Kit Laughlin – Master Flexibilty Series Download

  1. Front Splits: Four Prep. Exercises, demoed by Liv, 17 minutes

  2. Beginner’s Spinal Movement Follow-along Class, 17 minutes, presented by Olivia

  3. Dave’s feet, legs, hips, and whole spine mobility follow-along class, 58 minutes duration

  4. Liv’s Pike Prep Follow-along Class,shot live on location, Black & White, 64 minutes duration. Solo exercises only.

  5. Liv’s Follow-along Pancake Class (52′; all solo exercises)

  6. Master the Pike series

  7. Master the Full Back Bend, and Arch Body Hold

  8. Master Shoulder Flexibility

  9. Stretching and limbering exercises: Master the pancake

  10. Stretching & Strengthening exercises: Liv BodyLine Friday Circuit (you need a bar or rings for this program)

  11. Stretching Exercises: Master the squat, and hip mobility

  12. Limbering and stretching exercises: Join Liv for her famous BodyLine circuit (40 minutes

    1. Stretching Exercises: Liv presents a new mobility sequence, duration 28 minutes

    2. Stretching exercises: The Overcome neck & back pain DVD Update (82 minutes, on-screen cues, full audio)

    3. Stretching and Limbering exercises: Liv full class, 46 mins duration, follow-along

    4. The Stretching & Flexibility DVD Update (87 minutes, on-screen cues, full audio)

    5. Kit’s “Rolling around on the floor” class (the “Unnumbered Lesson” from S&F; 70 mins. duration

    6. Olivia presents a follow-along mobility class, 37 minutes, whole body

    7. How to Sit for Meditation, follow-along, 60 minutes