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Fact:  Recent studies show that nine out of ten men quit online dating within three months

Fact:  More than 99% of men who download The REAL Online Game have found complete success…

  Featured on Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, YahooTV, CNBC, AskMen.Com, and hundreds more of the biggest media outlets in the world, this guide is your solution to meeting women online quicker, faster, and more effectively than ever, no matter who you are or what you look like.

Before learning why this e-book has changed the lives of men all over the world for more than half a decade, ask yourself the following questions…

  • Are you struggling with online dating?
  • Is online dating nowhere near as easy as you thought it would be?
  • Are women not responding to your emails no matter what you write?
  • Are the women that do respond nowhere near the quality you had hoped for when signing up?
  • Do the best looking women only seem to go after the best looking men?
  • Are phone numbers rare?  Dates rarer?  And physical contact practically non-existent?
  • After weeks of sending emails to the type of women you really want, do you find yourself lowering your standards week by week, eventually settling for anyone that will respond?
  • Do you want to quit online dating, but feel trapped because your daily life no longer has many opportunities to meet women?

My name is Joshua Pompey, and since 2009, I am widely considered the best online dater in the world.  But life wasn’t always this way.

Growing up I was never above average in looks.  I was socially awkward for the majority of my life.  I have a nose and ears that are too big for my face.  And for most of my adult life, I was afraid to even speak around women.

After years of not meeting anyone in “real life” and becoming incredibly lonely, I decided to give online dating a try.  At least I’ll meet somebody I thought.  Boy was I in for a surprise.

Months went by.  Zero responses.  Zero numbers.  Zero dates.  I wasn’t just failing.  I was paying to be ignored.  All online dating left me with was an empty wallet and the worst depression of my entire life.  To say I hit rock bottom and suffered emotionally would be the understatement of the century. My feelings of self-worth went to less than zero.

Well eventually I snapped out of my depression (and feeling sorry for myself) and made a conscious decision to no longer let life pass me by.  I was tired of being lonely.  Tired of failure.  Tired of watching other guys walk arm and arm with beautiful women.  You only live once and I decided I was determined to live the type of life with beautiful women that all the best looking and wealthiest men seemed to achieve so easily.  I still wasn’t the type of guy to pick up women at bars and clubs, but I was going to learn to master online dating if it killed me.

To make a long, long story short, after countless hours (and sleepless nights) of scientific research, reading everything I could get my hands on, studying men who were naturals with women, talking to hundreds of single men and women, trial and error, and real world experience, I eventually learned to completely master the art of online dating and all its little nuisances.

Fast forward to the present and I’ve been featured and seen in front of more than 10 million people for my successful approach to online dating.  But what makes me so equipped to help you?  Nobody could possibly understand the struggles that men go through online more than me, and I am determined to help every man alive never experience the emotional pain and rock bottom that online dating once made me feel.   My advice is specifically designed for the millions of men who weren’t born wealthy or with perfect looks. We are the real online daters of the world, and this guide is our solution.

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, do not worry. You are far from alone.  Millions of men all over the world are experiencing almost all of the above problems every single day. The good news is, I have been helping men to succeed with online dating at a success rate of over 99 percent since 2009 through the teachings of The REAL Online Game. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you are from.

This guide is guaranteed to change your life or you will receive a full refund within 24 hours, with no questions asked, and no hidden return fees.  Do I have your attention yet?  Good!  Because I am going to change your life starting today.

What Exactly Is The REAL Online Game?

Not all of us were born with perfect looks, wealth, or naturals with women.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to live the dream life that the Brad Pitt’s of the world seem to live so easily.   This guide was specifically designed for the millions of us “regular guys” walking through life, who just want to live an above average lifestyle.

These days the competition online is absolutely ruthless.  The most beautiful women will often receive one hundred or more messages per week. Without the right knowledge, strategies, and solutions, you will never be able to make a dent in their inbox.  On the other hand, by learning how to spark high levels of interest and ignite intense levels of attraction, you will not only rise to the top of the competition, but will have women feeling as if they need to talk to you.

This is what The REAL Online Game has been successfully teaching men to do since 2009 and why it is the most reputable guide in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are the teacher next door, the recent college graduate, the lawyer down the block, or the newly divorced man.   The REAL Online Game will teach you how to attract any woman online and is your guaranteed solution to meeting women quicker, faster, and more effectively than ever, no matter who you are, or what you look like.

