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“As A Normal Guy, The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Learn Is How to Get Hot Girls To Approach and Game YOU.”

“The Simple 3 Step By Step System To Become The Hugh Hefner Or Van Wilder In Your City Or Town…”

“Get A Harem Of Beautiful Women Fighting For Your Attention And Time… All Competing For You To Choose Them…”

 Dear Friend,

Do you want success with women, INSANE success, like you are the owner of the Playboy Mansion?

Read on because I am going to tell you exactly how I got 42 Women in my living room all dressed in lingerie fighting over me and I am going to show you exactly how you can have them in your life all fighting to have you, all flirting with you, all trying to seduce YOU.

Why You Are Not Getting The Amazing Results You Deserve At The Bar Or Club…

You want to know the big secret I learned?

After literally thousands of hours spent studying and practicing, I started to notice that what has been taught so far about attracting women doesn’t apply unless you are in a big city (like downtown Los Angeles) gaming a bleached blonde with an IQ of 90… and it won’t get you that “playboy lifestyle” you want.

Generally speaking, the widespread attraction materials only speak to a certain sub-set of interactions, namely interactions in bars or clubs and they simply don’t allow you to achieve that amazing playboy lifestyle you deserve.

When it comes to meeting women at bars or clubs, you have to start from zero with every girl you meet and hope that something you do or something about you hooks her interest. You may end up chatting with a girl for a while only to have her friends pull her away as you watch your chance with her evaporate in front of your eyes.

Worse, if you’re mood isn’t totally crushed at that point, you’ve got to start from absolute zero with the next girl.

If you really think about it, when it comes to bars and clubs the chips are stacked against you. The music is loud, the girls generally have a shield up that you need to maneuver around and if you aren’t in a great mood or feeling a little introverted, you’re basically invisible to the room.

If you really want to have the success, real success, there’s no reason you should have to use weird lines or be in a pumped-up state and run the risk of being called out on being like those guys from that TV show “The Pick-Up Artist”.

Why You Will NEVER Get The “Playboy Life Style” Doing What You Are Currently Doing

The attraction material currently available is for artificial environments like bars and clubs and really doesn’t speak to meeting women in a laid-back, natural way in normal environments (where we spend the majority of our lives). What about building that ideal lifestyle where women approach you, call you, and seduce YOU?

What about house parties, barbeques, concerts, restaurants, meet-ups and all social environments where you can meet women?

Worse still… what about the times that you see a woman you want to attract, but you are with your friends and can’t run “game”?

Or maybe you don’t have the best night-life in your area or you don’t like to spend your life at a bar.

Or you don’t like extremely loud music that is difficult to talk over and you are surrounded by annoying drunken people.

Let me repeat that: Maybe you don’t like loud music and being surrounded by drunken people… sure you can go there and put up with it, but you would rather not have to just to succeed with women.

Or you want success, but you don’t want to drastically change yourself into someone else, talk about things that aren’t you or have to pretend to enjoy things that you really don’t enjoy just to get the girl.

There is a better way…

How YOU Can Become The MAN Women Will Fight Over And Approach

You do want to go to all sorts of social events and still be successful with your dating life. And not just successful, you want to have complete choice of the women you want to date. You want that ideal playboy lifestyle. You know, the parties and the half naked girls all trying to seduce you.

You want success without having to spend your entire life in a club using someone else’s stories and talking about someone else’s life just to fail over and over again. YOU want insane success in your social life, to be that guy that all the women want.

You want to be able to have success with women, ridiculous success without using any “traditional game” where you have to adopt someone else’s personality and be fake just to get the girl. You just want results.

The hard-hitting truth that none of the gurus will tell you (that I had to learn the hard way):

If you want success, you have to get it on your own terms!!

You want to get that ideal “playboy life style.” You can have it, the parties and the babes.

You can have it even if you live somewhere that isn’t Los Angeles or New York City and you just want success with your local girls.

Maybe there is a girl in one of your classes that you’re interested in, or one just down the street, BUT you want a fool proof way of attracting her. And you simply don’t have time to practice 2,000 times over and over again to calibrate correctly.

Bottom line: You want results and by following the steps you will get that ideal playboy lifestyle you want.

Achieving Your Ideal “Playboy Lifestyle”

If the idea of social freedom and being able to date new attractive women all the time is appealing to you – I am sure you’re interested in expanding YOUR PROSPECTS – then you’re one of the lucky ones reading this because I am going to show you how you can “game” where the girls will be chasing you.

I am betting that you have read or tried some of the ‘other stuff’ out there, but it hasn’t worked for you. Or you’ve read what supposedly works, but when thinking about it, it doesn’t seem like you.

Warning: Are You Stuck In One Of These Common Traps?

(These situations used to hold me back, but not anymore.)

