How to Avoid the Friend Zone and Instantly Create Strong Sexual Attraction With Almost Any Woman You Meet, In 60 Seconds or Less!

Paul Janka - Death Of The Friend Zone
Paul Janka – Death Of The Friend Zone Download

  You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, right? Well, when it comes to women and sex … it’s more like 95/5 – meaning that just 5% of the guys out there get 95% of the casual sex with attractive women. I confirmed this by actually surveying and speaking to thousands of guys over the years – and it’s consistent with all the other experts in the field.

So What Does This Mean for YOU?

The bottom line is that there are two kinds of guys out there: 1) The guys in the top 5%, who easily sleep with the majority of the women … and … 2) All the other guys, many of whom get the “friend zone” speech. You know what I’m talking about – we’ve all had that awkward moment with a girl where we’re clearly interested in dating and getting physical with her … yet she is not. Maybe we’d been trying to get her to go out with us, or spending time with her in the hope that she’d like us … but it comes to the point where she can no longer take it – and is forced to give us the “speech.” It usually goes something like … “John, I think you’re a really great guy. I like you a lot. But I just don’t feel THAT way about you. I hope we can still be friends.” Uggh. It hurts just to think about it. And of course, it feels even worse to get that speech, especially if it’s with a girl that we were really into. Especially since guys who get stuck in the friend zone with one girl tend to have it happen to them all the time. If this has happened to you – whether once or 100 times – I’ve got good news …

The Death of the Friend Zone

For the first time ever, I’m releasing a new product that’s 100% focused on making sure you NEVER get stuck in the friend zone, ever again. It’s 30 pages of step-by-step, “do this, do that” information that’s designed to not only keep you out of the friend zone … but also trigger intense sexual attraction with women, FAST. Often in a matter of minutes, or instantly. In a sense, I feel especially qualified to teach you this … because not only have I slept with hundreds of women using my system – but once I honed my process, I literally NEVER had women even try to treat me like just another “friend.” And it doesn’t matter whether you want to be a player with eight girlfriends – or you want to find your dream girl and get married next week … you must master this stuff. Creating a strong sexual connection and attraction is essential in any relationship – otherwise, you risk being rejected, cheated on, neglected and ultimately just not treated like a man. And that’s just the beginning – the Death of the Friend Zone will also help you … – Save countless hours of time and frustration – Help you focus on relationships with real sexual potential – Allow you get sexual with many more girls – Puts relationships more on YOUR terms – Separates you from other men – When you “get” it, leads to significantly more confidence As you consider the benefits, also keep in mind that this powerful manual will also help you: – Avoid losing years of your life catering to women who give you nothing – Avoid draining your male resources – including mental and emotional – Avoid lonely nights, wasted money, and false hope – Avoid being labeled by women as weak, pussy, or clueless

Attitude Is Everything

Right off the bat, one of the things I show you is how to quickly change your overall attitude when it comes to women and dating. You see, your core attitude and perspective play a HUGE role in the degree to which women see you – and want you – on a sexual level. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about “inner game” or any of that philosophical stuff. Instead, I’m talking about a simple-yet-radical change you can make in how you see and interact with women … that will make a world of difference. Instantly! That’s right, do THIS ONE THING – or be willing to do it – and the woman will be forced to respect you, even if she’s not quite ready for sex. And because you’re willing to do this, you’ll do one of two things: 1) You’ll get to sex much faster and more often … and … 2) Even when sex doesn’t happen, the door will be open, because you didn’t get placed into the “friend” category … Either way you win, and it all starts with the attitude I teach in the first pages of Death of the Friend Zone.

Why Do Women Put Men Into the Friend Zone?

