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From The Desk Of: Scot McKay
Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Dominate The Online Dating Site Of Your Choice

If you’ve ever tried online dating, here are six thought-provoking questions you’ve just got to stop and ask yourself right now:

  Have you ever written a woman whose profile intrigued you to no end…only to hear nothing but crickets chirping and pins dropping in return?   Does it drive you nuts when you find a woman who you’ve just got to meet…but never actually get the chance to?

  When you sit down to write your profile, are you suddenly overwhelmed with a vicious case of “writer’s block”?

  Do you suspect that one simple mistake somewhere must be completely ruining your chances with women online…but you just can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong?

  Are you sick of simply blending in with the faceless herd of generic guys online…but haven’t the foggiest idea of how to stand out from the crowd?

  Does it make you crazy to know that online dating has got to be working for tons of other people…just not for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re not alone. According to a study published in the book Freakonomics, over 50% of men who try online dating never get so much as a single response from any of the e-mails they send to women.

But here’s the thing. You can flip the tables on those odds and start succeeding with women online where literally almost every other guy fails. And it’s a lot easier than you think.

How can I be so sure? Well, I’m living proof…that’s how.

You see, one night I was lying in bed. Just as I was about to doze off, a crazy thought about my online dating experience hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly I snapped back to being wide awake.

It went something like this…

You see, sure enough…I had included most women in my metro area in my initial search and carefully weeded out the results until I got to my top ten favorites.

Then, I had written to all ten and had heard back from eight of them. Hey…that felt pretty good, to say the least.

BUT…that’s when I realized a simple, undeniable truth about online dating that somehow had never occurred to me before.

Suddenly there it was…plain as day:  It’s obvious who the absolute sharpest women online are to just about ALL the guys out there searching, right?

So that means that if I had chosen those women, then hundreds if not thousands of other guys on here in San Antonio, Texas had their eye on them also.

Yet, with all those guys going after the very same women…I had ended up successfully captivating the interest of and connecting with a ridiculously-high 80% of them!

That’s really heavy duty.

I remember thinking, “This is wild! Maybe I should back off and leave some of these women for everyone else.”

But I quickly put the kibosh on that. After all, let those other stiffs go out and earn their own success…if they can.

I had deserved the right to enjoy online dating success. It was up to me to be the “chooser”. If I decided any of those women should be left to the other guys after meeting them, then so be it. But in the mean time I was going to enjoy hanging out with all the hotties I wanted to.

Yes…that’s how it was. Even for me–all 5’6″ of me, at 39 years old. And let’s just say I’m not particularly “photogenic”, either.

There’s no doubt about it. My stats weren’t exactly lighting up women’s search results, at least not “on paper”.

What that all adds up to, then, is about the simplest conclusion possible:  If I could do this, then YOU can do this too.

Okay, then. I know what you’re probably already asking. So why in the world would I dare share all my secrets with you?

Well, rest assured while my online dating days were in full swing I most certainly didn’t share what worked for me with anyone—especially my friends here in town. I mean, geez…why give away the fortune?

But you see, on Saturday February 11th, 2006 something happened that forever changed everything:  I met the all-around greatest woman I’ve ever known over breakfast at an IHOP, of all places.

Despite all of the women I’d met in a whirlwind of online dating frenzy for the previous couple of years, I knew immediately that this one represented who I really wanted to build an incredible life with.

You see, after I’d had my fill of spending time with just about all of the women I wanted whenever I wanted to, I was ready to build a legacy with one great woman. You know, someone to go on vacation with and look at the pictures with later. Someone to build a real, connected family with. Someone to share life with…in depth.

And yes…in case you’re curious, I had the chance to meet her because I’d seen her profile on

Shortly, my online dating experience was behind me–put squarely in the rear-view mirror by the ultimate success.  I had found my future wife..

And it didn’t take me long to realize that I literally owed it to my friends and all other worthy, high quality men out there to share my closely-guarded and hard-earned secrets with them from that day forward. That’s a major reason why my newly updated “magnum opus” Online Dating Domination 2.0 is so different and so darned effective.

