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Kenny Pua – From Streets To Sheets PDF Download 

27 pages of pure gold!

It’s no secret already that I’m no fan of drawn-out material, such as e-books which contain 300 + pages of page-filling garbage, while only 20% of the material might hold applicable information.

Hence, this 27 page learning guide, is filled with raw material, no fluff, no fillers and no beating around the bush.

Taking Women From The Streets To The Bed!

I must make this clear right away by ensuring you guys that this is NOT an instant-date guide, nor a 1-night stand how-to.

However, it is a detailed and well crafted piece of document which involves the courtship process of meeting women while out and about, and eventually taking them to bed [the sheets] over the duration of a week…or less.

Therefore, it is by all means, a guide on How To Get SEX Fast!

It really breaks down into 3 compartmentalized structures:

   1.) How to meet and pick up women on the streets,

   2.) How to establish a meet-up (so-called date)

   3.) How to work the logistics towards sex…through the right set of logistics.

Those 3 bullet-points are pretty much the core of this guide.

What comes between those 3 pointers, is obviously small and minute things which guys like yourself fumble…such as texting, calling, setting up the so-called date, approaching girls on the streets, what to say, etc.

I also outline some easy-to-use templates which you can simply adjust and tweak to your specification.

You might be asking: “Is this a Day-Game guide”?

Not exactly!

However, it essentially can be used as 1, though you can also use the guide as a How-To In Meeting Women Throughout The Course Of The Day [night or daylight hours].

The hidden beauty of this product, is that everything is simplified and straight to the point!

Kenny Pua – Become A Pickup Artist PDF Download

How To Become A Pickup Artist From Scratch (The Newbie Guide)

Most of us who stumble upon the seduction/PUA community by chance, are often times overwhelmed with info which leaves us puzzled as to where to begin on this journey of pussy-banging and lifestyle change.

When I first started out in the community, just as many others, I was puzzled also as to where to begin- and how to begin.

As a coach now, I have years worth of experience to put 1 and 2 together, and to sort out the logical steps with a sense of order for those who will have stumbled upon the community but unable to start from scratch.

Kenny Pua – Facebook Bang PDF Download

“How to pick up girls on Facebook”?

Arguably the most-asked question in the dating and pick-up world, yet the least understood.

There are few prerequisite guidelines when seducing women over Facebook.

*Mutual friends

*Friend requests

*Profile tweaks

*Text-game strategies


Those are just some of the staples of how to execute Facebook game to success.

Most guys fumble this by approaching women on Facebook as if it’s a dating site.

Facebook is NOT for dating and hooking!

With that being the case, the dynamics get much trickier and your approach must be stealthy.

Some of what You Will Learn In this guide:

*When and how to friend request

*Why and why to send a message along with the request

*How to structure your messages

*Why you shouldn’t over-text

*How, why and when to go for the phone number

*How to text in order to build attraction

You will also learn why and how to avoid common pitfalls when trying to chat up and bed girls from Facebook.

This is actually a delicate art…and I stress “Delicate”.

As for track-record of success to failure rate, I can say that my successes far surpass any other.

What makes my approach so radically different is that I’m essentially cold seducing random chicks over Facebook opposed to girls whom I already know.

This is the hardest form of approach ever! And I’ve yet to hear of another guy who can successfully pull this off…even on a semi-consistent basis.

Kenny Pua – Get Laid From POF [Plenty of Fish] PDF Download

“Get Laid From POF: Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method [Second Edition]”

A while back, I had a buddy ask me in raw fashion: “What is your single best-kept secret to sleeping with all those girls from POF”?

Haven’t ever been asked such a pertinent question, I had to dig deep to provide the magic answer which would rationalize my best-kept secret as to how and why I manage to get so much poon from Plenty of Fish.

“Well…what is it Kenny”?

My greatest and best-kept secret to pulling 3 new hotties per week from POF is: 

Paying Attention To Subtle Details Within The Girl’s Profile

“HUH!? It can’t be that simple”!?

