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Imagine having the opportunity to have the Same Night Seduction team come into your living room for live coaching revealing our most closely guarded secrets so you can instant use them to get hotter women in bed…without the normal $8000 expense of coaching from us, without clearing your schedule and making travel arrangements, AND without us drinking all of your beer and stealing all of your women. That’s exactly what you will get when you get your hands on Seduction Strategies. This rare opportunity will get you an inside look into the minds of 2 of the world’s foremost seducers so you can have the same results as those who have attended our live training events and gotten laid within 3 days of exposure to this potent system.

Everything You Need To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams In Bed…Without Fear Of Rejection, Without Ever Being At A Loss For Words, And WITHOUT Pretending To Be Someone You’re Not…

Ancient Greek philosophy.
That was the requisite class I was sitting in when a pearl of ancient wisdom hit me like a ton of bricks…and instantly unlocked an understanding deep within me about how to REALLY seduce women and get them in bed. And I can’t know for sure if Aristotle himself had thought of how far he could take this line of reasoning…
Or if he had himself used this secret knowledge to score a bunch of Ancient Greek princesses… But I do know this…I finally was able to make sense of all of the complex seduction and pick up methodologies, and more importantly how they were all over-complicating the entire process.
I now had something simple that I could use in every interaction I got myself into with beautiful women.  And rather than memorizing long-winded scripts that just never seemed to go as well in real life as they were supposed to (according to the myriad dating advice books I had read, as well as the seduction home study courses I had taken), I finally had a simple system I could use to drive any and all my interactions…STRAIGHT TO SEX!
And it required no more than me answering 2 simple “Yes/No” questions and following a simple 3 step system.
If I could do just those few simple things, I knew I was getting laid every time!
It didn’t matter how absolutely sexy she was, nor how absolutely unattractive I happen to be…I soon found myself bedding more women that year, than I had in the previous 25 or so years.
And the best part was…It was almost effortless on my part.All fear of approaching women instantly dissipated because I KNEW the secret to unleashing their wild, naughty side…I never found myself running out of stuff to say, because I knew exactly how to get her to start investing in the interaction, and she would then start seducing me.
Getting laid become almost effortless.And I don’t know if this is an ability you would like for yourself or if you can even imagine being able to go out to any social gathering and know that you can have your pick of the most attractive women there, but if you can……you may just want to read on!