Another thing you’ll discover is why women do this to men, because there are some distinct benefits for her. And understanding them will give you insight into her mind, and separate yourself from other guys who don’t “get” it. First off, an attractive woman can’t sleep with every guy who wants to sleep with her. That’s would be impossible. However, many beautiful women have figured out how to leverage the “grey area” that is the friend zone – where she thinks of you as a friend, but you hope there is a chance. Because in this ambiguous territory, she can leverage your desire to please her – and get many benefits, which I list inside the pages of Death of the Friend Zone. Understanding all this helps you avoid getting stuck there – because the signs are clear and happen over and over again. Don’t forget – many women are trained to use men from a young age … you can’t really hate or blame women for this, it’s built into their programming and perhaps DNA. They might argue men are looking to use them for sex. Overall, the problem with the friend zone is that there are almost no benefits for you as the guy; it usually doesn’t go both ways. That’s why it’s critical that you understand what gets you into the friend zone – and also …

How Do You Know You’re In the Friend Zone?

Here are just a few tell-tale signs of the friend zone dungeon … – You think about her a lot, yet there is no clear mutual indication of romance (such as kissing, sex, or romantic/sexual words from her) – She’s unwilling to isolate with you; or if she does, she drops hints – She uses the word “buddy” “pal” or [gasp] “friend”… – You are clearly low on her priority list (a woman will often drop her prior plans for a guy she’s romantically interested in) – You’re in a “grey zone” for too long; women tend to categorize men quickly … whereas guys are always down to fuck a beautiful woman, friend or not – You get the “let’s be friends” speech If you have – or are currently experiencing ANY of these symptoms – I urge you to download your copy of Death of the Friend Zone right away! Just click on any of the links you see on this page and you can be reading it in mere minutes.

3 Main Steps to Keeping You OUT of the Friend Zone

In addition to everything else, another thing I give you in the Death of the Friend Zone manual are some VERY simple steps to follow that make it virtually impossible for her to categorize you as “just a friend.” This is especially important to understand in the beginning of the relationship, when the dynamic is up for grabs, you need to make sure you create the best odds of it going in the direction YOU want. Remember that women will always tend to take a less committal path – women tend to be less decisive, and having sex with a guy is a big decision. If you don’t lead forward strongly in that direction, nothing tends to happen, and she assumes “friendship.” – I will show you how to smoothly isolate her – FAST – in a way that communicates both romance and sexuality, in a way that appeals to her … – I will show you how to “manage information” – so that you don’t say anything dumb that kills your chances or causes her to think that you are not worthy of sex or dating … – And I’ll also show you how to quickly sexualize the interaction in other ways, so that she has no choice but to think “this guy is sexual, and if I want him in my life, I need to BE sexual with him” Plus, a lot more! These steps are crucial for ensuring that sexual communication is always happening, with any attractive woman you meet. Period. And it’s just one key component of the Death of a Friend Zone manual …

How to Avoid “Crippling” Nice Guy Behaviors

Another thing that’s crucial for staying OUT of the friend zone is avoiding behaviors and actions that trigger the “nice guy” response in women. Because when you do this, best case scenario is that she sees you as a dating option with delayed sexual gratification – and worst case, she sees you as totally unfuckable but easy to manipulate. Either option are no good in my book. So there’s some brutal honesty that needs to take place. Do you – or are you  … – Overly accommodating? – Needy or hoping something will happen? – Give her total decision power; waiting for her to choose you? – Give too much before any tests or reciprocation? – Give attention, interest, desire, while she’s still “unproven”? – Too sweet or kind too soon? – Too agreeable, not challenging enough? – Avoid push-pull and sexual tension? If so, these are just a few of the many signs you might be sending her – which indicate that you’re better off being a friend than a lover. Yet, these are actually easy to reverse … IF you’re willing to learn and take action. With the Death of the Friend Zone, I give you everything you need to make that happen …

Why Sexual Tension Is Key

Most guys hardly ever think about sexual tension … they barely know it exists! But women are the total opposite. They LIVE for sexual tension, it’s one of the most pleasurable things they can experience. Why is this so important? Because the absence of sexual tension IS the friend zone! And the difference between players who get laid a lot – and nice guys who get the friends speech, is that successful seducers understand sexual tension and can amplify it. Nice guys, on the other hand, tend to diffuse sexual tension at every juncture, by being agreeable, unchallenging, and so on. This is incredibly boring for women – as they want to be able to play with a guy, and enjoy that tension where romance and sex can happen at almost any moment. In the Death of the Friend Zone, I’ll show you exactly how to recognize sexual tension … how to amplify it (or avoid diffusing it!) … and then how to recognize when that tension is so strong, the woman is ready to be kissed or have her clothes ripped off. This is essential knowledge for any guy who wants to be consistently successful with women, and easy to master once you have Death of the Friend Zone.