It actually is buddy!

Truth is: there are subtle indications and tell-tale signs which give away the girls who are only looking to get laid with no strings attached!

Due to social constraints, a woman, whether on POF, Facebook or the nightclub, will NOT, and CANNOT directly state her purpose and intent as to why she is where she is [i.e. browsing online-dating sites].

She has to cloak her sexual aims within a facade of sexual piety, humility and prudism.

It is your job as the man, to weed her the hell out!

This is where Kenny comes to your rescue with his brand-new updated POF method product [in .PDF format], which is essentially your wingman to getting hot girls off of cyberspace and into your bed!

If this sounds like the usual pie-in-the-sky marketing bs: then you really haven’t been following my pick-up method!

I am not here to blow my own horn, but allow me to cite 3-raw pieces of information from the period where I was most actively seducing women on Plenty Of Fish.

   ♦ I was sleeping with 3 new girls per week. So much so that 2009 was a record-shattering year, where I’d slept with so many women, that I deemed myself sexually maxed-out and just couldn’t keep up with such a treacherous pace of shagging.

♦ I was collecting and exchanging upwards of 15 phone numbers on a weekly basis. So much so that I literally had to ditch my SIM card and change my phone number because of the influx of phone calls I was steadily getting [sleepless nights to say the least].

♦ I had only been active on POF for 2 weeks, before hooking up with 4 new girls. Additionally, I had never experienced a dry spell where I didn’t manage to pick up a few new girls per week.

Now, how does this information relates to you?

How does Kenny’s POF prowess address and solve your girl problems by getting girls off of POF and into the sack with you?

Firstly, since I was able to have those killer results on a consistent basis, why the hell shouldn’t you!?

Why you aren’t currently having such results, is partially due to your utilization of the WRONG approach. Not your looks, not your body type, not your height, not your receding hairline– but the wrong approach overall!

Additionally, your profile likely needs tweaking.

Your profile’s “about me” section [including the photos you decide to use], is likely killing your chances of easy sex by turning women off…unbeknownst to you.

I repeat: the “about me” section alone will kill you!

My method addresses the super-simple alterations and tweaks you can make within 5 seconds through the edit button.

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time

Ok, ‘TIME’ is of the essence, and I empathize with each one of my subscribers and their issue with time implementation [since I’ve been there]:

“How long will it take before I begin to see real results…meaning women on dates and in my bed”?

I don’t believe in quick-fix methods at all, because 99.9% of them are scammy!

However, my POF Dating Method is a true Quick Fix!

How and why so?

For starters, this manual is NOT LENGTHY, in comparison to the usual fluff and bluff guide which is designed to sap your money without the honey to show for it!

This product [the 2nd edition] is only 40 pages long [I should really say “short”].

In the interest of ‘Time’, and in all fairness, I refuse to subject any guy to a tedious and cumbersome approach of having to divest ‘Time’ and energy into getting laid from Plenty of Fish.

You are looking to get laid fast and NOT to waste time trying to piece together 100 complex concepts within a 300 page e-book filled with huff and puff.

The Socialkenny POF Dating Method [“Get Laid From POF…2nd Edition”], contains 40 pages of hard-hitting strategic tips which even a newborn can execute…with blinders on. 😉 😉

I repeat [and specify]: just 40 pages of straight-to-the-point tips and simple tweaks and alterations to apply to your profile in order to set it up for easy sex.

That is the goal: to get you laid on POF!

Hence, ‘Time’ isn’t there to be wasted burning the midnight oil over a lengthy guide (which this is NOT).