But I’m not that good looking. How could The REAL Online Game Possibly Work for me?

The reason The REAL Online Game can change the dating life of any man, is because it is based in science.  When it comes to attraction, men and women are genetically wired much differently. Attraction is not a conscious choice that men and women make.

Men for example, are mostly visual when it comes to attraction.  When we see a beautiful woman with nice curves, we instantly feel an attraction towards her.  Its not a choice that we consciously think about.  It just a chemical reaction that happens instantly.

Luckily for us, women are the opposite.  Looks are just one of many ways that we can attract a woman.  But women mainly feel attraction towards men based on a man’s internal characteristics and personality traits.  Just like us, women don’t choose to feel attracted.  It happens instantly when certain qualities are demonstrated.

Through my years of research and experimentation, I have found that there are 10 fundamental internal qualities that nearly all women are instinctively attracted to.  And within these ten qualities, there are unlimited ways to demonstrate them. All you have to do is understand what they are, then implement them into every single word you write, every picture you post, and every action you take.

Do this properly and women will feel an attraction that they can’t control when they stumble upon you online.   Its not magic and it doesn’t require you to pretend you are someone you are not. Its understanding the female mind, then adapting that knowledge to the online world and learning how to reveal your best self in ways that women instinctively respond to.  This is why The REAL Online Game has a success rate of over 99% with men of all looks, shapes, sizes, and statuses in life.

The REAL Online Game for the REAL Online Dater is the world’s most successful online dating book, guide, and system, for picking up beautiful women online with a success rate of over 99% to this day.

Having been featured on, Date.Com, The Spark Online Dating Network,, Sublime Matchmaking, and hundreds of other publications, this guide will help any man to attract women, no matter who you are, or what you look like.

We focus on the “real” online dater, which are those of us who weren’t born with perfect looks, tons of money, or natural ladies men. We are just the average guys out there looking to live the dream!

This EBook will teach you skills, systems, and routines that took Joshua Pompey years of trial and error to learn, master, and perfect. And now, for the first time ever, online dating expert Joshua Pompey is sharing all he has learned in this exclusive eBook.

Some of the secrets you will learn in this book are: writing the perfect email, creating a profile that eliminates the competition, making women highly attracted to you know matter what you look like, the number one IM routine of all time, building high demand for yourself in all aspects of online dating, landing phone numbers in 45 minutes or less just about every time, and much much more.

In addition, you will receive a complete first date system, guaranteed to help you transition the magic you have created to the real world. This system will have your date looking forward to a second date in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t struggle month after month wasting money on memberships to expensive dating sites while getting no results.

Find out what others all around the world have already purchasing your copy and start living the dream today!

Joshua Pompey – The REAL Online Game: Routines Manual PDF Download

The REAL Online Game Routines Manual:

Never Struggle With What to Say to Women Online Again

From Joshua Pompey, featured author of The REAL Online Game presents: The REAL Online Game Routines Manual.

The REAL Online Game Routines Manual is filled with over 165 pages of the best online dating and first date routines ever put together in one amazing manual.

Some of the amazing secrets, routines, and techniques you will receive by purchasing this manual are:

•Over 165 pages of the best collection of online dating openers and routines ever put together from front to back. These routines have been created by the top experts in the world, and have been thoroughly tested over and over again by both our experts, as well as many of the “REAL” online daters out there to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success.

•Over 25 highly effective emailing and instant messaging routines that can be used on any female online. These online dating conversation starters are fully designed to gain the attention of even the most beautiful women on the internet and are infused with multiple attraction builders.

•View step by step instructions of how to deliver each of your routines. We take you through the entire process line by line so that you will never again worry about what to say to women online or how to deliver it.

•Each online dating opener and routine comes with a “key notes” section, informing you all the most important things that you must expect and follow through with on that specific routine.

•We will take you through exactly how your routines will likely unfold, as we not only show you what to expect, but point out what you should be doing to combat each scenario.

•Our routines will inform you which type of women they work best on, and inform you what the goal of each specific routine is as far as which attraction building principles you will be working on.

•More than 70 transitional topics and ideas for how you can transition out of your emailing and instant messaging routines.

