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When You Can’t Bring A Woman To Orgasm, The Relationship Could End At Anytime!

But don’t worry you’re not alone. Most men have no clue how to touch a woman’s body in a way that leaves her begging for more. In fact:

Even though it took 3 of the top sex trainers in the world years to develop these techniques it’ll only take you minutes to master them

The “Incredible Sex Video Series”

PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series
– Module 1 -“Sensual Touch”

The first module is your “key” to opening her box =)

Justine, Jade and I demonstrate the pre-foreplay techniques that will get her morning and squirming before any real “fun” begins.

You will learn how to how to touch, kiss, and undress any girl in a way that will have her begging for more.

The main focus of this module is to help set you upfor a night that neither of you will soon forget!

In this module you will discover:

  • Using the “Forgotten Erogenous Zones” to flip her sexual attraction triggers within seconds – This alone will have you bagging her panties faster than the clerk at Victoria’s Secret.
  • A step-by-step guide to touching, kissing and caressing every inch her body, and giving her goose bumps from head to toes.
  • Simple stimulation techniques that set off uncontrollable physical responses (and mind-bendingly amazing sex)
  • A secret kissing technique that will leave her begging for you to be inside of her!
  • How to use your tongue on parts of her body that most guys would never discover on their own – And YES! It’s proven to increase excitement, blood flow and nerve ending response by almost 75%!
  • A simply way to make her clothes “melt” off with zero resistance.
  • The exact foreplay techniques you see in almost every porno, that will ruin the experience and kill you chances for sex (Stay far away from these or you’ll be left with nothing but your hand for the rest of the night)
  • Three places on her body that will cause her to shake like a Chihuahua in anticipation (And how to trigger them with just your finger tips, or tongue)
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series
– Module 2 -“Fingering Techniques”

It seems more and more that people have forgotten the joys of fingering their partner. There are things you can do with your fingers that you cannot do with any other part of your body.

We’ve dedicated Module 2 to showing you some of the amazing things you can do with your fingers.

In fact, if you know how to make a woman’s whole body shake by only using your hands, you will separate yourself from almost every other guy she’s ever been with.

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll learn:

  • A dead simple technique that guarantees you will find her clit in under 3 seconds – Every time!
  • The super-secret “butterfly technique” Justine Joli developed, which single handedly name her the single highest requested partner in the ENTIRE lesbian porn industry (This technique will alone will give virtually ANY woman uncontrollable orgasms within 30 seconds)
  • What lesbians know how to do with their fingers, which most men will go their entire lives without learning (But after today, that will be a thing of the past for you)
  • How to find the “legs” of her clitoris and stimulate them to give her an orgasm so intense, she will remember it for the rest of her life!
  • A secret “pussy engorgement” technique that less than 1 in 1,000 people know about, but will give her orgasm that feel as powerful as a volcanic eruption!
  • Why the “fingering” techniques you’ve probably been using your entire life causes women to laugh at you behind your back.
  • When and how to prepare your fingers each and every time to supercharge your foreplay!
  • The single BIGGEST mistake men make when trying to stimulate a woman’s G-Spot – And how to do it like a POR from now on!
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 3 -“Advanced Fingering Techniques”

I’ve got a confession to make…

I’m tried of hearing about those boring couples who think using one finger is “kinky” and anything more is too “taboo” to ever try…

This whole module is dedicated to advanced fingering techniques, getting her so hot and bothered that she’ll be begging for more.

And deep emotional orgasms that are so intense, most women refer them as “The Ultimate Orgasm”.

