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You can have A LOT more in your relationships with women than you think!

Threesomes. Friends with Benefits. Multiple Relationships.
You can have what you want, you just have to know how!

Hi — Nick Savoy here,

I have a question for you: Are you getting everything you want out of your relationships with the women in your life?

If you’re like most guys, you’re probably not. Maybe you want to date more than one woman at a time. Maybe you want to fix some issues with your long-term partner. Or possibly you’re interested in threesomes, friends with benefits, want to know the telltale signs that a woman is about to cheat on you (and how to stop this before it starts), or one of any number of relationship management techniques we’ve discovered at Love Systems (there’s a full list further down this page).

If so, read on. You probably know me as a professional pickup artist, and it’s true that over the past 10 years I’ve dated some of the world’s most beautiful women. I’ve had everything from traditional boyfriend-girlfriend relationships to multiple relationships, friends with benefits, and everything in between. Even other pickup artists asked me for advice: What’s your secret?

Out of this came exclusive Relationship Management seminars. I used to teach these around the world, and even at $1,000 per person and a full money-back guarantee, it was fully sold out every time and I never had a refund request. You can read quotes and reviews of these seminars a little bit further down the page.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. I loved doing these seminars, but as Love Systems keeps growing and growing, I have less time to do everything I want to. I had to stop the seminars a couple years ago. But that didn’t really change anything — guys still wanted the information and the skills.

So I agreed – for the first time ever – to allow one final Relationship Management seminar to be recorded and brought to you live as an expanded, bulked-up, all-questions-answered Relationship Management DVD Home Study Course.

Before we did our final seminar, we did a worldwide “casting call” of relationship management questions to make sure that we hit all of the most crucial and difficult issues. Here’s just a sample of what we included in the Home Study Course:

•“How do I date more than one woman at once and have everyone be okay with it?” • J.T., Greensboro, NC

•“How do I get my girlfriend to be into threesomes?” • M.W., Provo, UT

•“I’ve been dating and hooking up with this girl and I really enjoy her company but I’m not looking for a relationship right now. How do I keep things at the Friends with Benefits level?” • H. E., San Clemente, CA

•“I’ve been using Love Systems to date and sleep with amazing women, but I found someone who could actually be long-term relationship material. I’m worried that if I tell her this, she’ll lose interest. How do you build a long-term relationship that keeps her attracted for the long-term and actually WORKS?• V. A., Plymouth, UK

•“I’ve been cheated on before and don’t want it to happen again. Do all women cheat? How do you tell if your girlfriend is cheating or going to cheat? Is there any way to ‘screen’ for more faithful women before you get into a relationship?” • S. T., Hong Kong, China

For a long time, people thought of Relationship Management as couples therapy, or nice-guy stuff for when you have a girlfriend, or something similarly touchy-feely.

At best, it was about “what do you do after you sleep with her?”

Well, none of these approaches work! And here’s why:

• Once you’ve slept with her, it’s usually too late to manage expectations.

• She’ll be looking for signals about your intentions toward her before you sleep with her. If you don’t consciously give her any, she’ll either misinterpret the subconscious signals you give off, or she’ll fall into wishful thinking.

• A man who knows what he wants and can express it confidently and appropriately is incredibly attractive to women. Good relationship management will help you to get the girl in the first place!

• If you wait too long, you’ll never find out if she’s a drama queen, a bit insane, or a cheater – until it actually happens. The best time to find out what a woman is really like – and what she’ll be like in a relationship – is the first time you meet her, when her guard is down.

Here’s more of what men like you asked for — and what we put in the Home Study Course

• How to set – relationship frames that get the girl – Women want men who know what they want and know how to express it confidently and appropriately. This applies to ANY relationship, from friends with benefits to long-term relationships and everything in between.

• Traditional Relationships – How to make her your girlfriend AND keep the relationship passionate and exciting. Don’t ever let her get bored! That’s when bad things happen, especially with beautiful women…

• Multiple Relationships – Date multiple women at once, without dishonesty. It’s MUCH easier than you think.

Friends with Benefits – Set expectations, get into AND maintain a Friends with Benefits situation.

• Threesomes These are also MUCH easier than you think! I even include the “magic phrase” that will make a woman comfortable with a threesome. And the key words to avoid. Also learn how to find out whether she’s going to be interested in threesomes in the first place – before you waste time on dates or anything else!

• Cheating – Face it, women cheat as much (or more) than men. But not all women cheat – and not in all situations. For the first time EVER, I give you the model that predicts if she’s going to cheat, and when. Even better I tell you how to figure out what kind of woman she is in the first hour of meeting her! Think how much time you’ll save by not dating the wrong kinds of women in the first place!

• Relationship Management also includes an entire hour of BONUS Q&A. These are the tough questions from my live Relationship Management seminars – from actual clients. They’re like your personal representatives on the DVD, making sure everything is completely clear and linked to live examples!

• “And so much more (keep reading for more details and actual video clips from the course!).”

