Love Systems – SuperConference VIII Download

Love Systems - SuperConference VIII

This ground-breaking course includes:

  • 10 Seminar DVDs – that cover everything you need to know about how to succeed with women – from the basics to the advanced. After viewing these seminars, meeting, attracting, and seducing gorgeous women will be as easy as 1-2-3.
  • 5 Infield Videos – we filmed real-life pickups with hidden cameras and mics so you can see for yourself the techniques in action – in REAL venues with NORMAL guys and REAL (HOT) women. I even provide commentary to break down concepts like body language, tonality, social dynamics and physical escalation to make sure you completely understand what’s going on!
  • 12+ Hours of Audio – we want you to improve with women as quickly as possible. Therefore, we included an audio version of every seminar so you can continue learning on the way work, on the train… heck even in the shower!
  • 2 Master Class Videos – watch and learn as our private clients receive one-on-one coaching by the top Love Systems instructors. You’ll learn from others’ mistakes and see for yourself the best way to make rapid improvements to your game!
  • 20+ Home Exercises – as they say, practice makes perfect. These simple, but effective exercises will make sure that the next time you approach a woman, you’re not a nervous wreck, but instead oozing with confidence that instantly create attraction.
  • Private Coaching – that’s right! We’re throwing in 1 FREE month of private one-on-one coaching with one of our Love Systems Dating instructors. You’ll get a taste of the same training that our instructors go through. This normally costs $2,500, but we’ve managed to open up a few slots and include them with the course!

– The triad model with Savoy – Discover the secrets of the 3 elements that will help you make up every seduction.
– Inner game with Braddock – Win a woman that you wanted by learning from the pickup artists and how they will help you.
– Attraction with Future – One secret thing to draw beautiful women to you.
– Quick Fixes with Keychain – 10 things you should do to turn your social and love life be more exciting.
– Identity with Cajun – Learn the techniques step by step to become the man you want to be.
– Fashion by Braddock – Find out the 7 parts about fashion and what are the mistakes you’re probably making.
– Lifestyle by Jeremy Soul – How to build your lifestyle so that women come to you.
– Frame control by Fader – understand this subtle phenomenon. Especially important if you’re gunning for the most beautiful of women
– Phone & Text Game by Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) – Learn the techniques to keep women engaged on you by using phone and texting.
– Dates by Keychain – Using the 3 part formula for fantastic dates.

– 12 DVDs of The Dating Essentials
– 5 Infield Videos
– 2 Master Class Videos
– 20+ Dedicated Exercises
– Webinar and Q & A on The Secrets of Attraction
– 10 MP3s of the Dating Essentials Talks