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First, let me ask You a few questions… Have you ever had a woman:

Treat you as a friend when you knew that there was something more?

Not notice you for the funny amazing guy that you are?

Leave you for someone that you felt was better looking or more successful than you? Didn’t know how to get her back?

Talk about some jerk… when you know she deserves so much better?

Do You: Frequently find yourself not knowing what to say or do around women?

Have trouble not knowing what to do or where to take things on the first date? Or after that?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above then YOU NEED TO KEEP READING!

What if you had the opportunity TODAY to be with multiple “perfect girls” at the same time… Without any drama, no unwanted attachment… while being fully in control.

Well, this could be your reality sooner than you think.

When you learn our easy to follow methods you WILL have the power and skills to choose your own reality. If it’s to be with your one perfect girl or to be with 3 more just like her at the same time.


If you are reading this you have been selected to be a part of a small test group.

What I am about to reveaI to you is so extremely powerful it would simple be irresponsible for me to share it freely… so I can only allow a small group of guys per region to learn my hard hitting closely guarded secrets… until today these were secrets that I only shared with a handful of guys.

This is SO POWERFUL, I can’t just let anyone get a hold of these methods. I’m not an idiot here. I won’t hand a loaded weapon to a dangerous criminal and I’m certainly not going to allow these secrets pass into the hands of someone who wants to use them to manipulate or mistreat women.

So, if you intend on using what I’m about to teach you in a negative way to mislead women… I ask that you DO NOT read any further.

You see, I’ve uncovered a secret seduction system that allows any guy to be able to talk to any girl in a bar, on the street, at work, ANY girl you DO or DON’T know or even online and get her into bed that same night… sometimes in less than an hour (No this has nothing to do with NLP, Magic Tricks, or any of that other nonsense).

I’m also gonna show you my “TOP SECRET” Technology that Permanently Disables Her “Attachment Mechanism” while keeping her Willingly Repeatedly Coming Over For More (As long as you want to keep her around) once you have her and if you want to make her your girlfriend… how to re-enable it.

So, you are always in full control.


But, Before I Go More Into Why This May Very Be The Most Important Page You Have Ever Stumbled Upon, Allow Me to To Tell You A Little Bit About Myself And Share My Credentials…

Hi… My name is Mehow.

I am known as the “mad scientist” in the dating community, because I have taken the art of attraction or seduction and turned it into a perfected science.

I have been responsible for many of the most controversial, innovative and down right successful shockwaves that have rocketed through the dating community in the last 6 years. I’ve had the satisfaction of seeing our students lives transformed before my very eyes in every major city around the world.

But see… I didn’t always have this knowledge.

I used to be an average guy just like many of you.

I used to drive a school bus and I was definitely not what you would call successful with the ladies.

I’m balding and extremely skinny.

But, fortunately I did eventually find a beautiful ballerina that wanted to marry me… which did end up in divorce after only a couple years.

In fact, this is me, happy, before my divorce…

After my divorce I ended up moved to sunny San Diego… thinking that would solve all my women problems and I still wasn’t satisfied with my social life or any of my female relationships that I had.

That is when I decided things had to change drastically.

And, I went on a life long quest to find the answers…

I traveled through the world – luring beautiful women… for 7 years studying women’s psychology while trying out techniques and methods… perfecting my science, so I could pass my knowledge on and help guys like you.

So, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did… because it sucks to be rejected and not know how to obtain the relationships that you desire with women.

I Now Have Proprietary Seduction Methodology Based On The Secrets I Discovered After Approaching Over 6,000 Women And Having Sexual Relationships With Many Of Them.

Myself and my team of hand picked coaches quickly got to work observing and experimenting with new behaviors, ideas and attitudes.


We uncovered naturally occurring patterns that occur during male/female interactions and built sequences based upon them, which any man can use… no matter their age, income or looks. It was only a matter of time before we started to see the patterns that would change male – female relationships overnight. We were very excited!

See, most guys are meeting women the hard way, they spend hours meeting women, often in places where they are unlikely to meet the girl of their dreams, not knowing what to say or do.

