Pimp Your Lingo by Stephen Erdman is an audio program of over six hours long that aims to give you the tools and knowledge to use language more effectively with everyone you talk to.

The course is broken down into three sections: Inner Game, Rapport, and Attraction.

Conversation Skills Training For Men Inner Game

This is the shortest section of the audio program, at just under an hour.  Erdman discusses the importance of language and how you’ll be able to use it to enrich your life and have more success once you master his techniques.

Conversation Skills Training For Men Rapport

Erdman touches on is what he calls the 70/30 principle. The idea being that you should aim to be listening for 70% of the time and only speaking for 30%.

Conversation Skills Training For Men Attraction

This is the final section of the program and is just over two hours long. The first track is on four common mistakes guys often make to mess up attraction.
There are a number of tracks here dealing with questions and how to respond to them.

Conversation Skills Training For Men The Bottom Line

Pimp Your Lingo uses a lot of ideas from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to teach some fairly basic conversational skills.


The Actor Stephan Erdman is one of the leading German actors based in the UK.

He is best known for his numerous Film/TV roles for the BBC and directors like Peter Howitt, Lab Ky Mo, Jamie Payne and Richard Dale and his many Stage performances…
…while also attracting major brands like Xbox360, Skechers, Apple, Nike, RBS, Ericksson, Belkin, Visa and Sony as an actor, model and voice over artist for Commercials and Photographic Campaigns.



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