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Nick Casanova – Machiavellian’s Guide to Charm

Charm is the ultimate social lubricant. It puts people at ease and soothes tensions in any situation. Charm can stop feuds, create friendships, and even spread joy. It’s what makes people laugh and want to be around you. With enough charm, you’ll move forward in academia, achieve business success, and enjoy happier, more satisfying relations with loved ones. “The Machiavellian’s Guide to Charm” breaks down the individual components of the sometimes elusive trait of charm and reveals the secret to putting it to work for you. With his unique brand of humor, author Nick Casanova delivers examples of how different personalities-a stiff, a boor, and a charmer-would react in various situations and shows you how to harness the power of charm by focusing on five key elements: Flattery Empathy Self-deprecation Humor Calmness

Nick Casanova – Machiavellian’s Guide to Flirting

The key to being successful at love is to be playful: playfully suggestive, playfully romantic, and playfully bantering. Flirting is how you send the message that you’re interested without saying so directly. If you do it well, you can keep your prospect amused, giddy, titillated, flattered, and insulted all at the same time. Flirting is also how you establish that you have a sense of humor, that you’re smart, and that you’re sane. And it’s how you tell whether your prospect has those same qualities. If both of you are in the right mood, these routines can be great fun. The book is divided into two sections, one for women and the other for men. Since it is usually the man who does the chasing and the woman who does the choosing; these different roles lend themselves to different styles of flirting. Despite gender differences, however, most (but not all) of the chapters can be adapted for use by the opposite sex

Nick Casanova – Machiavellian’s Guide to Insults

Have you ever wanted to lash out at someone but lacked the appropriate putdown? “The Machiavellian’s Guide to Insults” takes a humorous approach to dealing with such annoying personalities as the drama queen, the wealth flaunter, the self-proclaimed brain, the temperamental twit, and the talkaholic. Recommended insults range from the subtle and seemingly unintended to the outright declaration of war. Both have a place in your arsenal. Had Machiavelli written a book on insults, this is the book he would have written. He would have suggested calmly wounding your enemy with a tailor made barb without coming across as if you’ve been wounded yourself. Often the best putdown is a comment which seems on the surface to be well intentioned. And ham-handed attempts to relate or sympathize can be the most effective ways of underlining your opponent’s weaknesses. These are far more humiliating than any angry outburst could ever be. Learn how to eviscerate the proud homeowner, the would-be tough guy, the bully, the boastful parent, the second guesser, and many others.

Nick Casanova – Machiavellian’s Guide to Womanizing

A hilarious, uninhibited look at various tactics men use to seduce women. Strategies include: 16 comments that show you’re a sensitive guy, sneaking into her roommate’s bedroom after your girlfriend has fallen asleep, posing as a foreigner and many more. Women will find their worst suspicions confirmed