Matters of Size – The Ultimate Guide to Enlargement Download

Title: MATTERS of SIZE: The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement

Feature length: 93 minutes

Extras: Interview with Creator, Bonus Exercises, Sexual Secrets, Slide Shows.

Languages: English Stereo

Subtitles: N/A

Packaging: Keep Case

Chapter Stops: 92 Chapters

Sound: Dolby Stereo

Year of DVD Release: 2004

Manufacturer: Platinum Pictures Corporation

Rating: NR-17

The Worlds First and Only Penis Enlargement DVD brought to you by DLD from Matters of Size™. You can now get the most Effective and Powerful Penis Enlargement workout that delivers a longer thicker penis right from the privacy of your own television or computer.

The Matters of Size Penis Enlargement DVD is a whole new approach to Penis Enlargement never available before. This DVD is designed with close attention to every possible detail to make Matters of Size Penis Enlargement the worlds only most comprehensive penis enlargement DVD available.

5 Phased System
Matters of Size Penis Enlargement uses a unique 5 Phase program to teach you every possible detail of penis enlargement featuring techniques that are not available anywhere else. The Phases on this DVD are extremely organized with sample routines and descriptions followed by incredible video instruction. The routines are the Exact program used by the creator, DLD, to increase his Penis Size from 6″ to an amazing 10.5″!.

Extreme Quality-
The quality of video and sound is like nothing ever experienced in the Adult DVD industry. The penis enlargement videos were shot with 3 High Definition cameras to give you 3 different perspectives of comprehension. The sound bites were recorded in a professional studio environment where DLD walks you through the penis enlargement exercises with clear voice explanation.

Learn All The Secrets-
This DVD not only gives a longer, thicker penis but it also address’ vast male sexual issues including lasting as long as you want in bed, never experience premature ejaculation again, harder erections with an increase in ejaculatory volume among many other incredible sexual secrets.

Your Host DLD-
This DVD is hosted by world renowned, enlargement expert DLD walks you through step by step instruction to over 100 different exercises and secrets. All organized into individual routines making Penis Enlargement Fool Proof

This program uses no drugs and no equipment so there are no additional costs for you beyond this DVD. Remember, the DLD Exercises for Penis Enlargement can only be found here in this Matters of Size DVD.

Special Features-
Special features include interviews with DLD, Never Before Released Bonus exercises, Easy to Navigate Animated Menus, Special Sexual Sections featuring Male Multiple Orgasm, Sexual Staying Power along with many others hot sexual topics. – 2000.0 Mb – 1817.7 Mb