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This DVD pack gives you everything you need to spark a woman’s interest after the opener. No more getting stuck in awkward silences after you approach.

You see, looks don’t matter to a woman but EVERY WORD you say to her does matter. If your game is BORING you’ll display LOW VALUE and blow your chances. Women aren’t attracted to BORING men.

Women ARE attracted to INTERESTING men who convey HIGH VALUE. In fact it’s hard wired in their brains to be attracted to the highest value, most interesting man they meet.

You can make the choice to be that man!

Style searched through his video vaults, to find the absolute best video tutorials he’s created about how to use HIGH VALUE and INTERESTING PUA routines, stories, and games to create attraction.

When you approach women with these new skills you’ll notice they no longer zone out from your conversations. Now they’ll get mesmerized by your fun interesting vibe.

They won’t wonder if you’ll stop bothering them soon. Now when you try to leave they’ll want you to stay.

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This package is freshly released today. We only made 100 of them. When they’re gone…that’s it.

Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package are as follows:
1.The Sneak – Routine Generation
2.Be the Alpha Male
3.Neil Strauss – Principles of Attraction
4.Evolve – Astrology and the Esoteric Arts
5.Neil Strauss – Emotional Connections and Calls to Action
6.The ways of the Wingman
7.The Strategies of Steve.P and Zan

 “My dating life sucked.

My approach anxiety was paralyzing me. And I tried EVERYTHING.

Until I understood the secrets of how to turn low value into high value and became…

The Most Interesting Guy In The Room” From: Neil Strauss

You’re talking to a woman you just met, but you’re stuck. You want her to find you attractive but don’t know what to say to make her feel like you should be more than friends. After you meet a woman you only have minutes to make her think:

“This guy is interesting. I want to know more about him.”

The female mind works differently from the male mind: looks don’t matter to her. What does matter is your social value. Inside a woman’s mind, her female attraction calculator is keeping track of how many social value points you have based on everything you say and do. When your social value reaches a certain level she’ll know she’s attracted to you.

You need everything you say to her to convey value. Her mind is following the biological rules encoded in the female brain over thousands of years of evolution. Her subconscious evolutionary desire is pushing her to find a man of high value worthy of her level of beauty. She may not even be aware of it, but subconsciously her mind needs to answer the following questions to find you attractive:

“Is he interesting? Is he sociable? Is he strong or smart enough to protect me?  Will other people listen to him? Do other women find him attractive?”

Your job as a Pick Up Artist is to answer these questions. You might have an idea about what you’re supposed to say but…one low value mistake and you’ll lose her attraction. If you ever noticed a woman zoning out from your conversation, it meant you mistakenly demonstrated low social value.

The easiest, quickest path to showing her you’re a man of high value is to use demonstrations of high value routines. These are pre-planned conversational pieces designed to answer all of a woman’s value questions. You are what you say you are to a woman, so show her your value! After you demonstrate high value, she’ll stop treating you like a friend or a stranger and start flirting with you. You’ll find every component you need to answer all of a woman’s social value questions in my package…

Style’s “Most Interesting Guy in the Room Program Pack” 5 DVDs to Become The Most Interesting Guy in the Room

Everything You Need to Demonstrate to A Woman You’re a High Value Man

1. “Style on Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts”: Style’s rules and routines that make a woman chase you. In this video tutorial he will teach you his phases of demonstrating high value. Using his eternal attraction principles you’ll never end up in the friend zone again. And, he reveals some new never before released attraction routines. -$47 value, 30min. run time2. “Esoterica: A Mysterious and Powerful DHV with Evolve”: Astrology and cold reading are two of the most powerful DHVs you can use on a  woman to pump up her attraction levels. In this DVD Stylelife coach Evolve will teach you how to use them all the way to the bedroom. These jaw dropping routines will have her asking herself “Who is this guy?” -$47 value, 39min. run time3. “Style Takes Your Game to The Next Level”: The author of the book on game gives you his method for building your inner game up so that your own personality ultimately becomes a DHV. Plus, he shows you how to avoid low value mistakes and gives you even more PUA routines he personally created, tested, and perfected. As an added BONUS, this DVD contains hidden camera footage of a real pick-up, it’s a MUST SEE. -$47 value, 45min.

4. “Generate Your Own Effective DHV Routines”: After the opener runs its course what do you say next? What are the smooth lines, routines, and attraction games you need to pump up a woman’s attraction levels? In this video tutorial Stylelife coach The Sneak gives you the tools to constantly create new DHVs so you never run out of material for generating female attraction. -$47 value, 44min.

5. “Be the Alpha Male”: Remember the ultimate goal is to turn yourself into a walking, talking, breathing DHV. For ultimate attraction success you need to become “The Man.” In this DVD, master pick-up artist Bravo shows you exactly how to “be the alpha male” so you can always push any woman’s evolutionary female hot-buttons.

6. Style’s Personal Training Program: Thirty (30) days of Stylelife Academy interactive online training with direct access to the Elite Forum and thousands of missions. You’ll get to talk on the phone with Style himself in his monthly teleseminars. He’ll take your questions and personally help you to develop your DHV routines so that they fit you! And, if you choose, you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment)

And this package wouldn’t be complete without adding one more thing…

What am I referring to? The coveted e-book: The Secret Code of Seduction, of course.

This is a super rare treat and warrants some explanation.

When you read The Game, you may have wondered in astonishment, “How the hell did Style pull of that stunt?”

Well, the Secret Code of Seduction contains literally all of the techniques from The Game, revealed and laid-out in scientific detail, ready for you to emulate and implement step-by-step.

You see, my best-seller The Game is a narrative. It was always meant to entertain, never to really educate.

But did The Game ever tell you what really went on behind the scenes, when I, Mystery, and the other pick-up gurus from The Game, met hundreds of women between Los Angeles and Eastern Europe?

My personal, never-published internal training manual from those days, the Secret Code of Seduction, completely demystifies all of my techniques from The Game and gives you the “ah-hah” moments you’ve been waiting for, ever since you read my original book.

I also include 30 full days of training: directly from me and all of my coaches through my Stylelife Academy. As you know, with Stylelife Academy you get direct access to me outside of conferences, including direct live telephone training where you can ask me any pick-up question that you like. And if you choose, you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment.)

We’re keeping cost of the package below $150 dollars so we can give you the most affordable price.

Get your Most Interesting Guy in the Room Package below – OR – for specifics, scroll down and check out the ridiculously long list of PUA DHV tips, techniques, routines, and strategies you’ll soon be effortlessly absorbing from these discs. – 2000.0 Mb – 2000.0 Mb – 1815.7 Mb