Nick Adrews – Get In Her Mind Get In Her Bed PDF Download

The ultimate pick up guide. Learn to attract women through the use of body language, NLP, and psychology. Through our field tested techniques you can learn the secret language of pick up to attract and instantly build sexual chemistry with women.

From the Publisher

Attraction begins from the moment you enter the room. The way you walk in, the way you carry yourself, and the actions you make are all being watched from women across the way. You can make or break a possible connection before you even say one word to the girl. There are so many things you can do to make yourself less attractive to the opposite sex before the initial conversation begins. But on the same note, there are hundreds of things you can be doing to increase the attraction. So much that you don’t have to say anything to her more than a simple, “Hi” and she will be rushing to take you home and into bed.

Join Nick and Taylor as they discuss:

* How to recognize the signals of attraction men and women use

* Display the confidence of the Alpha Male

* Instantly create rapport and sexual chemistry upon meeting a woman for the first time

* Talk to people at their subconscious level

* Learn the inner workings of NLP

* How to approach and open women

* Be the man you want to be

Is a pickup artist lifestyle for you? If being surrounded by beautiful women is any indication then you sound like the perfect candidate. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from people:

Do I have to be good looking and have perfect teeth to date beautiful women?
While those qualities will help, all they are helpful for is getting an initial look or glance your way, but if you can’t recognize what those signals are, you will never get past exchanging glances. The average woman will send five signals of attraction before the man makes his first move and approaches. Learn to recognize those signals and show her you mean business. Women are more attracted to a man with confidence who knows what he wants than a man with perfect teeth.

Do I have to be a twenty-something and go out to the Bars and Clubs every night?
These techniques work anywhere, at the library, at the grocery store, or at the park. Wherever you meet women you can use the methods described in the book. It works anywhere, anytime, with anyone. It works because it is based on scientific fact.

Do I have to date hundreds of girls? I just want to date my high school crush.
The techniques we teach you in the book will work for one or one hundred girls. However, the question you’ve raised is much more complicated than becoming more confident in yourself and winning the girl of your dreams. Since you did not show interest in your dream girl at the beginning (No you did not show interest) she thinks of you as a friend and friend only. We need to break those misconceptions she has about you and we will do this by showing her you are a man of value to other women. This will involve you dating other women, improving your game and your confidence around women.

Aren’t women only attracted to rich guys with lots of money?
No, women are attracted to men with confidence and knowing what they want in life without being afraid to grab it.

Do I need to change my personality so girls will like me?
These techniques are designed to incorporate into your own personality. In fact we rarely teach you any tricks at all, we just make you aware of the signals that have been around you all the time, you just couldn’t see them before.