the amazingly perceptive women of AMP, prepare yourself for an entirely new understanding of just how rich, vibrant, sexy, and wild your interactions and relationships with women can truly be.

In this 3-DVD set, you’ll learn all this and much more as Decker and Bryan take you deep into the second Foundation of Inner Game: Appreciation.

You’ll learn concrete & powerful practices to access more of your Authentic Self and create rich, rewarding connections with women, whether you’ve just met or known each other for years.

Power of Appreciation DVD 1 – Emotional Depth & Sexual Connection
Power of Appreciation DVD 2 – Shared Humanity & Genuine Curiosity
Power of Appreciation DVD 3 – Creating Profound Connection

“The Art of Profound Connection”