Love Systems – Date! Review | Love Systems – Date! Download

Love Systems - Date! Review |Love Systems - Date! Download
Love Systems – Date! Review |Love Systems – Date! Download

Date! The Complete Home Study Course

Winging It On Dates?

Has this happened to you?

  • You’re dating a cute girl and don’t lay a finger on her thinking she’ll reward you for being respectful. After 5 dates, she says “let’s just be friends”
  • You clear your Saturday night for a hot date (and get a haircut and wash your car ) but 15-minutes before the date, she cancels via SMS because she’s “got a headache”
  • You’re about to break the world record for number of consecutive weeks without a date…just 2 more weeks!
  • You take a hot girl to the best restaurant in town. You spend $200. She gives you a hug at the end of the night and goes home
  • You’re REALLY EXCITED about maybe “getting lucky” on the next date

If any of these apply to you, you’re probably winging it on your dates – wasting time and money, getting frustrated and not succeeding with beautiful women.

Love Systems – Date! Become a Master of Dates

Now imagine that you knew exactly what to do on a date and were confident of it:

  • The dates you go on are always fun for both you and your girl and always get physical
  • You know what to do every step of the way without thinking and it always works out
  • Your friends are begging to get your advice on their dates and are in awe of the women you date
  • You’re completely confident that every date you go on helps you succeed with women – and isn’t something you need to get past
  • You date an abundance of beautiful women and it’s no big deal


Date! The Complete Home Study Course
…brought to you by Nick Hoss, Vercetti and Mr. M – 3 of the world’s top dating coaches.

Dating these days is tough – attractive women today are bombarded by guys asking them out, invitations to parties, Facebook updates and text messages. They won’t tolerate boredom on a date.

To stand out, you need to make dates fun, exciting and emotionally stimulating (not to mention physical!) and do it effortlessly. It’s overwhelming.

Enter Date! – a no holds-barred system that gives a man an unfair advantage for getting and succeeding on dates. For the first time, you’re getting step-by-step instructions to handle every required skill.

This is not a traditional nice-guy approach. Its starting assumption is that men will be men and success on a date involves getting physical and meeting your goals with women.

Your goal could be anything from having a fling to getting a friend-with-benefits to getting into a long-term relationship. We don’t tell you what you should want, but we give you the tools to get it!

Love Systems – Date! Date! Mastery – From Start to Finish

Date! teaches you everything you need to know from getting the date to planning it and even what to do in the bedroom. There are 5 parts to this course. See exclusive sample chapters, exercises, audio and video or read on!

Love Systems – Date! Part 1: The Fundamentals

The course starts out with the basics – how society teaches men limiting beliefs and the mindsets one should have to break free of the limitations and get ahead of the pack:

  • 3 Hollywood myths women like in their romantic comedies but in real life are probably holding you back (book 1, pg 5)
  • 3 common mistakes that men make on dates and how to avoid them (book 1, pg 8 )
  • 8 Dating Commandments that lead to mastery. Review this list before every date! (book 1, pg 10)
  • How to get comfortable with framing and use it to your advantage. This is a subtle but FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT – nobody succeeds without it! (book 2, pg 25)
  • Why emotional momentum is critical and how to keep it going (book 1, pg 27)
  • The “abundance” mentality – what it is, why it’s key to dating high-quality women and how to get it (book 1, pg 15)
  • Ways to avoid “Let’s Just Be Friends” and achieve a physical relationship of your choice (from fling to friends-with-benefits to long-term relationship) (book 1, pgs 4,6,29)

Love Systems – Date! Part 2: Setting up the Date

Next up, you’ll learn how to get a date in the first place – from meeting her to phone and texting, and how to ask her out confidently:

  • How to lead a conversation when you first meet a girl so that it’s natural for you to ask her on a date (book 3, pgs 13-15)
  • Make it non-awkward to get a girl’s number and prevent flaking (book 1, pgs 20-21)
  • The best days, times and locations to schedule a date – 90% of guys get this wrong! (book 1, pgs 25-26)
  • How to plan dates that make you stand out – I guarantee that you’ve never thought of most of these “secret” date ideas (book 1, pgs 30-31)
  • How to ask a girl out on an exciting date she’ll always agree to and that will also make you look good (book 1, pgs 21,23)

