Badboy – Perfect Seduction Download

“The Perfect Seduction – World’s Premier Seduction Academy” presents the exclusive Double-DVD-Set “Advanced Pick-Up-Arts by Badboy”

Perfect Seduction DVD1:
– Understanding the women’s brain
– Body Language
– Structure of Seduction
– Five Emotions
– Leading
– 28,000 Days/Carpe Diem

Perfect Seduction DVD2:
– Relationsships
– Rules
– Sex

Perfect Seduction Special Features:
– Coaching
– Opening Part I – Explaining Mistakes
– Opening Part II – Approaching Groups

Perfect Seduction InField Teaching: Club
– Phonenumbers
– Attraction & Rapport
– One Night Stands

Perfect Seduction Message from Badboy:

Let me make one thing clear and get right to the point…

I am a Badboy.

I’ve fought in wars. I’ve stood on death’s doorstep. And I’ve bedded some of the world’s most beautiful women.

I am free.

And when I look around and see other men shackled by the constraints and phobias society places on them, I get angry. So allow me to be frank. It’s not your fault.

If you’ve ever felt angry, frustrated, or helpless when it comes to your love life, know this… All you need to know is right here. Use it well and carefully. This is dangerous stuff.

Get the girl of your dreams. Seed & i am sure you will thank me later!

LEAD go everywhere with her .. dont stand still YOU FIRST!!! Dont be aggressive .. just LEAD  .. polite NO LOGIC, EMOTION no logic,  emotion
1. make her feel relax —
2. make her be attractive —
3.Trust  — make her trust — secrets
4. Confort — palm reading
5. Connexion — start talking

“i like hiphop” disagree “Fuck i hate hiphop .. But i love jazz” “i drink fanta” ” he drinks coke” –> the feeling is the same is always about
How u make them feel emotionally ” whats your favorite hobby” horse back riding ” how does that feel” woman emotion is like booling water where do you want to go for dinner her answer is going to come from the particles that rise from the boiling water

How to initiate a good date do something out of ordinary (1500 times!!same shit 4 her) make your life interesting —> come here enjoy my life come here have fun with me
must beautiful girls have booring life practice learn from mistakes 28000 days on this planet this 24 ours are a gift for u this thing that you have tommorow is this day, this night, use it wisefully