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Gentlemen…Welcome to the Alpha Male Guide

History’s greatest thinkers- Epicurus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sun Tzu, Seneca, Beaudelaire, Sir Francis Bacon, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill and others expound their philosophies on wine, women, song, love, lust, life, living, manners, character, sex, marriage, death and laughter. Everything you need to know to be a world class male in today’s modern world.

WARNING: This website contains mature subject matter. It is suitable for males 14 years of age and older.

This is the ultimate and final authority on etiquette, health, fitness, manners, culture, the arts, sports, social skills and mostly, how to enjoy women.

Enjoying women has nothing to do with how you look. It’s all about how you walk, talk, and think. Thinking requires philosophy.

By browsing this website, you are thinking with your head, and not your dick.

That will get you laid.

Happy Hunting!

The Essays

Introduction (home)

Meaning Of Life
Three Things
Balance And The Universal Man 1
Balance And The Unversal Man 2
Balance And The Universal Man 3
Big Fish Little Pond
The Tree And The Oil Spill

Alpha Male Guide Women

Women And Babies-
The Works of George Bernard Shaw
Women Are Hunting You
Women And The Blueprint
The Goal
Baseball And Picking Up
Hunting And Tigers- The 1/20 Ratio
Masters Of Illusion
Active Passive Participation
Sex Trouble Graph
Your Mother Was Helping You Score
Marriage And Family Pressure
Francis Bacon
Guerilla Rule
The Hot Chick’s Cry For Help
I Love You Too Pavlov
Living With Your Chick
Chicks With Cats
The Stone Cutter
Androgeny Test
Wandering Eye
Being A Great Lover

Alpha Male Guide Etiquette

Being Polite And Greetings
Being Worth Losing
Answering Machines
Call Waiting
Close Talking
Collecting Crap
Coughing And Yawning
Cutting Lines
Dressing Outside Inside
On Eating In A Restauraunt 1
On Eating In A Restauraunt 2
On Eating In A Resataurant 3
On Eating In A Restauraunt 4
On Inhaling Wine

Alpha Male Guide Partying

Mixing Drinks
Hair Of The Dog
Bed Spins
Beaudelaire 00
Beaudelaire 01
Beaudelaire 02

Alpha Male Guide Life Skills

Extending Your Own Line
George Costanza
Getting Enough Sleep
Intellectual Comfort Zones
Looking Young
Lose Weight While You Sleep
Making A Contribution
On Class
On Fitness
On Food
On Jogging
On Reading
Other Peoples Buisiness
Popular Ideas And Sentiment
So What Do You Do
Speeding Tickets and The Machine 1
Speeding Tickets and The Machine 2
Taking Responsibility
A Good Start
Dying Well

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