Ross Jeffries – Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp Download

Ross Jeffries - Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp Download

Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp (For Just 120 Hours Only) To The Complete “Total Immersion” Event Footage

Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp by Ross Jeffries (updated) Links

Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp includes:

In-the-room “skills and drills” exercises to achieve persuasion mastery and create your own patterns, too (you can follow along at home) Student breakthroughs happening right before your very eyes (YOU will now follow the trail they have blazed for you) Priceless insights into the REAL workings of the human mind (they don’t teach this stuff in ordinary school)

Downloadable copies of the actual handouts and word-for-word “Super Patterns” from the event, including My super-secret “private notes” containing even more patterns and persuasion powerAnd your chance to claim all of it will be Saturday (April 5) at 12:00 Noon Pacific.

Before I share more, please hear that I am Doing Something Very Powerful And Profound, Just For You!

One of the most popular products I ever released under Speed Seduction® was the “Advanced Skills Builders”, back in 1996.These were nothing more than simple audio recordings of me repeating word-for-word patterns, over and over, so you immerse yourself and master the tonality and inflections.

This was the simplest product I ever created, yet it’s the one Sheila and Lisa get so many questions about.It occurred to me, while at Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp, I should do the same for you to

Turbo-Charge Your Flight Toward “Puppet-Master” Persuasion Power

When you claim your “Total Immersion” footage on Saturday at Noon Pacific, I will show you an opportunity to “Double Down” On Your Persuasion Mastery And Upgrade To The Persuasion Skills Builders with Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp