Karen Brody – OPEN HER: 7 Masculine Ways to Arouse a Woman’s Love & Desire (PDF EPUB MOBI)

Discover 7 Masculine Ways to turn up a woman’s love & desire, to create the deeply satisfying relationship you most want.

Why this Book?

Hi, I’m Karen Brody, I help men who want a deep and satisfying connection with a woman, master how to turn up a woman’s desire, by leading him through steps and practices that result in a deeply satisfying, passionate relationship.

Having coached thousands of men, I know that men, and the women who love them, physically ache for the information I share –for simple, and yet, profound keys to open the doors to greater passion and love.

The Issue:

Men struggle with what women want romantically and sexually! Most men have a perfunctory understanding. They know that a woman likes tenderness, flowers, or to be lovingly touched, but few know the depth and complexity of a feminine heart – and how to feed a woman in a way that blooms her into her most radiant and joyous self.

Open Her: 7 Masculine Ways to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire is based on 7 masculine archetypes a man can embody to engage his woman in a deeper dance of pleasure and love. A man is inspired to turn up his masculinity and to love being masculine, and to engage his woman in ways that get immediate and satisfying results.

A man is inspired to celebrate his masculine gifts and share them with his woman in new, sexy ways, in Open Her, and is also inspired to be more of the man he wants to be. A man might see himself in “The Artist” type, but feel challenged by the bold resolve of The Warrior and choose to take on that aspect of masculinity for his own growth.

I know how powerful Open Her is when the information gets into the hands of the man (or woman) who is ready for it.  I’ve seen the information transform my clients from frustrated and confused, to boldly passionate and loving.

Finally a man understands that the way into a woman’s heart is not a trick or a compromise, it’s about engaging what is already inside of him— his masculine key – made to unlock what is inside of his woman.

Who Wants/Craves this Book?

What man doesn’t want the keys and secret codes to masterfully unlock his woman’s desire for him? And what woman doesn’t want to be blown open, on all levels of her being, by a man who is masterful at love?

I wrote this book for a specific demographic of smart, evolved men who cherish women and want extraordinary relationships. These men feel excited and empowered by the information, and finally experience the ease and success they’ve always wanted in love with a woman.

I have the utmost confidence in the insights, practices and wisdom of Open Her because it’s been tested over 11 years in my practice with men. In order for men to succeed at inspiring the desire and love they most want from a woman, Open Her needs to be on the breakfast table with the granola and the Peet’s Coffee!

It’s practically impossible for men to find this kind of information. What’s on the market is either heavily about sex, or too relationship focused to hold the attention of men. The reason this book works and that men eat it up, is that it celebrates masculinity! Instead of asking a man to jump through hoops for love, it inspires a man to leverage his masculine gifts, and who he already is, in a positive and empowering way.

A strong secondary audience for Open Her is women in relationships or relationship “recovery” looking for the answers to, “Why didn’t it work?” Or why am I feeling so unhappy and unfulfilled in love? How can I get my man to love me in the way I most crave and need?

Open Her illuminates and gives shape to a woman’s deepest (sometimes unconscious) yearnings. It’s like a mouthwatering menu of everything a woman has ever hoped a man would express to her in love – spelled out in 7 enticing masculine archetypes.

Why Me as the Author?

Confession: I didn’t always love men! I was deeply hurt by a man at a very young age. I’ve walked through every dark corridor you can imagine to find the light, and have (through will and faith), and come out the other side to love and embrace men as few women can.

I’ve given heart and soul in my work to understanding what men most need to succeed at love and to be sexually whole, and I know I’m here on earth to give that gift in any way I can.