Life Tune-Up 3.1 Single Stage (5G – Type B) Download

Life Tune-Up 3.1 Single Stage (5G – Type B) Product Description
The Life Tune-Up Subliminal program was originally borne out of a desire to help people with a series of interconnected problems that repeatedly showed up together. It was my conclusion that if I created a single program designed to work on all of them at once, a person’s life might be significantly improved. The challenge was trying to deal with so many things at once, given what I (then) believed to be the limits of the subconscious to handle long scripts.

The result was Life Tune-Up. This is one of the single most popular, and important programs we offer. Version 1.0 worked on the following areas, all at once:

Self Esteem
Self Control
Self Image
Self Respect
Self Discipline
Positive Attitude
Positive Thinking
Sense of Self Worth
Happiness & Joy
Peace and Serenity

Life Tune-Up 3.1 Single Stage Version 2.0 includes all of these, and adds the following also:

Overcoming procrastination
Overcoming anxiety
Self reliance
Liking yourself
Loving yourself
Being a good person
Feeling good about yourself
Winner’s mindset & attitude
Doing the right thing
Taking care of yourself
Success programming
Accepting responsibility for yourself
Ego balancing
Being fun and fun to be around
Enjoying socializing with others, and doing so more easily
Enjoying life
Version 3 transitions the program from 3rd Gen to 5th Gen, allowing it to be offered in a single stage format without losing any power or effectiveness over it’s previous six stage format. New in Version 3:

Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear
Improve your health
Wisdom improvement
Maturity improvement
Self validation
Self forgiveness
Taken together, these focus points produce a stunning positive effect in a person’s life. The end results of this program are often quite amazing.

Technologies used in building this program include:

HyperSpeed (HST)
Self Optimizing Scripting (SOS)
The Naturalizer
The Optimus Engine V 2.0
Additional Instructions:

Aside from the instructions given for general 5G products, use this program for eight to twenty-one hours a day every day while you are sleeping or awake for 3 to 6 months, depending on how long it takes you to achieve the desired results. 6 months is recommended.