Trust me, you’re going to want to take notes on this module =)

  • The “secrets” to squirting orgasms… And why some women are able to have them all the time, and you will need you to “teach” other women. (All women can have these incredible orgasms… Now you’ll know how to give it to her!)
  • The EXACT SPOT you must touch on a woman’s body to make her squirt. (I’ll show you the spots, and the order to go in that will drive her absolutely CRAZY)
  • The trick to getting her body to loosen up enough so she is ready (and excited) to be fisted.
  • Deep emotional release-orgasms that are more then 10x stronger then “basic” orgasms (I’ll show you a step-by-step to  giving it to her every time!)
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 4 -“Oral Sex Techniques”

Most men have no idea what they are doing when it comes to giving a woman oral sex. You know that “alphabet” trick you heard about in grade school? Now you’re an adult… and that stupid trick simply will not cut it.

In this Module you’ll discover not only why most men are losing their women to other women (Here’s a hint: Women are better at giving oral sex) but you’ll also learn the techniques to become a “master” of going down on her.

You probably have no idea how few guys have a single clue what they are doing when they go down on a girl… But after today she will become addicted to having your face between her legs.

You’ll also discover:

  • Tease her like a “pro”: A special way to “shape” your tongue which stimulates every part of her clitoris (no matter what size or shape your tongue is) and  we’ll show you EXACTLY how to use it and blow her mind!
  • The very first thing you MUST do with your tongue during oral sex to really drive her wild. (Everything you do after will only make the experience that much better!)
  • Ryan Keely’s secret “suction and flicker” technique that works 99% of the time to get women screaming for more (it’s probably the real reason why women always want to work with her.)
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series  – Module 5 -“Things You See In Porn That Are Bad Ideas”

Until now, the only way most men ever learned any skills in bed, was to imitate what they see in porn flicks.

Unfortunately, most of what you see in those movies is ONLY for the camera and DOES NOT feel good in real life.

In fact, if you try to imitate most of what you see in the movies, your partner will most likely walk out and never come back.

In this Module you are going to see what goes on behind the scenes of a porn shoot, and what you should never EVER attempt in the bedroom… This alone will save you from missed opportunities and embarrassment:

  • The ONE thing you see in almost EVERY porno which is guaranteed to ruin any sexual encounter (it’s so common, almost ALL men try it… and it instantly tells her you watch too much porn.)
  • Positions that — IF you try them — will make her never want to sleep with you again.
  • “Insider’s Only” info on how male porn stars prepare for a shoot ? you’ll need to know this if you plan to experiment with “dirty play”.
  • Behind the scenes secrets of the industry that you were NEVER supposed to know about.
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 6 -“Amazing Positions A to Z”

You’ve probably heard “It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it”. In this module, we are going to show you “how to use it is” to give her the most heart-pounding, body-trembling and wildest sex of her life.

Being an amazing lover has nothing to do with using those “fold her up like an origami crane” positions.

Instead, it’s all about knowing how to “compliment” each others bodies by making tiny modifications to your favorite positions.

Use just a few of the things you’ll discover in this module ? the next time you have sex ? and watch as her eyes roll back in ecstasy:

  • A simple change to the missionary position that “tricks” her into feeling you’re a FULL 2 inches thicker inside of her (PLUS – you’ll be hitting the 2 “magical inches” inside of her that trigger “deep spot” orgasms… so intense she won’t be able to control her screaming.
  • She’ll think you have a lot of experience when you know how to quickly and smoothly move from one position to another (use this to try any wild position you’ve ever wanted to without ANY resistance at all.)
  • Know the “Ultimate Goal” for any position? You will never look at sex the same way again after this.
  • Many variations on common positions that bring excitement, variation and brand new sensations that can single-handedly give her 8, 9, or even 10 body rocking orgasms BEFORE you’ve even started to break a sweat.
  • Wild positions that women absolutely love… but most men NEVER get to experience because they’re too scared to even ask.
  • My special “Lazy Sunday” position that is the perfect way to give her multiple orgasms right when you wake up in he morning.
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 7 -“Anal Sex “

Now it’s time to get down and dirty with one of the most fun (and taboo) subjects of all… Anal sex!

Module 7 shows you a “secret” that 99% of men will NEVER know and how to act out ALL your craziest anal sex fantasies… and all in a way that gets her excited to keep coming back for more!