THE ATTRITION / EXPERIENCE FACTOR — Find out exactly why dominating your metro area on any online dating site you choose is so easy, and how to know when you’ve reached “Critical Mass”.

FLOWER CARDING — Know this devastatingly simple secret and never again draw a blank when thinking of a tagline for your profile.

THE WINNER’S BRACKET TACTIC — Stand out as a real man rather than just another “little boy” online…all with one simple, objective tweak.

THE KEEP AWAY MESSAGE — Learn the confident man’s little-known secret to writing e-mails to women that drive them wild with anticipation.

THE SKIM EFFECT — Believe it or not, you may be sending disastrous signals to women in your profile without even realizing it.

THE TWO DOWN TAKEDOWN — This is one of the most common ways women blatantly lie in their profiles. Understanding this simple principle is worth pure gold as you evaluate women online.

SPEC SCREENING — How and when you know that a woman’s given specs regarding who she is looking for are more flexible than she’s letting on. Without this simple skill you could be disqualifying yourself needlessly time and time again…

THE ANY-SCAM — Spot fake profiles with near 100% certainty…and save yourself a world of trouble in the process.

PROFILE SLIPPAGE — Discover how this practically universal principle operates and your percentage of quality first dates will literally skyrocket immediately.

MACRO CUSTOMIZATION — The disarmingly easy and overwhelmingly effective “secret weapon” that is used in the business world constantly but is almost never thought of as an online dating strategy.

THE TELEPORT TECHNIQUE — Get into this certain mindset before writing your profile and set up the very framework for massive success…regardless of the actual words you end up writing down. Follow this simple principle and instantly separate yourself from the herd.

THE DREAMSCAPE EFFECT — This is a major contributing factor to men everywhere becoming completely jaded against online dating before they even give themselves a chance for success. Bypass it completely and win.

COMMA CHAMELEON — Find out the most widespread mistake known to the online dating world. It’s so common in fact, that some dating sites even recommend the practice in their “profile tips” section. Yet…it’s singularly responsible for the vast majority of lifeless, generic profiles you’ve endured lately–maybe even your own.

REMOTE INPUT — Know with absolute certainty whether your profile and even your e-mail writing style are winners or not. Most men aren’t brave enough to attempt this…and it costs them dearly.

VIRTUAL REJECTION — Simple online dating dynamics play mind games with guys who don’t know the ropes. Arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid this common pitfall.

HUB CREATION — Open up a hidden world of mind-blowing online dating success that has until now been reserved only for the very elite among those with wildly successful dating lives. Do you have the sheer guts to join them?

But there’s much more to it than that. Having gone from utter dejection after my divorce in 2003 to such amazing success–almost all because of online dating–it soon became my PASSION to help other guys achieve similar happiness with great women.

I’ve been a professional dating coach since, and have come to be recognized as one of the most well-known and effective ones on the planet.

Sure, that’s mostly because I teach what actually works. It’s not just what “sounds good” to newbies’ ears.

More importantly, though, that means I’ve been flat-out immersed in online dating strategy full-time for over six straight years now. And I have to say, having coached up hundreds of guys to enjoy the same kind of success I experienced (if not much greater, to be honest) what I’ve discovered since meeting my dream woman online makes everything I teach exponentially more powerful now than ever.

I get the joy of seeing that in action as I coach men all over the world every day.

Some have dated TV stars and movie actresses (no joke). Three have gone out with cheerleaders from pro sports teams. One wrote me to say he was dating a former Olympic gymnast from Eastern Europe. Not bad, huh?

Others are more than content dating a steady stream of cute nurses and sweethearts who teach Kindergarten. And that’s cool too.

That’s the thing, see. Online Dating Domination 2.0 is all about meeting and attracting who you want, not whoever you can trick into writing you back. This takes the whole idea of online dating being a “numbers game” and throws it out the window…forever.

