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Hey man,

As I said the other day, I have a huge announcement. A “formula” so powerful that it will change every conversation you have with a girl… from now until the day you die. Now here’s the deal. For the past few years, I’ve been hiding something. Something big.

You might even call it my “secret to success”…

I’ve been afraid to teach it to students, to all but my very “worst case” guys. Because, too be honest it works so well, that it’s borderline unethical if put in the wrong hands.

Instead of telling you about it myself… I want to show you a (slightly) less biased opinion. Here’s a first-hand account of one man’s experience learning this technique, shortly after it was invented:

Enter Mike. When I first met him, Mike was a really nice guy, but super awkward with women.
Mike is (understandably) a bit overexcited in this email – and he doesn’t do my accent very well – but I wanted to give you his words. And I know first hand that he got laid a LOT when he was out here – I was there.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Adam gets the ball rolling by introducing the easy way to master the Obsession Fantasy. In this module you’ll learn the 3 fantasies that turn women on, and how to use them to get the girl that you like obsessed with you.

Chapter 2 – Core Theory
The Obsession Formula is based off of groundbreaking neuroscience loopholes that make women uncontrollably attracted to a man. In this video Adam breaks down these loopholes in the simplest way possible, and shows you the ethical way to make the women you like obsess over you.

Chapter 3 – Practical Application
Most “pickup” advice leaves you worse off than when you started. In this section Adam dishes out his easy as pie tricks that any guy can use to master the Obsession Formula and finally attract the kind of women they’ve always dreamed of.

Chapter 4 – Temptation Fantasy: Core Theory
Get ready to learn a fantasy so powerful that Marilyn Monroe used it to seduce the President of the United States. In this section, you’ll learn the shocking fantasy that transforms the woman you like into a temptress on the prowl, dead set on seducing you.

Chapter 5 – Temptation Fantasy: Practical Application
Want to unleash a woman’s kinky, sexual side? Then watch this video now! You’ll discover how to use The Temptation Fantasy to kick your sex life into overdrive, and awaken the sexual goddess in the women you like.

Chapter 6 – Chasing Fantasy: Core Theory
Tired of working to get girls? Well, Adam’s got you covered! In this module you’ll learn the 10 step process that makes you so irresistible that top women will fight tooth and nail to win you over.

Chapter 7 – Chasing Fantasy: Practical Application
Having the girl you like chase you is much easier than you think. Adam breaks down the 10 things that women are hard-wired to be attracted to… and shows you how to use each to make her chase you.

Chapter 8 – Devotion Fantasy: Core Theory
Do you have a girl you just can’t get out of your head? Then you’ll love this section! You’ll discover a fantasy that triggers a woman’s devotion, and persuades her that you are the guy that she has always dreamed about.

Chapter 9 – Devotion Fantasy: Practical Application
Adam saved the best for last! In this section, you’ll learn the brain dead simple way to trigger a chemical that literally makes a girl addicted to you. Following the steps laid out in this video is the easiest way to make the girl you like into your loving, devoted girlfriend.

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Adam Lyons – The Obsession Formula Bonuses

Titles of the 9 bonus PDFs:
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2) Friend Zone to Sex Zone PDF Download
3) Hookup Handbook PDF Download
4) Only You PDF Download
5) Text Game Mastery PDF Download
6) The Art of Speaking Womanese PDF Download
7) The Online Attraction Formula PDF Download
8) Tinder Hacks PDF Download
9) X-Ray Vision PDF Download