Krauser – Beginners daygame PDF Download

  1. Time moves fast in the world of daygame. It seems like only yesterday guys were making their first fumbling attempts at chatting up girls on the street, in coffee shops, in bookstores. They didn’t know what they were doing, but – bless their horny seducer’s hearts – they went out anyway and gave it a try. Before long they’d figured out a system – a “blueprint” – for meeting and attracting girls in the daytime.It seemed like they’d acheived the impossible – a reproducable system for the average man to get the girl(s) of his dreams. The secret underground world of Pick Up Artists was taken by storm – “Daygame” had arrived!The only problem is, that system was pretty raw. It was unfocused. It was like the apocraphyl story of the four blind men touching different parts of the elephant and getting completely different mental images of how the elephant looks. These guys had hit upon something incredible, but still didnt’ really know what it was they were doing2. Now every man and his dog is doing “daygame”. And the sad truth is 99% of the guys clogging up YouTube have no idea what they are doing. It’s all gone backwards. To the newcomer, daygame is now a spectacle. It’s little different to those pranksters entertaining subscribers to monetise the advertising revenue.Most of the “daygame” you’re watching has nothing to do with picking up women and seducing them. It’s just a carnival to entertain a crowd.

    3. Luckily, while most of the Daygame world descended into a carnival of pranksters trying to out-do each other for YouTube clicks (or worse, disappeared up their own arseholes with happy-clappy spiritualism)….. luckily…. there remained a small cadre of hardcore dedicated daygamers who were actually fucking lots of hot women.

    It’s a tiny group of men, maybe less than a hundred worldwide, but they ignored the carnival and went about their work with cunning, craft and precision. Real daygame had gone back underground. And like a James Bond supervillain crafting a plan for world domination, these hardcore daygamers were refining their art and developing a fearsome Weapon Of Mass Seduction.

    4. The world’s top two daygamers – the original “mad geniuses” behind the new London Daygame Model – have been toiling away for over a year with one goal in mind: create the simplest and yet most effective teaching guide to picking up girls in the daytime.

    It has taken a year of draft, redraft and yet more redrafting to get it ready. All the fat has been stripped off. Complex concepts have been simplified to their essence. Tom Torero and Nick Krauser have used all of their experience teaching students – watching them infield, trying different teaching methods – to present the material in the most easily-digestible form possible. It’s so straightforward now it’s like you are downloading the skillset directly into your brain.

    A combined one-two punch of a free video and a budget-priced book. Don’t let the outrageously low price fool you. This material is hands-down the best on the market. No corners have been cut. No effort has been spared.

    If you doubt that, just watch the video again. It’s free on YouTube. Go on, have a look right now if you’re wavering….…. bloody awesome wasn’t it! So much seduction gold packed into one simple presentation.

    So complete your portfolio with the Beginners Daygame book and then you have everything you need to hit the ground running. Order it now by clicking this link. That’s 120 pages of distilled hardcore knowledge.

    I know what you’re thinking – “If this is so good, why on earth are they virtually giving it away? There must be a catch” Well, yes and no. We’re not insane. There’s a reason we are offering so much value so cheaply:

    We firmly believe that once you try our system, you’ll never switch to another.

    It’s simply that good. There are many daygame pretenders out there who get more YouTube clicks than us, have snazzier marketing campaigns, and larger mailing lists. We were never part of the Carnival.

    We don’t want to be part of the Carnival. We have one goal in mind when we unleash our Weapon Of Mass Seduction on the world – cream off the guys who really want to get laid. The guys who just want to be entertained will watch our free instructional video, shrug their shoulders, and wonder why we aren’t wearing Spiderman costumes or riding a unicycle. They are oblivious, lazy fools.

    However, for every ten mindless buffoons using YouTube on their office lunchbreak, there will be one guy we want to reach out to. A guy who wants to get laid and is willing to put the time and effort into it. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want to be a spectator in life. He doesn’t want to cheerlead other guys banging hotties – he wants to be the guy banging the hotties.

    That guy is like a hunting dog waiting to catch the scent. Right now he doesn’t know which direction to go, where to first pick up the scent. But once he does, he’ll shoot off like a bullet from a gun. Tenacious, enthusiastic and horny this guy will succeed. He just needs to be pointed in the right direction.

    If that guy sounds like you, welcome to our world. Turn your back on the silly Carnival and enter the real seducer’s lair. Welcome to Tom Torero and Nick Krauser’s Beginner Daygame. We’re really pleased we found you.