“Absolutely Spot-On And Priceless”

“Thanks Scot. All of your info is absolutely spot-on, and priceless. Not only did it help me find the woman I’ve dreamed of being with, but it made me more of the man I wanted to be. You rock!”

–Rob (Blackburn, England)

Let other guys deal with that.

Let other guys get frustrated because they’ll never get to know for sure whether that smiling face behind a particular woman’s profile is so beautiful in real life. She’ll be going out with you instead…and it’s your curiosity that’ll be satisfied.

It’s you who will feel the sheer exhilaration of finally having succeeded at online dating.

And while other guys are still trying to “cut and paste” their way into getting ANY woman to answer their e-mails, you’ll have defined online dating success differently…as it should be. You’ll enjoy the far more fulfilling lifestyle of effectively moving women from e-mail to phone to actual first meetings with skill and ease.

After all, this isn’t “dating online”…it’s online dating. That means the point is to really, truly meet and attract women…for real. Right?

Yes, even if you don’t exactly have the most “searchable” stats this can still be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Remember–I’m living proof of that.

The truth is that so few other guys have even the slightest clue about what works online that if you know just 5 or 10 percent of what I’m going to share with you you’ll be way ahead of them…and I mean all of them.

HEAR FROM THE UNDISPUTED EXPERTS — I hand-selected a “dream team” of the most respected online dating minds on Earth, and brought them together in one program for the first time ever.

RISE ABOVE AVERAGE — Forget simple success with just any woman who happens to show interest. Start dating the most desirable women online.

LEARN THE ROPES — All the subtle strategies that can make or break you online are covered…step-by-step from A-to-Z covered in fully transcribed audio and now video also.

GET THE ULTIMATE WOMAN ONLINE — Never settle for the mediocrity of a “numbers game”. Learn how to meet the greatest woman you’ve ever met online.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SITE — Make sure the first choice you have to make in the online dating world is a great one.

SUCCEED EVERYWHERE YOU GO ONLINE — Log on to social networking sites, paid sites, free sites, niche sites and even™ and expect to meet exactly the women you choose to. Even take that level of confidence and competence to offline speed dating events.

HAVE A PROFILE THAT GETS RESULTS — Have every single nuance of your profile, including the pictures, working to get you in front of the women you want most. I show you everything you need to know on video using my own top-performing profile as an example.

SCREEN WOMEN — Know how to identify the profile of a truly great woman…and leave the rest in the rear-view mirror.

WRITE E-MAILS THAT GET RESULTS — Stop sending messages into a “black hole”. Get her attention…and get to meet her in person.

BE INSPIRED — Gain visibility into positive proof that online dating can–and will–be as powerful in your life as it has been in mine.

OUTPERFORM — Rapidly become the most successful man in your entire city on the dating site of your choice–essentially dominating your metro area.

Simply put, the first thing a high-quality woman does when she encounters a guy online is to see if he “gets it” or not.

Leverage this simple fact in your favor and you’ll own your metro area on the online dating site of your choice.

If you don’t, you’ll get ignored right from the start. That’s why even guys who are amazing with women offline usually get nowhere with online dating.

Man, how I wish I could unscrew every man’s cranium and pour that simple but mission-critical information inside. Obviously, I can’t do that…but suffice it to say that Online Dating Domination 2.0 is most definitely the next best thing.

Who Will You Be Able To Meet And Attract Online?

At the latest count, three guys have met and dated cheerleaders from professional sports teams (Falcons, Lions, Spurs), another has met a former contestant from The Bachelor, one has dated a former Olympic gymnast, two have dated television actresses, and yet another met and dated the weather girl from his local TV news…all using the exact same principles found in Online Dating Domination 2.0.

I’ve heard from countless others who’ve met some of the most highly desirable women online as well. Certainly, in most cases such women aren’t exactly world-famous. They’re “girl next door” types like kindergarten teachers, nurses and Ivy League graduate students who are as sweet, feminine and loyal as they are beautiful and sexy.