Love Systems – Date! Part 3: Preparing for the Date

Preparing a good date will stack the deck in your favor – especially if you’re new to this. We show you:

  • How to plan a date so it’s virtually guaranteed to end physically – without any sleaziness (book 2, pg 16)
  • Our secret “three location date” and how to use it to plan a great date ANYWHERE (book 2, pg 14-17,21)
  • 3 types of dates that will seamlessly unlock her feminine instincts and release her primal self – this is crucial for rapid physical escalation (book 2, pg 30)
  • Ways to inspire her senses and trigger her emotions (book 2, pg 21-23)
  • How you can use your friends, hobbies and even your job to build crazy levels of attraction (book 2, pg 31-37)
  • ADVANCED: Why you should flake on a date – there is a time and a place for it! (Hoss / Savoy Q & A)

Love Systems – Date! Part 4: Going on the Date

You’ve prepared an awesome date, asked her out and she’s accepted! Now it’s time to make sure the date leads to success. We show you:

  • 3 proven techniques to re-spark attraction at the beginning of the date (especially if you got physical the first time you met) (book 3, pgs 3-5)
  • 6 ways to build a powerful connection quickly with her (book 3, pgs 7-10)
  • How to use “pinging” to physically escalate smoothly and without awkwardness (book 3, pgs 16-19)
  • Learn how to recognize “shortcuts” when physical escalating – she’s asking you for more! (book 3, pg 17)
  • 7 non-awkward ways to go for the first kiss that will make it fun for you both (book 3, pg 18)
  • Why it’s important to a girl that “it just happened” and how to make it so that’s exactly what she tells her friends with a big smile on her face! (book 3, pg 22)
  • Grounding routines and other highly classified techniques to overcome roadblocks to intimacy (book 3, pg 24)

Love Systems – Date! vPart 5: Miscellaneous

Finally, we even included some specialized sections with advice that’s often overlooked but can be critical to your success on dates. These include:

  • FASHION: How to pick out clothing and accessories that show her who you are – an attractive man with a strong identity (book 2, pg 10; Audio #13)
  • How to prepare your place so it’s perfect for getting physical (without spending a lot or being cheesy) (book 2, pgs 11)
  • How to make your lifestyle intriguing to her – whether you’re a student, programmer, business man, artist, or something else (book 2, pg 11)
  • ADVANCED: How to adjust your game when dating “10s” vs. the girl next door

(Hoss / Savoy Q & A)

Love Systems – Date! Books, Exercises, Audio, Video…

Date! The Complete Home Student Course brings you hours and hours of targeted learning through a variety of media (see our sample page for previews). These will help you learn whether you’re better at reading books, working through exercises, or listening to expert interviews.

  • 3 books – with 100+ pages of text
  • 44 targeted student exercises – so you learn by doing and master the key concepts
  • 8+ hours of audio interviews – including 3 master instructors and insights from a Playboy Playmate
  • Infield audio / video of dating coaches Braddock and Darwin – so you can hear and see the vocal tone and body language of an attractive man

Love Systems – Date!…And An Interactive 9-week CLASS!

Like any other skill, getting good with women is best learned directly from a teacher. As such, we are offering a 9-week comprehensive course led by creator Nick Hoss (in October and November, 2012) that will guarantee a powerful transformation in your dating life. When you sign-up, you’ll get:

  • 4 two-hour webinars – every other week, Nick Hoss will drill-down on core concepts and answer your questions LIVE
  • “Homework” in-between classes – practice makes perfect. We’ll ask you to go on dates and you’ll get feedback
  • Interaction with other guys – trade notes with other guys facing the same problems through the classes and online forums. This is a chance to learn from each other and keep each other accountable
  • Daily e-mail support (optional) – need advice between classes? Send Nick Hoss an e-mail and he’ll get back to you within 24-hours (up to 3 e-mails per week)
  • 3 thirty-minute 1:1 phone consultations (optional) – guaranteed personal, interactive attention and assistance to help you figure out how to get reach your goals

We couldn’t be more excited about this amazing course and we’re offering it at a fraction of the cost of a regular 1:1 with Nick Hoss. This is bar none the best deal out there and the quickest way to get your dating life handled. Don’t miss out; sign up for Date! today and invest in your own happiness.