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Despite What People Tell You, the Choice is Yours

“Never will I preach that this is the one and only way that a man should live his life. In fact, I believe that a man’s life as a player has a finite shelf life. I already feel flashes of desire to settle down, and I know my older players friends (mid 30s) are definitely feeling these urges to. What you desire long-term is completely up to you and I hope every man finds exactly what he’s searching for.”

What is important is that you now have the choice.

I do believe that all men should have the choice to live their life the way they desire, and frankly, society does a shitty job of making it seem to men that they actually have a choice. Instead, we’re pressured to get married, work a soul-sucking job, make babies…ultimately, men programmed to a pre-conditioned path in life. Neither men nor women are happy with the results, as the rising divorce rates clearly show.

So give yourself the choice to make an incredible transformation, at least.

You owe it to yourself.

Just because someone says there is a certain way your life should look doesn’t mean that you have to abide by it. Dates lots of beautiful girls. Break some hearts, and have your heart broken. Trust me, both will happen at one point or another.

Having a king’s harem will allow you to see women for what they are – and accept it.

This is not a bad thing.

Some people that I hate women in some capacity – which couldn’t be farthest from the truth. I love women. I simply expect women to be…women. This means I do not hold them to the same standards as I do men. Expecting women to have your work ethic, fitness routine, and money-making drive will only set you up for disappointment.

But dating multiple women at the same time, actively maintaining a harem, and bonding with women will give you a new appreciation on life.

You learn that women are a great compliment to a great life…but if you put your entire happiness and dependency on them, you are bound to get burned and be unhappy in some capacity of another. But don’t take it from me.

Think back to your past relationships and ask yourself if you were truly happy in them.

Managing a harem, and picking the best one, if you so choose, proves to yourself that you picked one of the best. There is a proud self of sense in the man who has a beautiful girl at his arm. We as men shoulder a burden to always be the best, and it’s one that women will never be able to understand. While an 18 year old cute girl has her choice of men, and could theoretically live the rest of her life in luxury if she played her cards right…an 18 year old man has nothing.

He has no money, no experience, and may not even have a car. Meanwhile, the 18 year old cutie has no shortage of older men offering to buy her a car.

I’m telling you this not because I want to whine that women have life easier, but because you need to see the world for what it is. Because, guess what? Women are going to dissuade you ever step on your way to building your harem. If they’re dating you and pressuring you to commitment to them, then it’ll be your mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, and female friends all telling you what you’re doing is wrong. That giving yourself the tools to be successful with women and have your pick of the best is somehow inherently wrong.

They will call you a misogynist pig, an asshole, and tell you to pick one and stop the games.

Screw ’em.


I compared the 18 year old boy versus the 18 year old girl to prove to you that women are simply not going to relate to your struggles in life.

They will not be able to comprehend why you need to date multiple women at the same time, why having a harem is almost a necessity in today’s world in order to not end up with a lifelong partner who is a cunt at worst and a bitch at best.

That’s the card we’ve been given as modern men. Trust me, I have sympathy for you. I want to help men make good decisions with women, no matter what that decision is. I firmly believe that one of the best ways to gain experiences and to make an educated decision on your life path is to have a harem of girls. It is not just about the sex, notches, or adventure. It is about learning invaluable life lessons that will serve you for many years regardless of what you decide.

So if you want to get married down the road, awesome. Having a harem will teach you the true nature of women, how to manage a relationship, and how to deal with jealousy.

If you want to play the field for the rest of your life, that’s awesome too – but be wary of burnout.

Live life on your terms, no matter what.




  1. Whether you want to play the field or find a relationship, you can make the best choice for you.
  2. You will learn how to have all the benefits of a girlfriend, but still sleep with other women (and have her be okay with it)
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see that you have your hand up. What man hasn’t wanted to have multiple beautiful, intelligent, and feminine women in his life?

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