Dear Future Seduction Master,
Hi, I’m Nick Rogue.
And I have something to tell you, and please forgive me if it stings a bit, but you need to hear this…Listen: You SUCK with women!Or maybe you’re just not quite getting the calibre of woman you truly deserve…or you’re not getting laid often as you’d like.I don’t know what’s holding you back specifically right now, but in a moment I’m going to reveal a simple 3 step system that will absolutely annihilate any of your current obstacles to hooking up with hotter women, more consistently, and almost effortlessly.And it’s a system that’s been around since the dawn of man-kind…
But somewhere along the way, the whole seduction process has become confusing. Communicating with women on a primal, sexual level has become more nebulous.  And discovering a simple process that drives women into your bed in droves has been completely elusive…Till now.
You see, up until now, your struggles have not been your fault.  You’ve likely been spoon-fed a lot of crappy advice from society, the media, and even self-proclaimed “dating goo-roos” who are only out to only make a buck.But that ends today.Deal?
Ok, so from today on it is now your responsibility to do something about this.
And I’m going to be there with you, every step of the way…So that you will never be at a loss for words you need to get her super aroused or  the strategies you are going to be nimbly applying to get that next sexy woman across the bar begging for you to approach her, get her into your bed…And beg you for more!
But I can only do this for a few select guys who decide to take action and change their sexual destiny.We’ll get to that in a moment but first I want to tell you about a huge turning point I experienced.The Realization That Punched Me In The Dick & Changed The Way I Viewed Seduction Forever…You see, not terribly long ago, I was desperately terrible with women…The best I could hope for was to be forever placed in her “friend zone” under lock and key, never to be released from this torturous prison…never to experience what I truly desired from the women I truly desired.And it wasn’t for lack of trying.
I had vowed to make changes and improve my abilities with women, but up until that point…I had failed miserably!I found all of the seduction advice to be either to general or too complicated to ever actually use with women…and that was just the “good stuff”!The rest of it just ended up creeping the girls out or leading me to be some sort of amusing spectacle to entertain her while she waited for a guy who REALLY got her juices flowing.I was at my wit’s end and ready to give up…Allow Me To Reveal My Secret System…In probably the most unlikely of places, I was able to solve all of my frustrations with women.
It was that fateful day when I sat in my Ancient Greek Philosophy class and the professor was droning on and on about Aristotle when he mention his ideas on “Essences”.Now I don’t want to bore you like most of my philosophy professors did to me, but this is going to affect your sex life forever so pay attention.You see, when it comes to understanding complex topics and ideas, Aristotle believed that you needed to reduce those subjects down to what is absolutely “Essential” in every case of you experiencing that thing…Be it understanding terms like “Justice”, or “Beauty”, or…in my case, “Seduction”…What does it mean for a woman to be truly seduced?An what is always present in every act of consensual sex?Those thought were racing through my mind as I reached my eureka moment.When I viewed things in this light, everything boiled dow to just 2 things…2 “essences” as Aristotle would call them.Every time 2 people come together to “cum together”, these two things are  in place:The 2 Common Elements In EVERY SeductionYou see in every successful seduction I had experienced, and truly in every successful seduction in history, (1) they  were in a place where sex could realistically occur ,and (2) They were at least somewhat aroused.That’s it!
And although this may seem a bit overly simplistic at this point, as you’ll soon see…it has profound affects.
In fact, in every interaction I find myself in I find myself only asking 2 questions:
1) Can I get this girl to a place where sex can realistically occur? and
2) Can I get her at least somewhat turned on?
If the answer is yes to both questions, then I can sit back, relax and enjoy the interaction…secure in the knowledge that I’ll be “getting some” later.
All the pressure dropped and interactions became much more exciting, flirtatious, and well…Effortless!But the best part is…I Created A 3-Step System That Makes This Automatic For You…
All you have to do is go to where you can find women, be it a bar or club, a coffee shop, or even the women you pass by every day while walking on the street, doesn’t matter.
You take them through the 3 steps, and you’re getting her in bed.That simple.So what are those 3 steps that guaranteed results with women? (and by results, I mean sex…not just getting phone numbers, or quick, cheap make-outs)…Step One: Figure out what her situation is so you can figure out how “Likely” you can get her to a discreet locationStep Two: Get her her so visibly aroused that she is practically dripping through her jeans.Step Three: Move her to that discreet location!And like clockwork, you will be getting laid every time.Does That Sound A Little Too Simplistic? It’s Not…You see, once you’re armed with just the right Seduction Strategies, and use them at just the right moment in every interaction, you can start taking women quickly through these  3 easy steps.  And one by one, they all end up in your bed.
But you are going to have to start using this strategies now to quickly guide her through those three steps.
And in order to do that, you’re going to really have to learn exactly how to start getting a woman super-aroused.
You have to be able to make her experience something with you that she experiences with so few other men that her every thought is about how amazing it’s going to be when you finally do have sex.
And you’ll find once you get her thinking about all those delightfully devious thoughts, she will do everything in her power to make that happen.
She’ll start escalating the interaction towards to amazing sex.
I wanted to make this “possibility” a “reality” that you can experience for yourself. That’s why I created the Seduction Strategies video course for you.
And for a (very) limited time, I will be offering this secret knowledge that gets women really horny, really fast to the first 50 guys who decide to take action and get their problems with women solved…ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Give Up All Your Sexual Fears That Cause You To Retreat When YouKNOW You Should Be Escalating (It’s Almost Effortless To Drive Any Interaction To Sex When You Know You Are About To Give Her Intense Pleasure That She Will Remember Forever)
And Much, Much More…
This Is Unlike Any Program You’ve Ever Bought!
You see, my “traditional” live training requires you to clear your weekend schedule, pack up your things for the weekend, fly to some strange city across the country or often around the world, and cram so much stuff in your head, you feel like it’s about to explode.
I used to coach exclusively using this format and I saw some amazing results from my students…In fact, a great majority of them got laid the 1st or 2nd day on these events.
But this didn’t come without a certain “cost”.
And I’m not just referring to the huge investment of tuition for the programs, travel and hotel expenses, and often taking a day or two off of work.
You see, because I was always confined to the few days we shared together, I had to quickly force feed every little piece of the system to my students, but they never quite had enough time implementing these techniques to really ingrain the habits necessary for long-term success.
It was just like me in High School, and maybe you did the same thing: You know, cramming the day before for an exam…enough to successfully ace the test that weekend, then promptly forget everything immediately after.
