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“Could It Really Be This EASY  To Meet Any Woman You Notice In Your Daily Life, Create An   Instant Connection With Her, and Sweep Her Off Her Feet  On The Very First Date? 15 Minutes is ALL IT TAKES To Become The Romance Novel Hero She Has Been Waiting For HER ENTIRE LIFE, And Spark A Desire Deep Inside Her So Powerful That She Can’t Stop Thinking About You…And Feels Literally Addicted To Being With You,Under Your Terms, For As Long As You Will Have Her

The next time I see a beatifull woman I’ll instinctively know EXACLTY what to do to start a fun, sexy conversation.

And I’ll do it, probably without even thinking about it…

If things go well, I know EXACTLY how to lead her into a deep intimate connection, and hot to set up a date that she will NEVER forget.

How ’bout you?

If you’re like a lot of frustrated men.

You often miss chances to talk to beautifull women in your daily life

You have ‘hot or miss’ conversations with women

You don’t really know how to consistently connect with women on a deeper level

You don’t have a solid plan to ensure dates go the way you want them to go

Even if you’ve been making some progress, the truth is you still don’t know exactly what to do to meet, connect with, and have a killer date with the next available woman you see in your daily life…

Pay close attention to what your about to learn.

You’ll find that this isn’t another typicall product or workshop…

In fact, it’s not like anything that has ever been offered….by anyone in the dating advice industry… period.

It’s backup up not just by me, Lance Mason, but by literally a dozen of the the most trusted, skilled, and ethical techers of natrual game that I’ve ever seen in my 16 years of trying to master the area of natural dynamics.

I’ll give you more details in a moment but first let me show you …

Why You Only Need To Get Good At 3 Things If You Want To Transform Your Life Into A Life Filled With Beautiful Women and Intensely Hot Relationships!

I’ve discovered I can take someone with literally NO experience with women … who has never approached a woman in his life … is socially awkward … an introvert—the whole nine yards … and in just about a day’s worth of education have them approaching, building connection and setting up Rock Solid dates.

In fact, it really comes down to three key things:

  1. Day Game: This is my “secret weapon” that most guys totally overlook. Bars and clubs are great for practicing meeting women because you can do lots of approaches in a short amount of time. But what most guys don’t realize is you have to do so much less work to get the same results when you meet girls during the day.
  2. Rapport: Attraction only goes so far … to really get a woman “hooked” on you—even obsessed—you MUST build a rock-solid emotional connection with her. You can’t “escalate” to a sexual relationship (at least not a FUN, fulfilling one) without this connection. If you’re not consistently getting the “It feels like we’ve known each other for YEARS” responses from women—then you need to work on your rapport building skills!
  3. The Meet Up: While first impressions are VERY important, you can’t fake it after thatb… if you’re not REALLY the attractive, confident guy who connected with her in a way no one ever has beforeb… then she’s going to freak out! That’s why the first date, and every meeting with her after that, is so important to creating the exact type of intimate, fun, healthy, and fulfilling relationship you want with her.

And the best part is, through YEARS of teaching live workshops and doing personal coaching with men of every age and experience level … I’ve found the most effective ways to bring you up to speed in each of these 3 areas in the least amount of time possible. In just days and weeks, instead of the months or years it took me.

Plus, with my “dream team” of the best of the best when it comes to teaching natural game — there’s no better way to quick-learn these skills into your body as fast as possible!

What you are about to discover is unique … it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen … and most of it is completely NEW concepts.

Why? Because I’ve been constantly refining my approach to women … looking over my past successes … masterminding with my dream team of natural game experts … and discovering the commonalities ALL men who are good with women share.

And I’m EXTREMELY excited because what I want to show you is going to take YEARS off your learning curve!

This means you’ll rocket from a guy who’s trying to figure women out, frustrated with your current results (and how “hard” all this is) … to a naturally attractive, confident, and sexually powerful man virtually overnight!