You already know that I’ve personally met over 100 terrific women online, including my amazing wife Emily. Who will you be able to meet and attract online? The sky’s the limit…

Here's Exactly What You'll Get


The Fast Track List
The Fast Track List

Your Ticket To Rapid Success…In Just Two Hours Or Less

This is the “crown jewel” among brand new updates in Version 2.0, containing over 130 instant improvements you can make right now to increase your online dating results…effective immediately.

Each bullet point is straightforward, objective and universally applicable to everyone…making them “no brainers” to implement.

If you’re making even one of the crucial errors identified in this concise 21-page document, you could be cutting out over half of your potential dating pool without even realizing it.

Represented here are literally years of first-hand experience having coached thousands of men and women to online dating success…yet you’ll be able to implement every bit of it in under
two hours.

You are guaranteed to improve your online dating fortunes today in literally dozens of ways…all without any wait, without anything complicated to figure out.

And imagine…you get that kind of real-world boost before you’ve even gotten into the rest of Online Dating Domination 2.0…


50 First E-Mails

Write Messages That Get Read And Responded To

Imagine holding the power to compose intriguing e-mails to women that stop them in their tracks…literally compelling them to drop everything and write you back. How much of a “game changer” would that be?

What’s more, think about how amazing it would feel knowing that you custom-crafted every single message in your own voice, without ever resorting to “cutting and pasting” some ready-made example that someone else came up with.

Well, imagine this:  I’ve cracked the code on how to give you an objective, replicable way to consistently write a unique and creative first e-mail to any woman. You’re about to get an insider’s peek at twenty-six magical principles of powerful first e-mails that most men will never figure out.

Then, I’ll give you a full fifty practical examples I’ve personally written to some of the very sharpest women online…complete with a full breakdown of every one of them.

While other guys continue to bang their heads against their keyboards in frustration, you’ll naturally master the flow and the vibe of a great first e-mail. Before you know it, you’ll be writing them like a champ yourself and filling your “black book” with the women of your dreams.


50 Pina Coladas

No More Boring, Generic Profile Narratives

You already know that having a lame, generic profile is the kiss of death online.

Yet, over 90% of all “About Me And Who I’m Looking For” narratives you’ll ever see online will contain mostly the same tired, shop-worn cliches…over and over again.

Well, what if you could systematically avoid all of the boring, unimaginative statements that make women yawn? You can…all thanks to this easy-reading (and entertaining) guide.

The shocking part is that so many men think they’re being creative when they’re really only rehashing what a thousand other guys have already thought of.

Combine this with the “Speak Up And Stand Out” Method for a devastatingly powerful effect…eliminating the fifty most common recurring cliches and accentuating the “Wow” Factor all the way.


The Favoritizer

Organize Your “Favorites List” Offline

Every online dating site has a built-in way for you to “bookmark” all of the women who catch your eye. Unfortunately, there are two major problems with simply using that feature as intended.

First of all, and others actually show their users who’s “favorited” them. Obviously, this means you’re telegraphing the dreaded signs of pre-approval to exactly the women you want to meet most. Man, that’s like ruining everything before you even give yourself a chance.

But second, there’s a lot more you’d like to keep track of in addition to whether you’re simply interested in a woman or not, right? But most sites don’t give you nearly enough flexibility in that area.

Well, from now on you can consider that problem solved, thanks to this simple, uncomplicated and very cool spreadsheet. Keep the usernames of the hottest women on all the sites you’re on in one place–along with how you rank them, where you are in the communications process with them, and more.

There’s even a full User’s Guide included as well, just to make sure you’re taking full advantage of every feature.

Online Dating Domination (Part One)

Building The Framework For Becoming The Most Successful Man At Online Dating In Your Entire City

Bypass online dating’s notoriously slippery learning curve and instead rocket to the head of the pack. Forget playing the “numbers game” and measuring your progress with a yardstick of “relative success”. Realize response rates to the e-mails you send that approach up to 80%. Turn the lion’s share of those responses into real dates…without enduring long waits and endless “tests”.