  • You have read about and heard about all these guys who have had success with “Game”, but you haven’t yet been able to duplicate success for yourself. You’ve gone out to social events and felt like it’s a daunting task to “game” them.
  • The more you read about “Game”, the more you feel like you understand what is going on, but you still didn’t know how to translate the tactics and techniques into something that works for you in a social setting without being looked at as that “weird guy.”
  • If you’ve studied any of the “natural game”, then you might have experienced that the advice “just be your best self” alone doesn’t really work all the time. It’s simply not that simple.
  • On the other side, if you’ve studied a more structured approach, you don’t want to be stuck having to adopt someone else’s personality to have success. You can’t fake it till you make it all the time without feeling empty inside.
  • At times it almost feels like you’re caught in the middle of several theories and ideas, but there is still no clear path that feels “real” to you in terms of actually making progress and putting things into action. You feel like nothing ever gets accomplished and you are stuck not moving toward your goals.
  • A lot of the old school gurus seem to have mastered the art of becoming a flashy guy who lives in a club and games club women, so long as you are gaming a California blonde type girl with no personality. The truth is you don’t want to have to spend your life sifting through low quality women at the club.
  • You feel scared because using “traditional game” in a social setting unlike a super club will get you labeled as “that weird guy” or even worse: a PICK-UP ARTIST (“You know, like one of those guys from that VH1 show?”)
  • The last thing you ever want is to be called out for using lines from “The Game”, especially in front of your social circle!
  • You find that just being yourself and using the whole “woo–woo natural” approach (with no structured way of bettering yourself)” doesn’t work either. You can’t go around being “in state” 100% of the time.
  • You can jump up and down and pump yourself up into a good state sometimes, but that doesn’t help at the end of the day when you still don’t know what to say or what you need to correct in order to do better next time.
  • You understand the mechanics behind this “game” that is designed to provide amazing results for you. At the same time, you still feel embarrassed using traditional PUA material, and you wonder why the loud drunken “frat boy” type guy is doing so well with the hot girls and you aren’t.
  • Using all the “traditional game” that you’ve read on the internet could easily get you alienated forever in a social circle or kicked out of a party.
  • Gaming in a social network setting feels like a daunting task with the current “game theory” that is out there. You’ve read some it, but it didn’t seem applicable to real life when applying it in a city that isn’t as big or as flashy as Los Angeles.

Trying To Game At Social Events Is Impossible Using “Traditional Game,” Unless You Like Being Called Out For Being A Pick-Up Artist!!!

Parties, BBQ’s, college campuses, University parties, small neighborhood bars, and just social gatherings are completely different from clubs in a big city. The hard facts are that you can’t just approach everyone and “practice your line 12 times” in these smaller social settings, blowing yourself out hard on some people and then striking up good conversation with others.

It just doesn’t work. You will look like a sociopath! And of course, you might also be labeled as one of those guys from the VH1 show. Now let me ask you this:

Are you in any of these situations right now?

Are there girls at social events (house parties, get-togethers, on your campus) that you’d like to “get”… or a girl that you’d like to have a relationship with… but for whatever reason you just don’t know how to get her without the possibility of creeping people out or being labeled that weird guy or even worse a Pick-up Artist?

Do you want success without having to use someone else’s canned lines or without trying to get into state every time and then not getting any lasting results?

The Big Secret That The Guru’s Aren’t Telling You

Gaming in social settings that are NOT super clubs: The dynamics are different.

Think about it.

Everything that is written about PUA has been rehashed and geared toward club girls in a giant mega club in Los Angeles, but there is a way to game without being forced to use “traditional game”.

You’re in luck now and I am going to show you that there is no need for other people’s canned lines or to adopt someone else’s identity and personality to achieve amazing results.

What could this mean?

It means that there are ways of getting those women you desire without having to become a FLASHY PUA CLUB GUY.

It’s easy!

The Big Mystery Solved

So why is this?

Why is it that some guys have great results while others don’t?

You’ve read about approaching women in bars and clubs in big cities, but when it comes to a smaller venue like house parties and on-campus events it feels so difficult sometimes, right?

Why is it that some men who don’t know anything about the “pick-up artist material” just seem to be surrounded by women who want to be with them… while for most, even after studying PUA programs, still aren’t having the kind of success that they want in a social situation?

And, most importantly, what are the secrets to setting up a situation where girls can’t help but to be attracted to you and chase you around without you ever having to run “game” or use anything that could be interpreted as weird?

I’m going to answer these questions… and hopefully solve this mystery for you once and for all…

I am going to give you something real.

REAL Average GUYS Getting REAL Amazing Results

The Shocking Difference Between a “Jock” Type Guy Who Has “Average Success” With Women… And The Guys Who Have INCREDIBLE Consistent Success With Women In Social Settings and House Parties.

The way I see it, when studying “Pick-up Artists” we have basically two options:

  1. Doing the some crazy weird stuff at the bars and nightclubs for months (if not years) until you finally get success and then sifting through all the low quality women that these venues attract.
  2. Learn how to dominate and create your local social scene and have quality women chasing you around trying to sleep with you.

The reason I’m so familiar with these two options is that I personally did option #1 (going to the bars and night clubs for many years.)

