Matt Morris – The Small Talk Method Communication Skills To Win Friends Download

The Small Talk Method: Communication Skills To Win Friends, Talk To Anyone, and Always Know What To Say (Small Talk, Small Talk hacks, Personal Development, … with anyone, Communication Skills Book 3)

The Small Talk Method

Are You A Bit Shy? Does Small Talk Feel Clumsy and Awkward To You? Do You Feel Uncomfortable Starting A Conversation?

If YES, then this book is for you because it is designed to give you a fresh new perspective on how you feel about small talk – it will give you the wings you need to feel comfortable and competent to start a small talk conversation with that attractive woman sitting across from to you at the coffee shop, or the man in your neighborhood who you’ve always been curious about.

– You will be guided with 11 powerful beliefs/affirmations so that you will never feel awkward in conversation again.

– You will be given strategies so that you will feel a strong connection in as little as 2 minutes.

– If You Are Looking To Meet New People or Make New Friends, The Small Talk Method Gives You Over 15 of the Best Locations To Meet People.

– You’ll Learn 11 Powerful Positive Affirmations That Will Boost You Internal Confidence So That You Will Never Feel Nervous When Talking To Someone New.

– Have You Ever Wished You Could Change The Way Your Voice Sounds? You’ll Be Given A Simple Strategy To Change Your Voice To Make It More Attractive.

– Learn the 5 Best Small Talk Conversation Questions To Ask, and How To Make Your Answers Stand Out Everytime So That You Will Be Remembered As An Excellent Conversationalist.

– Find Out The Secret To Make ANYONE Fall In Love With You.

– Learn How To Read People’s Emotions (WARNING: People Will Think You Have Mind-Reading Powers)

– The Most Interesting Topics To Talk About So That You Can Show That You Are An Interesting Person

– Have You Ever Been In A Conversation and Forgot Someone’s Name? You’ll Learn The Secret To Never Forget Anyone’s Name Again

Imagine how incredible it will feel to walk up to literally anyone, start a small talk conversation, and never run out of things to say…

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