Be the mastermind behind an online presence so compelling that the sharpest women (who refuse to wait around for what they want) actually begin to write you first. Know what to do when you’ve gotten the attention of your very first choice of all the women out there…without blowing it.

Best of all, learn how to do this over and over again until you have
–quite literally–won the intrigue, curiosity and even the admiration of the vast majority of the women you choose. Most men fail at online dating. You won’t.

Online Dating Domination (Part Two)Practical Steps To Ultimate Online Dating Success

In the second half of my epic 2.5 hour session on the core principles of Online Dating Domination 2.0, expect to learn expert level skills in weeding out fake and/or poisonous profiles even as you project eminent authenticity from your own profile as a man of confidence and extreme quality.

Become acquainted with brand new concepts and strategies that revolutionize everything from crafting a user name to handling multiple accounts on different sites.

Discover keys to long-distance relationships that have been kept under lock and key by the most experienced and effective guys online for years…until now.

Possess an arsenal of knowledge and wisdom so advanced that your profile will literally capture the hearts and minds of particularly fantastic women, even as every e-mail you send underscores your desirability to them.

Advanced Domination MasteryNext-Generation Strategies For Attracting And Meeting The Absolute Most Desirable Women In Your Metro Area

In this fast-paced audio program you’ll discover the very latest strategies for online dating success developed by our team here at X & Y Communications. Each was born from actual 1-on-1 coaching sessions with real guys from all over the world. As such, you can expect field-tested, real-world solutions to real-world issues that are common to men worldwide.

This audio flat-out overdelivers, incorporating a rapid stream of 100% original concepts that take profile writing, selection of women and e-mail messaging to the next level. Find out exactly how you can outperform even other guys who are taking proactive steps to being trained in the art of meeting women online.

Get in on the newest, previously-unknown ways to craft an online persona so powerful that women are literally compelled to respond. Decode a woman’s mind when it comes to both your pictures and hers to a degree that will amaze you.

Speak Up And Stand OutEliminate Online Profile “Writer’s Block” Once And For All…As If By Magic

You know that your online profile has got to stand out in order to get noticed. If it successfully mirrors the tone of your first e-mails to women, even better. All of that can only mean that nobody can write a truly effective profile for you better than you can.

But the problem is that most guys tend to draw a total blank when confronted with the task of writing a great profile.

From now on use the simple, objective steps in the exclusive Speak Up And Stand Out method to quickly and easily custom-craft an exciting and intriguing narrative that’s 100% original and authentically yours…without fail.Rapid Fire Online Dating StrategyFull-Length Track From Codrut Turcanu’s Online Dating Confessions

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy from minute one of this audio program. What you’re in for is a relentless, fluff-free stream of proven online dating secrets so powerful that their cumulative effect equals an unfair advantage.

Interviewer Heather Vale succeeds at getting me to spill just about everything I have on the table without holding back at all. Seriously, if every guy knew even one quarter of what is in this hour-long interview alone you’d start getting some heavy competition on your online dating radar screen almost immediately.

Fortunately for you, most guys will never do that…leaving you to dominate your metro area.Real Online Dating ExperiencesFull-Length Track From Codrut Turcanu’s Online Dating Confessions

Gifted interviewer Heather Vale picks my brain for a real-life account of what it took to ramp up a fun and exciting social life using online dating.

Better yet, she puts Emily on the “hot seat” as well. Emily was a complete whiz at online dating in her own right, so listen closely as she confesses what her experiences were as a woman online as well as what she responded positively and not-so positively to when men emailed her. Find out in her own words what she was looking for from a guy on and how she knew when she found him.

Interacting With Women On FacebookHow To Turn The World’s Most Popular Social Media Site Into Your Playground

Facebook is very different than a typical dating site. That means you’ve got to have a very different strategy when it comes to communicating with and attracting women.

It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Discover in this audio program the little-known and surprising ways you can expand your social circle of women on Facebook, all the while inspiring the women you already know to want to know you better.

