Make Her Pursue You – The Advance Bad Boy Training Course Download

“Make Her Pursue You” is an Advanced Bad Boy Training Course from Ron Louis and David Copeland of the dating company “How to Succeed with Women”.

Ron and David, after 3+ years of “dissecting the bad boy,” did a live workshop on what they have learned about how bad boys get women to pursue them. They eventually have decided to put it into a DVD course so that any man could learn about it even if they have not been in the workshop. The program’s focus is to reveal the secrets behind the ways and attitude of a bad boy and why it can have the women they desire doing all the work to seduce them, and how you can apply those traits to make the any woman you desire start pursuing you.

Make Her Pursue You – The Advance Bad Boy Training Course Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
Classroom DVDs
– Exactly what “Disconnecting” with a woman is, and why you must do it, or be stuck alone.
– The different types of “Disconnection,” and when to use each one.
– How to use Disconnections in approaches with women, step by step.
– How being a “Hard to Get/Disconnecting Man” is the secret to “bad boy” success…
– How to use Disconnecting, “hard to get” bad boy actions to make women work for YOUR approval.
– How to break the “beauty trance,” once and for all.
– How to use intensity to seduce women. If you’ve ever been criticized by a woman for being “too intense,” you’ll be very interested in this way to use intensity to your seductive advantage.
– Most normal guys “smooth themselves out” around women. That is, they try to be “all things to all women,” and to not put a woman off in any way.
– How to turn “interactions” into “events.”
– How to have a conflict with a woman in a way that makes her think she can’t have you, and thus want to pursue you,
– What to keep in mind while having a conflict so you don’t lose your cool, and

– How to “ride through” a conflict with a woman and get to the “make up” that happens on the other side of it.

Demonstration DVDs
– You’ll start to see interactions between men and women around you.
– You’ll see the things other men could do to be more “hard to get” with women, and to be better “bad boys” in their seductions.
– You’ll start to see interactions between men and women on TV and in movies differently; because you’ve seen so many examples of “bad boy” seduction, you’ll start to see how men could behave differently with the women the are interacting with.
– You’ll see men working for Connection with women, and you’ll know exactly what Disconnections they should use with those women.

What You Get:
Make Her Pursue You DVDs (12 DVDs) Bonus Items: Bonus DVD #1: ‘Professor Jack’ on ‘Mastering 3-ways with Multiple Women’ Bonus DVD #2: Derek on “Mastering the Bar Game and One-Night Stands” Bonus DVD #3: “Professor Jack on Mastering Body Language, Vocal Tonality and Style” Bonus Audio CD: The Secrets of Female Body Language with Best-Selling Author Leil Lowndes 8 eBooks to Power Your Bad Boy Seduction – How to Approach A Woman Like A Bad Boy. – The Bottom Line Successful Seduction Decision List. – How to Create Deep Connections With Women in 3 Minutes or Less. – The Ultimate Pickup Line Bible. – Kinesthetic Escalation. – Using Palmistry to Approach Women. – From Questions to Conversations to Sex. – The “Make Her Pursue You” Course workbook and Course Notes.