For many years this was the only way guys knew how to meet a girl…

In fact most guys seem to settle for the first almost perfect girl that they have some sort of relationship with and then get stuck in a relationship that they don’t enjoy and most of the time are miserable in…

Well after all our observations we found that most guys are happiest with 2 – 3 women they’re seeing regularly…

You see Scientists (and even Government Scientists) have known for years That men are hard wired to seek out many partners.


What’s Worse, Is That Divorce Has Been Shown To Decrease Happiness:

“After divorce, happiness levels decrease and may never completely rebound.”
– PsychCentral. Grohl, John M. May 8, 2009

And Guess What The Current Divorce Rate Is:

A Woe Inflicting FIFTY PERCENT

I Know… It’s Staggering.

The divorce rate in America is 50% percent of first marriages. 67% of second and 74% of third marriages also ended in divorce according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.

Now there are exceptions to every rule But Until You Find That Someone You Want To Lock Down I Recommend You Don’t Fight 50,000 Years Of Your Brains Hardwired Evolutionary Circuitry

The World Record of casual girlfriends that were obtained by one of my students at once by using my method was TENThat’s Right10 girlfriends at the SAME TIME – without drama while being in full control of each of them.

“I made an experiment to see how many girls I could go out with at once, I got to 10 girls… Kept them all for 3 months, but it was too much work and I had to let 4 of them go recently. They keep trying to come back, some eventually got back, but I found out 6 is a good number to manage. I’m back to 7 now, it’s not an optimum number, but it’s still way easier to keep than 10. It’s always funny to see the face of the security guard on my street, because every night a different girl comes over. Life is good.” – Fernando*

*This is an uncompensated testimonial from Fernando.

But we feel 5 is a more manageable number for most guys…

5 girls that aren’t seeing or sleeping with anyone else… JUST YOU (do the math! – there aren’t that many girls available if everybody is using this system)

This System Allows Men To Date
The Women Of Their Dreams. Consistently.

They Get Attached

Women are evolutionarily programmed to seek out and “lock down” the guys they like. This goes back 50,000 years! Although we live in a modern society, our brains still live tin the caveman era. So while the male brain is telling you to go get more women. The woman’s brain is telling her to deny other women access to you and make you her exclusive man so that…

The Other Girls Don’t Steal You Away

(and consequently steal all the “resources” that she could use to take care of your babies – that’s just how women are wired!)

So whats the one big secret to actually having multiple girls:

So, after scrutinized trial and error we brought these simple secrets to a very small test group and told them simply “Go Get ‘Em!”

There were two doctors and 1 Neuro -Linguistic Master Trainer amongst the testers that have been studying our methods for over 1 year

It was incredible… we had success stories occurring practically overnight.

A phenomenon.

So, we went out to look for even more experts in our field to correlate our results with the norm and to our surprise we found that literally no one else has explored relationships in this way before.

And those experts had the same consistent results.

That’s when I knew we had something extremely special, something that could…

With nearly no effort on YOUR (the guys) part!

The word was out.

We quite possibly have the most revolutionary system known to man,

Simply put; this will get you the girls you have always wanted (or in some cases want back) but it is so powerful, how can we ethically teach it?

I originally decided to start teaching it to our elite private students, the guys we’d coach continuously and in person, so we could monitor how it was used but for every 1 guy that had amazing success there were 10 more hammering at our door wanting to know how they could too achieve happiness with multiple Girls.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t ethical for me not to share my knowledge and to keep guys from being the happiest that they could be, especially when the women were just as happy in these relationships, too!

But, like I said before… I can still only teach a certain number of guys per region to stop chaos from taking hold, so when we’ve hit our quota the doors will close on this for good.

The Controversy

I am considered an Outlaw in my own industry…

You see if you can just meet multiple No Strings Attached women without any fuss or bother then the need for traditional dating services will eventually be obsolete, not to mention you’re taking more women then all the other guys out there and they don’t like that. So, you can see why all the other dating companies are not to happy with me.

As I said before… everyone who purchases this program has to agree to use these techniques only for moral purposes and that you will leave the women better than you found them.

In fact, if I find out that guys are abusing this method and using these skills inappropriately, I will immediately insist that you return the material.

