Player Supreme – Female Mind Seduction Download

Welcome! My name is Player Supreme. I had stopped selling this dangerous book but due to popular demand I’ve reopened it’s purchase.

No need for me to write a sales page for it since you already know how devastating what I am about to teach you truly is.

This is my most dreaded book to unleash on the female population out there.

I caution everyone who buys this book to NOT use it on every girl they meet. Only on the one or two women that you truly want to dominate.

What I am teaching here is about female domination and total control.

If you control the mind you control the pussy so I’ve released all of my techniques that I have learned over my lifetime on how to rule in a woman’s life the way a man is suppose to and was born to.

I have had women stalking me, kicking in my window, my back door, running up to me in the streets after leaving a bar with a new woman, glared at, letters sent, police called, gossiped about, hate gossip spread and that is just a tiny list of deadly results of mind fucking women that I have known in my life.

So many so called guru’s get online whom have never even been in “the game.” They come online to make money and are nothing more than Internet Marketers.

So to dis-spell any doubts of my credentials as a Player (not a pua or Pick Up Artist but the real thing)