Jonathan Mcgivern and Adam Hughes – Subliminal Seduction Secret Diary of a Womanizer Download

Ever since the dawn of time, it has been recorded, that some men have had a greater ability over others, to influence thoughts and circumstances to their will. The truth is not that these people are born with special powers, or were given a gift, no; they were just lucky enough to use the techniques of mental influence by accident, and learn to continue using them through positive reinforcement when those cognitive processes worked. They do not know exactly what they think at the time that guarantees them to get the results they achieve, but you will know soon in this blueprint.

My powers of influence became very strong a few years back after accidentally implementing a couple of steps of this formula and my game stepped up a notch or two. I managed to initiate a threesome in a park within 5 minutes of meeting two girls. I turned a game of snap after college into ‘strip snap’ and almost had a threesome in my bathroom, but eventually settled for just the one. I was, of course, impressed with my results but I was unhappy with my failures too. I wanted to know why sometimes I could achieve such phenomenal results and sometimes achieve nothing. I wanted to have an ultimate formula of mental influence over everyone. That’s why I did deep research on the subject.

Now I have incredibly unique and beneficial, first hand information from years of practice, for anybody wanting to create an exact outcome between themselves and another. With these techniques you can create a deep burning desire within someone to do something as soon as you meet them. You can transfer your thoughts via the methods explained throughout this, subliminally, and force your version of the situation’s outcome to become reality.. Is it hard to do? No, it’s just what you think in the present moment.

Simply change your thoughts to the right ones and you will change the outcome of any situation with another to your will.