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Get (More) Head!

Why Some Women Love to Give Head and How to Get Your Woman to Love it Too
• Why some women love to give head and others don’t — and how to get the others to love it to
• How to turn a woman who just kisses your member into a woman who loves swallowing your cock — the words to use and the specific way to move her from her present state to the one you want (so she’ll love it)
• This one secret makes women want you almost instantly in an oral way
• Why some girls won’t give head…but how they will easily change their mind unless you do THIS (which 99.9% of men do to their detriment)
• The easiest way to get a woman to want to give you a b-job is not words, it’s this
• How to make sure she likes what she tastes — if you get this right, the rest is easy
• The little-known easy way to get her to let you come in her mouth and want to have you do it again — this is an amazing tip
• How and when to have “the talk” that changes everything
• This ten minute “trick” can often get her eating you up quite literally even if she never has, or said she doesn’t like to
• How you can be her “quiet coach” in getting her to swallow, or take you deep in her throat (advanced technique is covered in detail)
This class is delivered in short Modules. This way you can easily go back to any module to review the material. If you are going over material that you would like to review please note which module it is so you can easily go back to it later. Each module also comes with an audio component that you can download and listen to anywhere.