As a special bonus, you’ll also discover exactly what to do when you happen across a woman from your past you’d like to reconnect with.

How Online Dating Companies ThinkOutsmart The Dating Site Execs At Their Own Game

What if you could go behind the scenes of your favorite dating site and get inside the minds of those who are running the show?

I recently had the rare opportunity to speak at the world’s premier conference for the online dating industry. While there, I uncovered some astounding secrets from those in the “inner sanctum”.

Ever wonder why free sites keep advertising the paid ones? What if I told you that the major “hook up sites” have a very different purpose than you think?

How could having this sort of x-ray vision into the management strategies of online dating sites add up to more women and more dates for you? Find out in this exclusive audio.

Mastering The SystemLeverage How Online Dating Sites Works To Your Full Advantage

This eye-opening audio session uncovers hidden secrets of how sites like and others work. Knowledge is power, and with this privileged information you will gain a clear edge over other guys as you begin to dominate your metro area online.

You’re invited into the “inner sanctum” where only a select few guys consistently and effectively take full advantage of the inner mechanics of online dating sites.

Find out the ingenious keys to appearing at the top of women’s search results even as you effortlessly ensure that the finest examples of your type of women in your metro area show up in your search results without fail.

Uncover how true masters of online dating strategy intrigue the most desirable women in record time…often without even having paid a single penny for the experience.Women Writing You FirstBypass The Scammers And Get The Sexiest Women Approaching You Online

If you think it’s high time for women to take some initiative and start messaging you first, then this audio is for you. Discover practical ways to compel women so profoundly that they simply cannot resist finding out more about you right now–even if they have 200 messages in their inbox from other guys. You get a step-by-step plan that will allow you to sit back, relax and watch the messages roll in nonstop from sexy, interested women.

As a special bonus, you’ll gain all-new insight into the minds of scammers so that you’ll be forever wise to their latest underhanded tactics. That means you’ll know for sure when you’re hearing from real women–even when they’re the hottest ones in your entire metro area..


How To Build An Online Dating Profile That Gets ResultsExclusive Online Dating Domination Video

In this video you’ll be treated to over forty-minutes of non-stop practical strategy on how exactly to build a profile that flat-out gets you in front of more women.

Using my own unedited profile as a template, I’ll walk you step-by-step through every nuance of why this profile helped me enjoy up to an 80% response rate up until the time I finally retired it after meeting Emily.

Having spent nearly four full years fine-tuning what you are about to see, consider yourself on the “gravy train” to avoiding endless “trial and error” tweaks on your own.

Best of all, you’ll be able to customize your profile to perfectly suit your own style and personality, using the transferrable principles I teach you as a guide. Be sure to watch this video several times so you don’t miss even a single detail.

Shortening The Learning Curve

Featuring Dave M. (Insider Internet Dating)

My co-host for this audio needs no introduction. But just in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock and don’t yet know his name, Dave M.’s expertise in the subject of online dating–along with his utterly ridiculous track record of success–are world-renowned.

Listen in as we hash out a practical, linear step-by-step plan to quickly become the one man in your entire metro area who excels above all others at attracting and going on real dates with the hottest women.

Discover not only how this can be possible (Hint: We’ve both pulled it off, in separate major-league metro areas), but how you can even overcome less than favorable “checkbox statistics” to become that guy.Attracting High Quality Women OnlineFeaturing Adam Gilad (Attract Connect Inspire)

Adam Gilad, having built a successful career in Hollywood as an Emmy-nominated screenwriter, has taken the world by storm with his innovative and strikingly effective online dating training methods.

Adam is a master at selecting the right words and projecting the right attitude. He has been consistently able to meet and date the most phenomenal women in one of the most competitive online dating markets on the planet:  Los Angeles, CA.

He’s the real deal, one time even having captivated a woman with his real-life profile in an unscripted national television show. Now you get to sit in for a discussion with him covering his very best strategies for success with the absolute sharpest women online.