And you can do it all WITHOUT having to learn a truckload of techniques, fake routines, or trying to “mold” yourself into becoming a “mini-me” version of some famous pickup artist you’ve read about.

This Is Unlike Anything Else You’ve Every Seen!

In truth, it took me YEARS to get to the point to where I knew — for absolute certain — that I had all the most important answers … and … knew how to share them in the most effective way with guys like you.

Then I invited all my best friends — the real experts in our industry, who actually ARE great with women — and directed them into sharing their best secrets too at a “one-time-only” seminar last year.

But here’s the thing: even though I had dozens of guys emailing me and begging me to release the video footage of the event as a product … it took me over … to put it all together the way I wanted.


Because I didn’t want to release “just another product” … because I don’t think that’s the VERY BEST way to help you.

Ask yourself: do you really need another ebook? Another book? DVD set or home study course?

The answer is “NO!”

What you really need is step-by-step coaching. As personal as possible. As in depth as possible. A complete “Transformation Program” that’s systematic, comprehensive, and takes you by the hand from wherever you are now (even if it’s “Raw rookie” status–having never approached a woman before) … and … turns you into the most attractive, most confident, most badass version of yourself … in the shortest time possible.

So when I sat down and tried to figure out the best way for you to “get” this, I kept coming back to “COACHING” as the answer … but the problem is … it’d be impossible for me to personally coach you. After all, I can’t fly all over the country coaching every guy in every state …

But then I realized: the most important part about coaching is:

  • The step-by-step, systematic approach… and…
  • The Feedback, motivation and support structure…

That’s when I realized you could get all the benefits of “in person” coaching — the speed-learning and “owning” of the skills — quickly and easily from an “at home” coaching program!

Even better: being coached on your own, at home, in your own environment is actually MORE EFFECTIVE … because … you’re not going away for a weekend, learning new skills in a new environment, and then going home, only to find your skills have disappeared. That’s what many guys have complained about after live workshops and seminars.

Done this way instead, you master your skills at home, in your own environment, and this time — when you think you’ve got it — you’ve got it FOREVER!

In fact, I believe in this coaching program concept so much …

This Is My Legacy!

After 15 years of painful learning, trial and error … 6 years of teaching, educating and trying to find the best ways to share this knowledge … and getting the feedback of, literally, 1,000’s of guys about what works and what doesn’t … I’m proud to say that I finally have the answer I’ve been looking for!

This really is the “holy grail” when it comes to teaching these skills as fast and as effectively as possible.

This is totally unlike anything else we’ve ever done before, and I’m convinced it’s going to turn you into the “Rock Star” you know you can be in the fastest time possible.

This is not just another technique or even a mere “system” — rather, it’s a foolproof process of total transformation that ANY guy can make—which literally forces you to become everything hot women are seeking out in a man.

Don’t get me wrong: You’ll still be “yourself” — the key difference is that you’ll be the boldest, coolest, most attractive possible version of yourself!

And rather than foolishly bounce from one dating system and technique to another like most of the frustrated guys in this “community” — you’ll finally start making real, measurable progress … you’ll kick the paralyzing effect of “information overload” to the curb … and your confidence and success with women will inevitably soar.

In fact, when you go through this powerful process, I’m personally betting that: Before even one month is over you’ll be meeting, seducing and getting incredible results from women you just met!

…And if you keep following the system, step-by-step, for the full 3 months, you’ll be the kind of guy


Hard to believe? I understand.

But I know for a fact it’s possible because I’ve taken, again, 1,000’s of men from “frustrated with women guy” status to “guy that GETS women” in far less time than that. And most of my personal coaching students have experienced radical transformations in a matter of weeks, sometimes as little as a single weekend.

In other words, I’m understating the amount of time it’s going to take you to get good. I don’t believe in the shameless over-promising you so often see in marketing. I only tell you only what I KNOW will happen — and I’m 100% confident after these 3 intense months of coaching — there’s absolutely no way you won’t start experience the same kind of life-changing results my other students have.