These new principles of relationship management have been taking the world by storm and have definitely ruffled a few feathers. As The Globe and Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper, put it recently:

“After approximately a year of this type of conditioning [studying Love Systems], clients get amazingly good at seducing women… But later, they are looking to see what’s next.”
– Zosia Bielski, “When Players Turn Into Boyfriends”, October 9. . . . Now, rewarding girlfriends for good behaviour and sleuthing out whether they cheat are among the tips Mr. Savoy offers up in his new DVD set Relationship Management

Here’s another taste of some of the sections in your Relationship Management DVD Home Study Course — this information isn’t available anywhere else:

How to send the right cues – so you set the relationship up right. Right from the start!

• How to find a woman who wants threesomes.

Why Relationship Management is different from Pickup and why you need a complete paradigm shift in your thinking to successfully manage a relationship.

The THREE MAIN principles of relationships and why you can have A LOT more than you think you can.

• How to send the right subconscious signals and messages to a woman.

• How to be in a relationship and still see other people!

• How to “get away with” more than you think you can in a relationship with a woman.

• What you should never do AFTER sleeping with a woman.

• Why YOU need to set the tone of the relationship right away – and HOW to do it!

• How to figure out and define EXACTLY the type of woman you want.

• How to figure out what you want from a woman and in a relationship.

How to set the frame for the relationship at the best time so you get what you want and avoid misunderstandings.

• How to get clear on what you want in a relationship.

• The things that are NOT attractive to a woman before you sleep with her, but that ARE attractive after.

• The three biggest reasons you should never lie to a woman.

• How to have a threesome with your girlfriend without things getting “weird.”

• How to maintain a “friends with benefits” relationship the right way.

• How to keep a woman attracted to you once you’re in a relationship.

• Why you should set boundaries and limits with a woman – and how to do it .

• How to control the damage when you make a mistake.

• How to keep mishaps from becoming a “big deal.”

• How to handle it when a woman acts inappropriately.

The single most important thing you can do around her friends and family that guarantees she’ll think you’re great!

• The worst thing you can do when a woman comes to you with a problem.

• The very best way to end a fight with a woman.

• What you should never do when making plans with a woman you’re dating.

• How to let a woman know you’re seeing other women THE RIGHT WAY.

• How to keep seeing other women while the women you’re seeing ONLY want to see you.

• The one thing you must NEVER do if you want to maintain relationships with multiple women.

• How to deal with her “objections” about having a lower commitment relationship.

• The ONE most important key to dating more than one woman at the same time.

• How to deal with a woman’s emotional states in a relationship.

• The single most validating thing a woman can hear from her friends about YOU.

• The one mistake most guys make that will almost guarantee a woman will cheat later on in the relationship.

• How to have all the threesomes you want.

• The cutoff (number of dates) for how much you can see a woman without her seeing you as a boyfriend.

• How to set up a relationship where you see other women.

Learn how to get into “multiple relationships” or “medium commitment” relationships – and avoid the most common pitfalls that happen when trying to set up and manage them.

• Learn why having things “evolve naturally” is one of the most powerful things you can do with a woman.

• The best way to figure out “who’s it is” when more than one woman could have left a piece of jewelry or clothing behind at your house.

• How to sustain ANY relationship you’re in.

• How to keep a relationship from getting boring.

• How NOT to let relationship problems escalate.

• How to reward a woman the right way.

• How to keep a woman happy the right way.

• How to talk about a woman you’re dating to her friends.

• What to do when a woman comes to you with her problems.

• How the way you pursue a woman tells her what type of relationship you want with her.

• What it means when a woman says something is “too complicated.”

• How to communicate to a woman that you’re seeing other women without getting her upset.

• How to figure out if you’re the right kind of guy for multiple relationships.

• The six major types of relationships (from “friends with benefits” to “traditional relationships”) and how to get into – and manage – each.

How women think about dating and relationships – and how it’s different from men.

• How to find a great girlfriend who will be into threesomes.

• How to date multiple women without jealousy or dishonesty.

• How to break up without drama.

• How to make a relationship with “the one” work.

• How to make multiple relationships work in the long-term.

• How to tell within the first hour whether she’s the type of woman who will cheat and under what circumstances.

Why women cause drama in relationships and how to avoid it.

How to change something about the woman you’re dating – in a way that makes her WANT to do it!

• How to keep a relationship at the friends with benefits level, even if she wants more.

• What to do if you’re dating multiple women and they meet each other.

• Why virtually every guy actually pushes his girlfriend to cheat without even knowing it!

• How showing clear relationship management skills will actually get you more success with women in the first place.

• Crucial phrases that can instantly make a woman comfortable with threesomes, multiple relationships, or you seeing other women!

• Why women usually tell men that they want a committed relationship – and why this isn’t usually true.

And, there’s even a complete DVD full of bonus Q&A on gold diggers, marriage, dates that are most likely to lead to sex, what to do with female “players”, how to build an attractive lifestyle, conveying sexuality, and lots more!