So, if you’re interested in trying out “backdoor sex” with your woman (or any woman for that matter), then you need to pay close attention.

And if you think you’re already an ‘expert’ in this topic, I’ve got big news for you… You don’t know Jack Sh!t about anal sex – Yet.

You’ll also discover:

  • Release the “bad girl” in her by using the “naughtiness” of anal sex to your full advantage.
  • The EXACT foreplay techniques which make anal sex feel great, right from the very first time.
  • A foolproof way to guarantee the anal play stays “clean” (this alone is why most women are too scared to try anal sex in the first place).
  • Don’t just give her anal orgasms… give her MULTIPLE anal orgasms – each and every time.
  • How the pro’s “finish” anal sex (it’s NOT AT ALL what you think it is).
  • The best (and only) lubricants and toys you should ever use – And EXACTLY how to use them.
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 8 -“Fetish And Advanced Rough Play”

I know most guys have a dirty mind full of fantasies they’re too shy to even talk about.

But don’t worry, in this module, we’ll show you how to make all these fantasies a reality… and even get her begging you for more.

WARNING: This module is ONLY for the most adventurous of lovers!

However, if you’re daring enough to explore your “inner-freak” you may never want to go back.

In this module, you will discover:

  • A simple “hair pulling” trick which makes her moan for more.
  • Dominate her into releasing her “inner slut” (Once she opens up to this, your sex life will never be the same).
  • How to stay safe when you play “rough” (Without knowing this, she will NEVER want to have sex with you again!)These secret slapping and spanking techniques will thrill her to the point where she is begging for more.
  • Wild positions that women absolutely love, but most men never get to experience (because they are too scared to even ask).
  • The hidden truths about how us porn stars like to “get down” when we want things a bit “rough”.
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 9 -“Staying In The Game”

If you want to last longer in bed, and drain your girl of ALL her energy, by giving her the most intense sexual experience of her life – then this may be the most important module of all for you.

The sad truth is that most guys can’t even last 10 minutes. That’s rarely ever enough to make a girl cum…

And even if you manage to give her one tiny little orgasm, the sex will be anything but memorable.

As a woman who LOVES great sex, I want to make sure that every time you and your girl “get it on” you will rock her world.

In this module, you will discover:

  • Several “do it yourself” exercises which keep you going longer… and makes your erection feel up to 37% larger.
  • Being able to last longer also means being able to have sex more often (women love when a man can go multiple times in a night)
  • The “whiskey dick” myth and how to beat it: when money is on the line, male performers still have to get hard on command — or face the consequences… use these “battle-tested” tricks and never suffer going limp at the wrong time again!
  • Destroy the psychological baggage which causes pre-mature ejaculation (I’ll show you the physical and mental exercises you’ll need to know).
  • Do you know the hidden factors which happen OUTSIDE of the bedroom… which are covertly sabotaging your sex life? Here’s how to identify & eliminate them fast!
PornStar Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series – Module 10 -“Safe Sex”

I told you before that I want you to have a “Porn Star Sex Life” and I meant it. A major part of getting to experience the most amazing sex life you have ever fantasized about means keeping yourself and your partner safe.

Trust me, if she starts pissing razor blades, she will NEVER sleep with you again.

Not only that, but if YOU catch something nasty, it won’t be a picnic for you either.

In Module 10 you will discover:

  • How the porn industry handles staying safe… and why if you don’t follow these rules you’re opening yourself up to some brutal, life-changing consequences.
  • Being prepared for ANYTHING… without knowing these secrets, you can forget about her ever inviting her friends over for some really wild fun.
  • The EXACT items she keeps in her “slut kit” and why you absolutely MUST have one too.
  • What to do the next morning when your piss feels like it was forged from Satan’s own river of fire.
  • What to do when you bring a girl home and find out a little too late that she’s “not clean” (this can save you weeks, months and even YEARS of anguish).