Select An Online Dating ServiceFeaturing Joe Tracy (Online Dating Magazine)

If you type in “online dating expert” on Google, Joe Tracy’s name will appear near top of the list. This is no accident. Neither is the fact that his Web site, ( is consistently in the top ten Google results for “online dating”.

Now, in a rare outside interview, Joe discusses the ins and outs of evaluating the many dating sites available to you, and how to ultimately choose which one (or several) are right for you.

This factor is way too easy to gloss over when getting started with online dating. Nevertheless, solid decision making in this area is critical to achieving massive success as opposed to suffering bitter (and unnecessary) frustration.

How To Use Niche SitesFeaturing Jerry Miller (

Jerry Miller revolutionized the concept of specialized (or “niche”) dating sites when he launched™ several years ago. Since then, Jerry’s name has become virtually synonymous with the very term “niche dating site” as his own has been bombarded by press coverage and showered with accolades from countless happy members.

In this co-hosted session, find out when and why you should take full advantage of what niche sites offer. Research the ones that pique your interest, tailor your approach in a way that works miracles, and enjoy massive success beyond your dreams.

How To Use Free SitesFeaturing Neil Ward (Top Dating Coach)

Sites like PlentyOfFish and OKCupid have come on strong over the past several years–so much so that guys in certain metro areas are actually reporting better success on them than on paid sites.

Find out from the UK’s top dating coach Neil Ward exactly why you need to get in on the party.

Let me tell you, it’s not only because it’s free. There are certain ingenious ways to make your popularity with women onine explode that can only happen on free sites. And that’s by design…you just can’t do this stuff on

Wild Success On Social Media SitesFeaturing Race And Kelly (Push Button Dating)

It’s no secret that social media sites are loaded to the hilt with amazingly hot women. So how do you get them off of your computer screen and into your life? Meet Race and Kelly, two guys who are literally in a class by themselves when it comes to skills with women.

Imagine having started conversations with so many women online that you decide to throw a party for the top twenty or so of them…just so you can save time in the “evaluation process”. That’s the level we’re talking about here, and now you can rake all of Race and Kelly’s knowledge into the barn for yourself.

What you’ll hear at 51:10 into this program about how these guys instantly got social proof on MySpace™ several years ago still has my head spinning, and is but one of seemingly endless flashes of pure genius found here.

HotOrNot:  Your Unfair AdvantageFeaturing Ray Shiri (The Remote Seducer)

Think that™ is just a diversion to pass the time when you’re bored at work? If so, you’re about to experience a mindset change that could literally revolutionize how you look at online dating forever.

Seriously, once you’re in on the secrets to leveraging this powerful web site, you’ll find yourself wondering what took you so long to figure them out. HotOrNot is much more than just another dating site, and you’ve been given a ringside seat for an insider’s perspective.Speed Dating DominationFeaturing Ramon Thomas (Social Or Single)

The author of The Book Of Speed Dating and dating coach extraordinaire Ramon Thomas joins us all the way from South Africa to drop every single speed dating strategy he has on us.

Get the details on how to mentally prepare, what you should know about speed dating protocol, what to say, how to stand out from the crowd and even how to turn less than perfect pairings into potential networking dynamite.

Pay particular attention to the killer strategies we devise for successfully attracting and make plans with the hottest woman at any speed dating session–all before any of the other guys even have a chance.

Internet Dating SecurityFeaturing Deborah Nelson and Linda Schneelock (The Dating Passport)

Maybe you’re not so worried about getting dragged off into the bushes by some crazy chick you met online. Rest assured, were that what this discussion was about, I’d spare you. For us as guys, the idea of Internet dating security goes much deeper.

Linda is a private investigator specializing in online dating and Deborah has learned her fair share of lessons the hard way. Wait until you hear exactly how guys just like you and me are being defrauded and scammed in a multitude of ways on dating sites. If you’re even considering a long-distance relationship with someone you met online, this audio program is an absolute must.

