Attack Anxiety Paul Dobransky - Attack Anxiety
Attack Anxiety Paul Dobransky – Attack Anxiety

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What I am presenting in Attack Anxiety! is based in REAL science. When you understand and begin applying this science in your life you are going to see results you have never dreamed would happen.
If you are like most men, you have had ups and downs with fear, worry, anxiety, competition and losing, and what feel like threats to your lifestyle, your identity, self-esteem, and goals and now you are looking for.REAL ANSWERS.

• Have you read a popular men’s magazine “How To Get the Upper Hand” article that proved completely USELESS?

• Have you purchased any “self help” books, lectures or other products because the claimed AMAZING results?

• Have you even considered or been to a truly competent professional for anxiety problems and walked away possibly on medicine, with new insights through therapy, but STILL had problems with your worries, fears, performance in competition with others, and still NOT FELT LIKE A REAL MAN?

Attack Anxiety! will show you the steps that you will need to make that kind of life a reality. Following this process will enable you to find and keep a natural, dynamic competitive edge in the world.

LET ME BE CLEAR – this might not be a quick fix for what ails you.This system does require work and commitment on your part.It is not a MAGIC PILL.

You actually have to APPLY this science in real life, not just “understand” it.

Your masculinity level and specific needs as a man will matter.

A special feature of my book, the ANXIETY MAP, will also matter.

Your life’s story, the drama, the ups and downs, resources you started out with, and specific goals for the future will all matter.

Attacks Anxiety! is for the man who truly desires to maximize his competitive potential in dating, in his career and in life.

Here’s the best part of all…


In many of my lectures and works, you find me talking about the “missing initiation” in the lives of modern men.

Maybe a solid father wasn’t around to teach you how to be a man.

Maybe you have noticed there are utterly no resources for men on personal growth, empowerment, or success, SPECIFICALLY AS A MAN. It’s all gender-neutral out there.

The crux, the bridge point at which a boy becomes a man was called INITIATION in ancient times past.

Well guess what?

It can be alive and well today in every small fear you face. Each time you use my techniques to beat your fears, you are doing a small, partial, progressive INITIATION FOR YOURSELF INTO MANHOOD.

And I can PROVE that through logic and science.

You Will Learn Inside My eBook

• How to utterly beat “Approach Anxiety” – walking up to start conversations with women – FOREVER.

• How to eliminate WORRY about bills, money, conflict, rejection.

• How to never be devastated by a BREAKUP or DIVORCE again.

• How to be utterly UNPHASED by JOB LOSS and BEING FIRED.

• How to truly REINVENT yourself through anxiety, and yet in a way which keeps the core part of you, still YOU.

• How to literally MINE YOUR PAST TRAUMAS for psychological GOLD.

• How to discover a roadmap for life that is always filling up your tanks of CONFIDENCE and MASCULINITY.

• How to LITERALLY FATHER YOURSELF, when there is none to be found.

• How to come to terms with DEATH, for once and for all, in a way that empowers your life and contributes to a true identity as a REAL MAN.

• How to discover that any time you have ever “gotten stuck” in life, FREEDOM is instantly manufactured with my techniques for eliminating anxiety.

• How anxiety DESTROYS friendship, and how the techniques are ALSO the ultimate methods for growing social networks and all the friends (and women) you can handle.

• NEVER be alone or abandoned again.