•The Quick Arsenal Emailing and Instant Messaging. These are a collection of quick canned openers that can be used instantly on any female. They are specifically designed for when you are on the go and don’t have the time to sit around and start up a full routine.

•Number closing routines that will not only deliver you a phone number every time, but will help you to do so in a smooth and flawless way that continues to build attraction.

•The bad date stories collection. Girls love hearing bad date stories on a first date. We have compiled the ten best stories that you can tell your date. Each story is not only highly entertaining, but infused with demand, and other attraction builders that will have you looking amazing as you engage your date.

•More than 40 transitional topics within the bad date story collection. We provide you 40 different ways to flawlessly transition out of these stories and into new and interesting conversations that will seem seamless.

•The Quick Arsenal First Date Conversations. 30 conversation starters that you can easily go to at any time. These will keep your date interested and provide fun, interesting conversation.

•The Quick Arsenal Questions of Qualification. Having women qualify themselves to us makes them think that they are chasing us, and thus, creates higher levels of attraction towards us. This quick arsenal has 20 questions of qualification that can be used at any time.

•10 great kiss close routines that will ensure you a first kiss at the end of the night if you do everything else correctly.

•Tactics to “conversation seed” online in order to set yourself up for that first kiss before you ever even meet.

•10 great ideas for games you can play with a first date.

•Methods for playing games that will increase physical contact and raise comfort levels.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the REAL Online Game Routines Manual and never again struggle with what to say to female online or on a first date again!

 Are you tired of sitting at the computer for hours every night, desperately trying to think of something interesting to write women online?  Well don’t waste another minute of your life staring at the computer.  Let us take care of the thinking for you. The Routines Manual will make this process easier than you ever dreamed possible…

Why Is The Routines Manual Essential to Your Dating Life?

If you have been online dating for a while, you are probably well aware that beautiful women will not respond to emails unless they are both unique and interesting.  On the other hand, writing something unique and interesting to every woman, without even knowing whether or not she will respond is a time consuming, frustrating, and an absolutely exhausting process.  Well The REAL Online Game Routines Manual is your solution to never having to worry about what to say or write to women online again.

This Manual is a collection of the best material ever put together by world famous online dating expert Joshua Pompey.  You will have access to the emailing and instant messaging routines that Joshua has successfully been teaching his clients to implement for years.  In addition, each routine is paired with multiple transitional topics, designed to steer the discussions in more interesting directions, so that the email exchanges remain at an emotional high point and never go stale.

As if that’s not enough, you will also receive a full collection of material to use on first dates and phone calls, as well as material for making those first kisses happen with ease.  Each routine is infused with attraction building techniques in order to ensure you generate the highest levels of attraction and interest at all times.

Why is The Routines Manual so completely unique and effective?

Our Routines Manual is unlike any manual out there for one critical reason.  No matter how many times you use these Routines, they will appear original every single time, due to a unique system designed by Joshua Pompey.

When it comes down to it, women do not respond to spammed emails.  You could write write the funniest, most interesting message in the world, but if women think that you spammed the same message to other women, they will ignore it.  The Routines Manual is designed for every Routine to be implemented using the 1-2 emailing system.

What this means is that each email will be divided into two halves.  The first half of your emails will be a Routine lifted directly from The Routines Manual.  These Routines are specifically designed to ignite high levels of interest and attraction within two to three sentences, and are all proven to be highly effective.  The second half of the email will require you to briefly scan a woman’s profile for a quick commonality and question to ask.  This half of the email requires almost zero time or thinking, and should take no longer than thirty seconds max.

Why doesn’t the second half have to be interesting?  Because the routine portion of the email has already has already ignited interested and sparked an attraction.  The second half is just to prove that you read her profile and are not spamming.  Thus, the perfect email, in the shortest amount of time possible!

What types of results should you expect?

As Joshua Pompey states in The REAL Online Game, hall of famers online bat .300.  You could be the most amazing guy in the world, but with all the competition online, receiving a response from every woman just isn’t going to happen.  But as long as your profile and photo galleries are set up properly, you should be able to receive at least a thirty percent response rate.

Now do the math.  Using our system, it shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes to email ten women.  This would equate to a minimum of three potential dates per week.  And that doesn’t even count the women who message you first if you design the type of standout profile that is built for success.