Some additional pointers within the guide:

♦How mass-texting and copy-paste will kill your chances

♦Why you shouldn’t mass-text

♦The DTF signs to look for…hidden within her profile

♦How to spot the girls who just want to hook up

♦When to get her phone number…and why

♦How your “ideal 1st date” section can make or break you

♦What to NOT include in your profile

♦How to get any girl to reply to your message

♦How to get her to your place with ease

♦Why you should suggest she come to your place instead of a traditional date

♦Tea, coffee, juice and film are your allies

Furthermore, you’re unable to spot the girls who just want to hook up, while wasting valuable time on the girls who are merely there just to be spectators…and to stalk their boyfriends.

As your proverbial wingman via “Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method”, I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

Kenny Pua – How To Bang Foreign Girls PDF Download

“How To Bang Foreign Girls” (Revised Edition)

Are you the type of guy who’s super attracted to exotic girls; perhaps the hot-Russian model or the black-Brazilian samba-dancer?

However, you’re just too scared to make a move on her: lack of Game, approach anxiety or the warped idea that she’s just too hot for you.

If so, then you’ve fount the ideal e-book that will psyche you out of that subordinate mentality.

“How To Bang Foreign Girls”

“Your guide to easy sex with strange women”

This isn’t just another seduction product with 250 + pages of useless information and clutter!

In fact,“How To Bang Foreign Girls”only contains 20 pages (officially) of practical and applicable information.

Most tutorials which contain upwards of 250 pages, should be looked at with an eye of skepticism (as just a marketing tool to get you to purchase).

Tired of complex diagrams and perplexing charts confusing the crap out of you when you just want to learn how to bang hot girls…preferably from outside of your town?

The content of this e-book can be read, understood and applied within 1 friggin’ day!!

My e-book stresses “Quick Results”!!!
And that’s what you’ll be getting once you apply the simple steps in this concise guide on seducing exotic, foreign women, or just girls who are visiting your town.

What You Will Learn In This E-Book:

*How to spot girls who are DTF.

*How to seduce tourists.

*Why picking up girls from out of town (in your town) is the fastest way to easy sex.

*The mindset of girls from outside of your town.

*Seducing cougars and hot MILF’s for easy sex.

*Why you shouldn’t #-close girls who are from other towns.

*How to spot girls who are just out to have fun with no strings attached…

What You Will “NOT” Learn In This E-Book:

*You will absolutely NOT learn how to take it slow with women from reading this guide.

*Looking a guide on how to get a stunning girlfriend? Well this is not for you!

*Hoping to get quick # closes or #-closes in general? This is definitely not for you!

*If your idea of romance is taking her out the an exquisite restaurant to woo her with lavish-exotic dishes…then don’t bother downloading this guide.

This e-book is strictly a tutorial on how to get fast, easy sex from the easiest girls on the planet: tourists, girls visiting your area (for whatever reason), and girls who love to travel and venture from town to town, city to city, country to country…!!!

It’s not a prerequisite to know advanced pick-up techniques in order to use this guide (it certainly will help).

The only skills required is the ability to talk to women…which entails the movement of your tongue [very simple huh].

How To Use This Tutorial Properly It’s quite elementary (as it should be):

*Take notice of the hot-foreign girl you’d like to seduce (I show you in the book how to spot foreign girls or girls who are unfamiliar with your town).

*Keep a mental note of the areas or surrounding spots near you which are frequented by strangers (railway, seaports, airports, restaurants, McDonald’s, library, historic sites, museums, etc. ; then target this area (as with day-game sarging) to apply the concepts of this book.

*Once you’ve targeted the right areas and the right girls, it becomes super simplistic to put to action the core concepts I lay out.

Can I pick up non tourists and your average-local girls with this book?

Although it’s tailored for a specific demographic of girls (the traveler, nomad, out-of-towner), you can definitely use the guide to pickup and bang your local Jane.

The core concepts of pickup and seduction: approach, open, close are still super relevant.

There’s absolutely no better guide out there when it comes to targeting, seducing and laying strangers with the least amount of headache.

Ready to challenge yourself to give these types of women what they want (quick, easy sex)?

