Justin Wayne – Taboo Infields

Justin Wayne – Taboo Infields Download

What the Heck Is “Taboo Infields” And What’s Included?

  • First Of All, It’s A Set Of Groundbreaking, Practical Strategies No One In Community Knows It Exists.
  • Best Part…This Stuff Can Be Used in ANY type of Pick-Up. Day Time, Night Time… You Name It.
  • This is where I honed my chops, I have become a serial fucker of models, and have helped HUNDREDS of clients go from virgins to studs.
  • None of this is “the same ol’ wine in a new bottle.” Whatever you’ve gotten in seminars past, whatever you’ve read regurgitated in a zillion books, whatever you think you know WILL bechallenged.
  • You’ll discover a different, better, saner, more productive path to pick-up, regardless of the city and country you live in.
  • Think about it, having your “slam-dunk” models come to YOU…without having to chase them with a humiliating random cold approach!
  • Plus: these strategies are presented and explained in 10 complete lessons from start to finish. So you can refer to them again and again.
    In Taboo Infields you learn:

  • A Complete 70 Minute Course On Picking-Up A Hot Model At Night. At First She Seems Not Into Him At All But Simple Techqniues Break Her Down After A Few Short Minutes (Full Infield Included)
  • 2 Full Videos Of Desert First Method (Fastest Way You Can Get Sex)
  • Social Media Pick-Up Example (Must Watch)
  • Step by Step Demo Of Picking-Up Women Who Are NOT Into You
  • Instant Pull (From Street To Bedroom)
  • Incredibel Footage Of Picking-Up A Hot Babe Who Says No 15 Fucking Times, Then Sucks Justin’s Dick Like It’s A Lollipop! Simple Persuasion Skills You Can Easily Learn To NEVER Get Rejected Again!




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