Sure I had success. More than most guy’s I’ve met, but…

In truth it was a lot of work. Only after getting TOTALLY FED UP with the bar scene and then spending a year going to nothing but house parties and social gatherings did I smarten up, GET A CLUE, and learn how to get women chasing me around trying to sleep with me.

It took me a little over a year of trial and error, learning from guys who were “naturals” with women, those jocks and frat boys and figuring things out the HARD WAY… but I did it.

How To Achieve True Success Without Being Forced To Use “Traditional Game”

For the last year, I’ve been spending a lot of time figuring out, testing, watching, and studying everything related to being “naturally successful” with women in small social setting.

As I got deeper and deeper I really started to learn differences between how everyone teaches traditional “club” game and why it never works in a social setting like a house party or on a campus.

I began to realize that the more I studied and tested, the more I started to get success and began to do a lot of things that most guys don’t know.

In other words, it was more than just knowing what to do in each situation.

It was also knowing how things worked.

I began to develop a system centered on real results without “Traditional Game.”

A system that allowed me to have amazing success without having to use anyone’s canned lines or EVER worrying about anyone calling me out for gaming. You know being a real, average guy getting real amazing results without having to change the parts of myself that I enjoy or having to adopt someone else’s personality.

I began to get those girls before that only the jocks, frat boys, and popular type guys where getting. Soon I was getting the hot girls at every social event.

I started to amaze all my friends as I achieved amazing results without appearing to be gaming. My phone would be ringing off the hook with girls trying to hook up with me. We would throw parties and have girls fighting over me.

And this is how…

How YOU Can Have Your Pick Of All The Women…Without “Traditional Game”

The more I learned these secrets, and the more I learned about how women act, think, and behave in non-club/non-bar social setting, the more I realized that it was completely different from what all the seduction “gurus” had taught. I was going to need to write a book… a book that would go into DETAIL and explain these mysteries that no one had yet explained about how to game after scrapping the classic Pick-up Artist approach.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I took all of this previously unexplained material and I carefully explained it all in my book “House Party PUA”

I describe exactly how you can walk into any party/social event, get in good with the host and start immediately getting treated as a VIP. Getting all the perks of his inner circle.

I took the long and hard way of learning the intricacies of the skills required to be insanely effective at getting girls in social setting like house parties, BBQ’s, and every day events and explained it in great detail.

I will show you how to have girls calling you all the time to “hang out” Everyone will always be asking you when the next party will be and after following the steps laid out in my book, it will be your reality.

Anytime you want, you can send out a message to “YOUR party list” and if you follow my steps have 40+ girls come to your house and take turns flirting with all of them while they fight for your attention.

By applying these techniques, I became the most sought after “go-to guy” at all the parties around my town and I will show you exactly how.

Time and time again, people come up to me and tell me I throw the best parties in town. They have fun and so do I. You can too.

I will show you how to get girls fighting for your attention and all you have to do is sit back and decide which one you want. Attraction is already handled with zero “traditional game”.

With this book I will give YOU the power too.

Inside, I will reveal to you:

  • How to develop an almost Celebrity-Like Reputation for yourself so girls approach and game you.
  • Maximize Your Effectiveness at All Parties and Social gatherings so you are the go-to guy that every girl wants to talk to.
  • How if you can’t be the host you can be a VIP, not just another guest and get all the perks of being in charge.
  • The power of being the “Facilitator of Fun” and how it will get you girls effortlessly by having all the attention centered on you so girls can’t help but want to flirt with you.
  • How to SHOWCASE yourself without any particular talent and have girls scrambling to talk to you.
  • How to create situations where women will throw themselves at you, without having to open them or use any weird lines.
  • How to correctly manage your own parties so you will be as powerful as a club owner, having women eager to be introduced to you.
  • The simple steps to create a party social circle that will feed you more women than you can handle and make you the “popular” guy everyone wants a piece of.
  • Become a rockstar in your own home so girls will want you and know about you before you have even met. No approaching required.
  • Keep your event on track. How to deal with pesky neighbors and interferences that could derail your party.
  • All the planning that’s essential to free you up so you can have time to take the hottest girls to your room and not worry about running your party.
  • Different party themes that make getting the girl ten times easier; have a room full of girls in their underwear or in bikinis just waiting for you.
  • How to develop a quality clientele so you have people talking about your parties for months and you become almost famous for them.
  • How to create a situation where it will be you and 40 girls or more, where you can have your pick of them and it will be impossible for you not to succeed – all without ever using lines or having to adopt someone else’s personality.
  • Simple steps to creating the best party scene, all centered on you so you become the guy everyone wants.
  • How to handle all the aspects and considerations for a great party. Everything from planning logistics to how to deal with situations that can take you out of “the game” so you can get results without any hassle.
  • The specific steps that take all the work out of seducing girls. All you have to do is take them to your room – all the work is done, no “traditional” game required.
  • Step-by-Step: How to take all the “game” out of game, so you never have to do anything weird, fake, or forced to get the girl.
  • How to reduce your game to “let me give you the tour”