How To Beat’s Filtering FeatureFeaturing Dave M. (Insider Internet Dating)

Most guys online are up in arms over’s new feature that apparently allows women to screen you out before you’ve even had a chance to communicate with her.

Learn the truth behind what’s really going on here and get a practical, real-world point of view on how to turn what might appear to be a challenge into a very real opportunity for better success than ever.

World-famous Internet dating coach Dave M. returns, joining me for an honest, no-holds-barred strategy session you won’t want to miss.Get The Second Date Every TimeDavid Wygant (

David Wygant is one of the most established and successful professional dating coaches on this planet. So who better to teach the secrets of making sure you get the second date whenever you so choose?

Here’s a hint:  This audio program majors on supercharging attraction on first dates while eliminating “hidden detractors”–exactly what every man needs when meeting a woman for the first time.

Your Tinder ToolboxJeff Schechter (The Experienced Man)

Tinder is the hottest new advancement in dating science in a decade. So how about it? Are you ready to leverage your smartphone to meet hotties on the spot?

There’s just no doubt about it. Tinder does away with the biggest challenges associated with both online dating and cold approaching, while simultaneously combining the most powerful elements of each. Join me and dating expert Jeff Schechter for an in-depth analysis of everything you need to know to get in on the action…starting today.


Spot A Great Woman’s Profile Narrative

Extra Value Audio

What if you had a crystal ball and could magically tell what a woman is really like based on her online profile narrative? Well, this brief but action-packed audio program offers you something almost as amazing:  A real-world example of what a great woman’s profile narrative reads like.

Prepare to be blown away by how much easier it will be for you to “raise the bar” after you hear this.

How To Write A High Quality WomanExtra Value Audio

Having a great profile is only part of the story. That first email to a woman who caught your eye is absolutely mission-critical to online dating success. Whether you get that skill right or fail in doing so will literally make or break your online dating experience.

With that in mind, this short audio reveals objective steps to wordsmithing e-mails that get results…even from the absolute sharpest women in your entire metro area.

From E-Mail To Phone To First MeetingExtra Value Audio

Without a clear focus on actually meeting women online, most guys are lured into a vortex of endless e-mails. Moving the conversation to the phone isn’t a “given”, and even then there’s no guarantee that an actual meeting will ever happen.

Adopt the straightforward principles shared in this audio and you’ll be able to seamlessly move from e-mail to the phone and then to the first meeting quickly and without drama. From now on, meet more women than ever…all in record time.Instant Messaging MagicExtra Value Audio

Don’t kid yourself. IM can be your best friend if you are a man who is all about dominating his metro area online. Listen in as all-new secrets to maximizing your time are revealed to you.

Discover absolutely golden ways to perfect your interactions with attractive women even as you manage your relationships more effectively. Think “out-of-the-box” in a way that virtually zero other guys do and practically eliminate first date disappointments while adding bonus personal enjoyment to your online dating experience…all thanks to IM.

By the way, if you happen to be a single dad, you are about to hear what could be the single most powerful online dating strategy you can imagine.Sample Profiles And Screening StrategiesOnline Dating Excerpts From Deserve What You Want

By popular demand, I’ve distilled the best online dating advice from my first book Deserve What You Want into a concise, quick-reference volume for you.

In addition to getting full transcripts of my own personal online dating profile and one of the best women’s profiles you’ve ever read, plan on benefitting from a wealth of knowledge that’ll have you screening women’s profiles better than the CIA ever could. Never get “faked out” or roped into a poisonous woman’s scams ever again.


Profile Secrets Of Women With Amazing Online Dating SkillsExtra Value Video

Just when you’re probably thinking that I’ve covered how to succeed at online dating from every angle possible for you, there’s still more.

This full-length video is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever watched before. In it you’ll get inside the mind of a woman with amazing online dating skills and learn the shocking truth about how every single word in her profile is designed to mesmerize you and get your fingers typing.

Prepare to understand the mindset of the most desirable women online with such clarity that they will not only answer your e-mails but also practically demand to meet you.


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