Live, Infield trainings are often the identical twin to a cramming session gone wrong…and this is part of the reason I no longer offer live, infield training.
But Then There’s The Other Extreme…
I’m talking about the guys who try to read up on everything but without having ongoing, guided contact with master instructors.
It’s a bit like trying to perform brain surgery having only read a the textbook on the topic, but never having had an experienced surgeon guide you through the operation under the right conditions…
Sure, it’s theoretically possible that you could perform the operation successfully, but I would never go “under the knife” with an intern who had only learned by reading a book.
I’m not saying that reading the books are bad, we’ll be giving you plenty to read in this event, but the real key is that ongoing guidance, feedback, AND motivation as we deliver the knowledge to you in the proper sequence and at the right time.
You see it’s going to take you some time to implement new habits and really practice them to have them sink into your core so you can begin to do them effortlessly and naturally.  That’s why we designed this course to be dripped out to you one week at a time…
So that you will absolutely take your sexual destiny by the balls and deliver them into the hands (or preferably mouths) of the women deserving of your new found abilities to make women feel absolute pleasure.
This Is What You’ll Get Inside Seduction Strategies…
Module 1:  The Foundation For Effortless Seduction
A quick mindset shift that will re-define the way you view every interaction (and she will instantly re-define you as her ideal sex partner)
A powerful technique that unleashes her naughty side every time (imagine how much easier it will be to stay in the interaction when she is openly flirting with you from the get-go)
A naughty little secret that she wishes she could express more often (but she will be in awe when you already know this and will become instantly aroused by your presence)
How to push all of the boundaries and destroy every obstacle that has gotten in your path to getting laid with any girl (you’ll be surprised how far women will go, if you only knew this)
Module 2: How To Quickly Find Women You Can Take Home
Use a powerful but simple 5 question scheme to find out if she is willing to go home with you that night (you’ll never have to guess again whether or not she’s “good to go” and “down to fuck” again)
13 Factors that you think are important but in reality are not worth wasting your time on (some heavy myth-busting will go down so you don’t have to waste another second working on things that won’t improve your odds with her anyway)
A sure-fire system that will get you on the fast-track to sex every time (so you don’t have to be confused where to steer the conversation next in order to get her in bed)
Module 3: Secrets Of Rapid Sexualization
Discover an easy 5-step escalation process that allows you to quickly and efficiently get her so maddeningly turned on that she is soaking through her panties
Understand the unique decisions a woman needs to make to unleash her unfettered sexuality on you
The 3 Essential Things you MUST  Do for her to have rapid sex with you every time (You’ll be surprised how easy these things can be accomplished)
How to merge her emotional and physical urges so they are laser-focused on you (so that she wouldn’t even dream of hooking up with anyone else in the bar besides you)
Module 4: How To Use Touch To Get Her Turned On
Emulate these Advanced Body Language Techniques (and you will be radiating primal sexuality that make women tremble with desire at only a glimpse of you)
How to fine-tune your seduction strategy (so that everything is working in unison which leads to exponential results when it comes to getting down to “doing the deed”)
3 subtle but panty-moistening ways to touch a girl that will drive her wild (you’ll be surprised how easy they are to accomplish too)
How to make her orgasm in the bar by stimulating a couple erogenous zones few guys know about (and NO, it’s not her pussy)
A simple tactic that allows you  to “feel her up” without her “turning you down” every time
Over 20 different ways to touch her that will heat things up rapidly
Module 5: Handling All Her Hesitations To Sex
Destroy EVERY objection she may have to hooking up with you (so she feels free to act on her sexual urges with you)
Quickly Inoculate against ALL 5 hesitations towards sex that all woman have (so she will never come up with excuses not to sleep with you ever again!)
3 very specific strategies you can use to make her so she will never be able to think about rejecting your sexual advances
Module 6: Escalation Through Movement
An escalation strategy so powerful yet overlooked that you can use to get even women who don’t speak the same language as you in bed (this is so deviously primal that it can short-circuit the need to even talk to make the sex go down)
A 5-step process that will quickly escalate things from first meet to her naked in your bed, ready to satisfy all your filthy urges
6 strategies that guarantee using this escalating  technique is a cinch (we want the process, but not the women, we use this on to be outrageously easy)
How to KNOW exactly when the right moment is for you to take her by the hand, lead her out of the bar, and back to your place (and never risk her rejecting your advances to go home with you again!)
Module 7: How To Generate Massive Sexual Tension
2 sure-fire methods that get women so turned on that SHE wants to rip YOUR clothes off!
How to instantly release all of the natural sexual tension that she wants to express, but so few guys allow her the permission to (Never be THAT guy again!)
A simple working definition of Sexual Tension that will clarify just how easy this is going to be for you to create with every woman you talk to
Module 8: Simple Sexual Languaging That Gets Her Thinking About Sex
Discover women’s secret sexual language (that demonstrates that you’re a man who truly understands women so she can feel free to express her sexual desires openly with you)
How to covertly implant filthy sexual mental images into her mind saying seemingly innocent stuff (so she will think that sex was all HER idea)
How to put her mind on sexual lock-down (so no matter what she thinks the thought of sex with you cannot escape her mind)
How to evoke Romance Novel imagery (so you will embody feminine desire and evoke the same response that causes women to want to go “diddle themselves)
Module 9: How To Hijack Sexual Investment
9 simple ways to hijack her sexual investment (so she backwards rationalizes that not only does she want to bang you now, but that she has ALWAYS wanted to bang you
How to start an easy mental trend that forces her to believe that every little thing she does in the interaction is meant for your sexual enjoyment (so you can sit back and allow her to drive the interaction to sex)
An easy to remember 3 1/2 step process that grows like a snowball and makes her so emotionally involved with you (she will never even think of flaking on you again)
My secret to getting women to backwards rationalize any and all attraction she needs to experience in order to “rock my world” in bed (even though I am a far-below-average looking guy)
Module 10: How To Seal The Deal At The End Of The Night
The best strategy ever for getting her imagining being with you later that night that you can use at the beginning of the night (Use this and she will never refuse your offer to take her home again)
9 Advanced ways to “seal the deal” that you can use for even the most difficult cases of resistance you experience
How to go back to her place, your car, bang her in the bathroom or destroy any sort of “Logistical Hurdle” you may be experiencing to make the sex happen in “non-traditional” locations
An easy way to get her friends helping you hook up with the girl you want (say goodbye to ever being cock-blocked by her friends ever again)
A sneaky trick to text your way into her bed (you’ll be surprised what it is)
One common closing tactic error nearly every guy I know uses that KILLS the momentum and gets her to decide to head home rather than have sex with you (never make this rookie mistake again)