Your Prescription for Getting OUT of the Friend Zone

Towards the end of the manual, I also show you the best courses of action to take if you ever find yourself stuck in the friend zone with a certain girl. Remember, though, that this is dangerous territory – because often the desire to get out of the friend zone with a girl simply means that you’re too fixated on her and should move on. Still, it’s helpful to know this stuff for those times when you have a girl in your life and want to convert her from “just friends” to “more than friends” … I’ll show you why … – You only have two real options when you find yourself in the friend zone; and why 90% of the time your first option is by far the best … – I’ll give you 3 specific actions that help you change the way that she perceives you (WARNING: This often means giving up whatever friendship you have with her) – I’ll give you some powerful ways to raise both your social and sexual status – so that you become far more valuable to her as a potential sexual partner … – And I’ll show you how to react if somehow she doesn’t respond well to the changes in your behavior … Still, even with all this, there are no guarantees you’ll be able to turn things around with a girl that’s placed you in the friend zone. As the saying goes, “the best defense is good offense” – and it’s best not to be placed in the friend zone at all. However, if you ever find yourself there – these steps WILL give you the best possible chance of turning the tables.

All This, for a Price So Low It’s Ridiculous

I wish I could tell you everything that’s inside this detailed, 30-page … I’ve already written way too much! Instead – because you’re a valuable customer – I’m going to just flat out give it to you for the ridiculously low price of just $19.95 … which in all seriousness barely covers the cost of hosting, server space, support and all the other expenses that go along with running a business. But I don’t care. Because this is such a HUGE problem for most guys … and even though it’s been a while since I’ve gotten stuck in the friend zone, I know what it feels like and how badly it hurts. What’s more, I get emails all the time from guys who spend insane amounts of time, energy and other resources trying to get out of the friend zone … only to have their hearts broken by the girl in the end. It’s the worst. And I do NOT want that for you. Trust me,  if you follow the instructions inside this Death of the Friend Zone report – I can’t guarantee you’ll sleep with every girl you want … NO GUY can do that, and no teacher can make such a ridiculous promise. Yet what I can promise is that these steps make it virtually impossible for you to be stuck in the friend zone. She will have no choice but to see you and respect you in a sexual way … And of course, if there IS sexual potential between you and her – then following these steps and understanding everything inside this report gives you the best possible chance of closing the deal. Ultimately, the math is really simple …

 Action = No Friend Zone … Ever!

It means never hearing that painful speech where she explains that she likes you, but doesn’t feel THAT way about you … Or putting in time and effort, hoping and waiting, only to be crushed when another guy – who put in almost no work — swoops in and sleeps with her … Is it worth just under $20 to avoid all this forever … and to have women respect you want you, and need you on a sexual level? If so, then the next step is easy. Just click the “add to cart” button and follow the simple checkout instructions on the next page. Within minutes, you will have downloaded your copy of Death of the Friend Zone – you will have put it into action … And best of all, you’ll be getting dramatically different – and decidedly MORE SEXUAL – responses from every attractive woman you meet, for the rest of your life. So go ahead, just click the order button below – and then follow the very simple checkout instructions. With the Death of the Friend Zone manual, you’ll have everything you need to avoid that painful place AND – more importantly – create strong, immediately sexual connections and attraction with virtually any woman you meet. You know what to do now, and you know how important this is. The next step is up to you. Sincerely, Paul Janka P.S. – I’m very serious about this being a limited time offer. Normally, I would be offering this report for at least $67 and as high as $97. So when you act today, you’re literally getting it for 70-80% OFF the normal price. Again, it’s because you’re valuable customer – and because I get so many emails and calls from guys who desperately need this information, that I’m offering my loyal customers a huge break on the price. I hope you’ll take action on it, and more than that, I hope you take action on the information inside Death of the Friend Zone, because it WILL transform your relationship with the opposite sex forever.