Kenny Pua – 47 Covert Texts To Make Her Wett PDF Download

“47 Covert Texts To Make Her Wett”

“Covert” is the operative word here…and also wherein lies the magic.

Texting is an art…well at least it should be.

Too many men fuck this art up out of ignorance more than anything else.

The greatest weapon in your arsenal when trying to hook up with girls through text, will have been your ability to get a girl thinking sex without explicitly causing this in any way that is super obvious.

This is where the art of “Sexual Undertones and Sexual Insinuations” comes to the forefront.

This product is exactly about those 2 arts: Undertones and Insinuations.

“Vagueness” is also a huge part of what I will show you guys via text.

“Vagueness” ties into Insinuations.

A vague statement can also be misinterpreted for something else.

That is the point of this document. To teach you guys about the power of sending vague texts in order to get a girl’s mind on sex…preferably with you.

On a more complex level, this is all rooted in the science of NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming].

You’re essentially leading (or misleading) a girl’s mind towards something [sex].

The object is to get her thinking sex!

I also want to point out to you the magic of typos, errors and misspellings within your text messages.

Guys are under the impression that they must construct their messages without any spelling errors whatsoever in order to impress the girl via their intelligence.


This is all fine and dandy. But when trying to turn a girl on (without her knowing), intelligence should be the last thing on your mind.

You’ll see how errors in your texts can have a huge effect on the girl…in the right way.

You’ll also see how I structure my texts in a way which communicates to the recipient [the girl] that I’d inadvertently made some innocent typos and errors my texts.

Remember you can also apologize and walk back a sexualized comment if taken the wrong way by the girl.

That is a plus!

Also, notice that I’m not asking any question but rather making statements and volunteering info. Doing so will take the pressure off of her by not expecting to force a reply with a question

With the “47 Covert Texts To Make Her Wett” You don’t have to use them verbatim with the girls you would’ve texted.

They are only templates and examples just to give you a pertinent idea of what you should look to communicate.

However, I do utilize almost all of the 47 texts in order to get a girl thinking sex.

With you on the other hand, there will have been particular tweaks and stuff to suit your situation. So regard the 47 texts as mere templates you can play around with to tweak to your specific situation and the girl.

After you will have gone through the 47 template texts in the training-kit, you will see how easy it is to structure your future messages in a way to get the girl turned on without her knowledge.

Kenny Pua – How To Pick Up American Girls [a foreigner’s training-kit


Why aren’t you shagging any American girl…right now!?

C’mon, lemme hear the excuses roll on in.

 “They’re too bitchy”!

“Too difficult”!

“Too cold”!

“Have too much social status for a guy like me”!

“I’m foreign! American women don’t do foreign men”!

Your silly-lame shit excuses are just that: EXCUSES!

As someone who isn’t American, however lived there his entire life, and has slept with countless scores of American women of all ages, sizes, races, ethnicities, creeds and whatever else have you: I put together this detailed guide on how to exactly replicate the successes I often have in “Picking Up American Girls”.

Sounds interesting?

I bet!

Living overseas [outside of the USA] for the past few years, 99.9% of my students in the art of seduction, have been men just like yourself who haven’t had any, nor the best of luck in seducing American women.

Of those who were fortunate enough to meet an American chick through mutual friends; it rarely ever goes anywhere…unless you consider hi & byes a goal scored for yourself [I doubt it].

Now, the reality is- on an intrinsic level- all women are the same!

American girls aren’t different than any other westernized girls when it comes to what attracts them, what they respond to in a man and how to build a romantic connection with them.

Your inability to regularly pick up American women, is self-inflicted!

In other words: you are the cause of your failure and inability to replicate the few successes that you might have had.

A huge component at play as to why non-American men fail to pick up and bed American women, is the accent factor.

What if I were to tell you that your accent is the biggest asset you have in the game of picking up and dating American women?

“Kenny, you are lying right”?!!!

Nah- seriously bro!

American women, on a subconscious level, go bonkers for men who speak English with a foreign accent…which is you…perhaps.