Special Bonus #1 “How To Seduce Strippers” Master Class

This Bonus Will Allow You To:
Be the envy of all your friends when you are able to get the attention of any dancer you choose (without resorting to using your wallet)
Have some of the most amazing sexual experiences with women who are professionals and evoking male fantasies and have them give you pleasure you’ll never experience anywhere else
Take strippers home with you the same night you meet them and never get taken advantage of again
Special Bonus #2 “How To Hook Up With Your Bartender, Waitress, Or Cocktail Server ” Master Class

This Training Event Will Allow You To:
Never run out of attractive women to seduce because these girls are almost without exception hired specifically for their stunning looks
Eliminate all approach anxiety because they approach you and when you know the secrets to getting out of “customer mode” you will become their little “fantasy vacation” from the drudgery of their job
Infiltrate social circles that never experience a shortage of hot women who will bring you even more stunning women
Special Bonus #3 “How To Hook Up At House Parties ” Master Class

This Bonus Will Allow You To:
Throw raging parties that every girl wants to come to and that you always have first pick on whom you hook up with that night
Get invited to crazy parties thrown where only the highest caliber of women attend
Sleep with as many of the girls at these parties as you want without pissing off any of the guys, without making the woman feel cheap and sleazy, all while still having the ability to bang all of her friends too
You thought I was done, but I’m not…If you’re one of the first 10 guys to jump on this opportunity, in addition to the above-mentioned training, you’ll also receive the following super-sweet bonuses worth MORE than the cost of the entire program:

Extra Special Bonus #1 Instant Sexual Connection

This Bonus Will Allow You To:
Cause instant sexual arousal in women so that you can get her keyed in on the idea of hooking up with you in moments
Guide her through the whirlwind of conflicting emotions that happens seconds after she becomes aware of the sexual arousal you created inside her, so she feels comfortable to act on those urges quickly
Use any response she gives you and spin it into something so provocative that she will be soaking in her jeans
Get deep sexual rapport with any woman so she opens to you completely
Extra Special Bonus #2 “How To Hook Up On Halloween” Master Class

This Training Event Will Allow You To:
Take advantage of a once-a-year event where women want to behave a little more naughty than they might the rest of the year
Choose just the right costume that gets her immediately interested in you
How to stand out from the pack of guys all using the same desperate attempts to get attention from the same girls as you (so that you can be the clear decision for whom she will hook up with)
Extra Special Bonus #3 “How To Get Laid On The First Date” LIVE Master Class