These are the types of results you could and should expect.  With that said, gain enough practice, and you could join the sixty percent or higher club like some of our top experts.



Joshua Pompey – The REAL Online Game: Phone & Texting Edition PDF Download

The world’s only guide that is specifically designed to work alongside online dating

Why Create A Phone & Texting Guide?

When Joshua Pompey first wrote this edition of The REAL Online Game, he knew he was onto something extremely important.  But never in a million years did he envision just how important this guide would one day become.

Like it or not, these days people socialize more over the phone than through any other medium of communication. Walk down any street and you’d be hard pressed to not find half the population staring down at their phones like mindless zombies.   Let’s face it, most single women live and breathe on their cell phones. Especially the beautiful ones with active dating lives.

Well online dating is no exception to this.  Once you receive a phone number online, the majority of your interactions, both before, and after the date, will take place via the phone.

With attention spans these days being shorter than ever, and women having unlimited options online, it is more important than any other time in history to keep the connection over the phone as strong as possible.  This is the key to staying on a woman’s mind in a fast paced and busy world, filled with men who are trying to cut in on your woman.  Fail to keep interest levels high through the phone, and you will likely lose your potential relationship to the “next best thing.”  This doesn’t mean you should be obsessively calling and texting the women who provide their phone numbers.  But it does mean you must effectively use the phone in ways that not only keep women interested, but have them practically obsessing over each and every text you write.

This guide is filled with over 150 pages worth of information that will help you accomplish this, and is the only guide specifically designed to work alongside the unique world of online dating.  Online dating requires a different set of strategies than meeting women in “real” life (for a large number of reasons), and you are going to learn them all in this amazing ebook.

Why is Phone & Texting Critical to Your Online Success?

Phone mastery is critical for any single these days.  But with online dating, the importance is tenfold.  In addition to the reasons mentioned above, let’s take a look at a couple of the most important reasons why your phone and texting game needs to be on point at all times.

  • For starters, female online daters are notorious for flaking prior to a first date.  If you have been online dating long enough, you probably know this frustrating feeling all too well.  But the untold truth is, usually these women don’t flake out because they are bad people.  The real reason is often that they no longer feel comfortable enough meeting you.  Think about it.  You may have had some great conversations via email online.  But at the end of the day, those messages were only a ten minute blip in her buys, 24 hour day. A A woman may have wanted you to call her when she first gave out her number, but with each hour that passes by, her comfort levels slowly begin to fade, and you start to feel like a complete stranger again. Rather than risking an uncomfortable date, the woman in question decides to bail.  Using your phone to keep comfort and attraction levels strong is your tool for preventing this.  And it all starts with proper texting techniques and strategies.
  • The second reason phone game is critical is that it will dramatically help your chances of having the first date run as smoothly as possible.  Going into a first date without the right build up can be awkward and feel strange.  But by making the right jokes, have the right conversations, and building enough attraction over the phone prior to the date, your dates will arrive at an emotional highpoint.  This will exponentially increase the odds that you and your date hit it off from the get go.
  • Finally, and most importantly, online dating is a “next best thing” culture.  Women now live in a world where there are countless options just one click away.  Even if your first and second date went well, if you don’t know how to keep a woman interested during the periods you are not together, you run a high risk of losing her interest to the next best thing.  This guide will not only prevent this from happening, but will practically have women obsessing over when to contact you next.

What Will You Receive in this Guide?

  • Techniques for raising attraction levels over the phone
  • How to create “conversation seeds.” There are over fifteen pages on this critical topic.
  • Strategies for closing the gap between the online world and “real life” contact.
  • Joshua Pompey’s 4 phase phone call system
  • Methods for raising and keeping comfort levels high
  • The art of “mirroring” your partner
  • Speed pattern strategies that will teach you how to have women obsessing over you
  • 20 messages that you can use on any female to ignite attraction, comfort, & interest
  • How to avoid having women flake out on youThe 12 biggest mistakes almost all men make when texting women
  • The 12 critical mistakes most men make when texting women
  • Transitional topics to keep your phone calls at an emotional high point throughout the entire duration of your conversations
  • How long to wait before texting and calling the women you meet online
  • What to text a woman after a date in order to keep the emotional excitement building without seeming eager or overagressive
  • How to avoid “panic texts”
  • Pre-packaged material that will prevent you from ever having an awkward silence on the phone.