Growing up in New York City, I talked with an accent which I brought along with me from the Caribbean islands where I was born.

My entire juvenile-adolescence years were marred with ridicule, scolding and shaming from American boys and girls alike, who would make fun of the way I talked, with a peculiar pronunciation of my English words which were unfamiliar to their ears.

As I grew older and embarked on my journey into the underground Pick-Up Artist [PUA] community, I began to learn from 1st-hand experience, how powerful retaining an accent would prove in attracting American women!

“Holy Shit!

What an epiphany!

You mean my accent was in fact a tool of attraction”? 😯 😯

As I said to myself in retrospect.

“Yes it was”!

It is your biggest tool in the toolbox to attracting, meeting, seducing and sleeping with American girls!

On the surface, you may never see this because you’re operating from a position of lower value, due to the fact that you’re unable to connect with these girls as a born American male is at liberty to do since he doesn’t have a language barrier to climb.

Hence, you crawl into that little-protective shell of yours and make all the excuses in the world to not meet women!

Some years ago, I had a British friend whom I’d met in the islands at a bar and grill joint by sheer chance, while trying to pick up a group of American girls whom he was interested in also.

Now, this Brit had the will. But he lacked the confidence, and he was visibly unsure of himself, and preoccupied with thoughts of how he would be perceived with his British accent by these American tourist girl.

After pulling these girls back to my hotel while literally forcing the British guy to join me, he was able to get laid that very night after I shared this tidbit of advice with him:

“Your accent is a fucking winner! Project your voice and don’t be ashamed to open up to these girls. American women LOVE foreign men”!

With those stern and encouraging words, I was able to transform this loser overnight into a chick-magnet who was eating American girls for breakfast! 😉 😉 😈

All I encouraged him to do, was to realize his innate strengths when it comes to attracting American women.

You, just as the British bloke, are having this same mini-crisis, which stems from your uncertainty and not being sure of yourself or how you’ll be perceived because of your foreignness as a non-American.

Then there was the Spanish guy: a Latino from the Dominican Republic [whom I met at a house party], who later became another pupil of mines after he had major issues with connecting with American girls…let alone take any to bed.

His issues were similar to the Brit’s: he felt insecure and unsure of himself because of his poor English and distinguished accent.

He too, like most guys in his shoes who get around American girls, was in the blind as to the following secret that I shared with him over 5 years ago:

“American girls are 10 times as open to sleeping with you [a foreigner] than they are with an American guy”.

Within the next 2 weeks, he took 5 American girls to bed. 😉

His new-found success had absolutely nothing to do with looks, money or any of the widely-acceptable myths out there as to why women date men.

In fact, as you can see from the photo of us: he’s very short [5’2] in stature while I tower over him at 6’2.

However, his shortcomings in the height department didn’t hinder him once he got under my tutelage.

Fast forward to 2015, he’s now married to a hot American chick after getting enough out of the player lifestyle in which I was his seedy mentor. 😉

This e-book product should absolutely be tucked away in your proverbial travel-kit [in this case- your smartphone and e-book readers].

It’s a ‘Must Have’ for any guy who’s traveling to the USA [perhaps in the near future for a visit], or for the guy who’s already living in the USA but feels like a fish out of water in the dating market.

The reality is, most men are with the girl whom they’re with today- not by choice- but by settling for what they could get at that time.

No guy should be settling for a woman who doesn’t bring spark to his life.

With having choice in learning simple tips of how to pick up women in general; you get the girl you want! Not the girl whom was selected for you by peers, family, coworkers and the like.

My method for picking up hot American girls, is unmatched anywhere else on the globe!

As a non-American, I had to navigate on my own since there was no one teaching How to get with the American girls whom I was passing regularly on the streets, but didn’t have the know-how nor the will to make something happen for myself.

Over time, I crafted the skills which enabled me to seduce American girls of all races, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds…proving that race meant shit!