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My name is Matthew Doeing (one of George Spellwin’s Roommates in College) and I’m so damn excited right now I’m ready to freakin burst! And here’s why…. I just completed the finishing touches on my brand, ass-spanking, new masterpiece ‘The Ugly Man’s Guide To Picking Up Beautiful Women’ and George said it would be cool if I want to get a copy in to your hands lickity split, so you can get laid! But first, you have to make a quick decision….

Read the devilish details on how and why this powerful e-book was created! You will love this hilarious story from back at school with George! Promise!
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That secret part on her body. Touch this secret spot and watch her explode into orgasmic convulsions! No shit!
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Learn how to turn a simple, innocent conversation into Katie, bar-the-door, underwear on the ceiling fan, animal sex!
Learn why 93% of men don’t get laid enough and why they must resort to jerking off!
Give her a G-Spot Orgasm and she won’t leave your cock. You don’t know how? That’s OK, I’ll teach you!
Be careful with this technique! It’s dangerous – she may want your face buried in her forever!
Learn this bizarre sexual position that will make you last longer and cum harder than you ever have in your life! This is awesome!
Learn how to truly communicate with women in a way that will make her your sex slave! (This psychological warfare really isn’t fair to women!)
Does dick size matter? Find out the truth about this. It’s not what you think. The bullshit stops here!

Learn these 3 pearls that will buckle her knees in orgasmic passion!

Make her cum like a possessed nympho – even if you lost your dick in some horrific accident!
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Darcy got crazy on me! (Who’s Darcy? Click Here!) We stuffed over 140 digital PDF pages full of life-changing, ball-busting, ass-slapping information that you have probably never heard in your life!

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16 simple ways to know, without a doubt, if a girl wants to go home with you and bang your brains out! (This takes all the guess work out of it!)

How to end embarrassing ‘premature ejaculation’ forever! Quit leaving your best work on the sheets! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…73% of women have NOT experienced an orgasm with a man! It’s not her fault – learn how to give her explosive orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until she melts in your arms!

Suck on this and watch her claw your back bloody in pleasure! It’s not where you think but it is a direct highway to her pleasure zone!
What makes a man a super-stud in bed? Nope, that’s not it! This is a shocker!
Learn how to get her best friends (and enemies) kicking down your front door…just for sex!
Kiss her like this, right here, and she’ll yank your hair out by the roots in passion!
You have a hot honey – great! Now train your dick to please her all night by doing something you do 7 times a day anyhow!
Learn how to master her body from head to toe! You must learn this…or else!
Are you making that one stupid mistake that almost every guy on the planet makes that keeps you from getting laid? I bet you are! Changing this may get you laid tonight!

Just Stop It! She will hate you if you continue to massage her like that! Learn the right way. Before it’s too late!
Ooooh La La! This fascinating ‘massage combo’ we’ll have her ‘bucking your cock like a hopped-up rodeo bronco!’ You have been warned!
Learn exactly how to flirt with that honey at the office! And have her cooking you breakfast by the weekend!
You must do this 3 seconds after you meet her…or it’s too late! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how! It’s easy!
Big night on the town? You absolutely must do this to get guaranteed laid! If you don’t, forget about it!
Have you heard about Proxemics? You better learn it or you’re in trouble!
Exactly how to perform cunnilingus on a woman! I guarantee you are doing it wrong! (Warning – this technique is like feeding a stray cat, she won’t leave you after you do it!)
How to get her begging to give you the absolute best blow job of your life? (This is solid gold!)
Touch this taboo area just once… and watch stars shoot from her eyes!

Now I could go on and on but let’s get real… until you read The Ugly Mans Guide To Getting Laid PDF To Picking Up Beautiful Women! you are not going to get laid! You know in your heart that this information could be the start of a brand new life for you. A rebirth!
So let’s cut the bullshit right here and now! Here’s what’s keeping you from your new life…I’m not going to pull any punches so let’s lay our cards on the table, shall we?
You don’t know me so you don’t trust me. You have no reason to. I could be just some Internet scam artist shooting for the quick buck by pawning off some laughable ‘get laid’ crap!

But I need to be honest with you. I don’t want to sound like a dick but whether you buy The Ugly Man’s Guide or not doesn’t concern me. I know many people will and I have to concern myself with them. Frankly, I don’t have the time or ambition to worry about people who aren’t ready to seize life by the balls.

But I’m sympathetic to your scam artist concerns. No shit, I get nervous every time I pull out my credit card to buy something off the Internet. It’s a damn shame but it’s a fact of life.

Here’s what I will do to try to ease your mind… I’ll list the no-bullshit-facts as to why you need to get The Ugly Man’s Guide now and you can take them or leave them. It’s in your hands…

If you fail to get The Ugly Man’s Guide will your life ever change? Jeez, will you ever get laid again? Think about it, if you do nothing to change your life then nothing is going to change. Sorry, pal, but it’s up to you. The good Doc can only make the medicine available, he can’t make you take it.

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