That Said, Here’s Just A Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside The Secret Methods I’m Teaching You Now:

  • “Carrot and Stick” technology – How to disable her attachment mechanism… so she will only be around as long as you want her to be.
  • How real dating works – how to get women hot and horny on a date without having to spend a lot of money… and have her begging for a second and third.
  • How to subtly separate yourself from every other guy out there, and why she’ll become addicted to your attention.
  • How to get her thinking sexually about YOU to the point where she gets wet at just the mention of your name.
  • A little trick you can use when a woman seems distant that will turn it around in just seconds.
  • How to push your interaction from just talking to dating at lightning speed.
  • How to manage multiple women successfully and get through Valentines day and other holidays without a scratch.
  • The fundamental behaviors that will have her to start wanting you more, each and every time you have an interaction with her.
  • How to have her addicted to you, not only because of what you say but the way you say it and the deeper meaning that she will connect with you on.
  • And much, much more !

Now I know your asking… Mehow how do you expect me to get multiple girls when I have trouble getting one?

Don’t worry if you have trouble getting one girl, I find that once you get the first girl it becomes much easier to then start dating the second and third and with that said… we will teach you how to easily get the first one!

And, if you’ve ever lost a woman to another guy, with what I am going to teach you… you will need never to worry about losing a girl to another guy, ever again… even if the other guy is a model, extremely wealthy, and well hung.

Best part: This revolutionary method appears 100% natural and spontaneous, so you’ll be flying under the radar. No one – especially her friends – will have any idea what you’re up to… until it’s too late.

Here is what Nathan… one of the guys that was selected for our test group had to say…

“I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you. Things in my life are stellar right now. We went out. The one thing I fessed up too was I didn’t have the greatest pay check this week. She told me to not worry about it and that she was gonna play “sugar-mamma” tonight. She wanted the whole night to be about just pampering me. Apparently I did a lot of great things that first night. The kicker of the whole thing is she’s bisexual and already showing me pics of friends she wants to ‘bring in” and have fun with. It amazes me that everything goes on autopilot.” – Nathan*

* Nathan is a real person, and he was not compensated in anyway.

You need to be prepared because you will have more girls than you can handle.

This works even if you are:
Older Or Younger Then Your Ideal Women
Overweight Or Simply Not A Gym Freak
Poor / Living With Your Parents
Or just a normal guy!

In fact you only need to take a look at me to see I’m not the typical type of man that women are attracted to. Yet I consistently get phenomenal results in my dating life

1) Your ex-girlfriend, get her back today.
2) That ‘Friend’ you’ve had your eye on for a while.
3) That hot secretary in your office.
4) That cute girl behind the local checkout.
5) Your crush who has yet to notice you.
6) The girl you’ve been with for years.

And that’s just to name a few of the many women that you can have.

It’s time you make sure you’re prepared when she does come around… Because you rarely get a second chance… like that old saying, you might have heard it?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Can you imagine the Incredible Power you gain knowing the algorithm of exactly what to do and say – second by second – that rewards her sexual interest and compliance in a way that gets her addicted without the attachment and with her always wanting to come back for more? Can you imagine that power with many, many women?

She Will Be Enthralled

Have you ever been around a girl who ties you down when you want so much more? But, you didn’t know what to do? And what if you didn’t have her, could you meet another girl? I’ve experienced this, and I know it really sucks.

Worse… is the feeling of being alone, when you don’t have a girl around that you know is right for you… that feeling of loneliness… Wondering if you she will ever realize that you are right there, and ready for her

Why wait for her at all when you can learn exactly what to say and do to make them all want to be with you!
Knowing this vital information is just like having a $10 Million Dollar “Takes Care Of YOU” Trust Fund!
Because You Will Meet Them It will happen. Period.

So, for those of you who want to Get Your “No Strings Attached” Girls then today is your lucky day!

I’d like to introduce to you:

“The No Strings Attached (NSA) SystemTM

The Man’s Guide To Finding And Keeping Your 100% Perfect Girls

This Is The ONLY System That Shows You  How To “Disable Her Attachment Mechanism”  So You Can Have Multiple “Partners”  Drama FREE