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Unusual Methods To Get Very Hard Erections That Big Pharma Would Pay Millions To Stop You From Finding Out

New Evidence Emerges Proving That Erectile Dysfunction Is Fully Reversible, Without Using Drugs Or Therapy

Hi, my name is Jon Remington and I’m about to reveal to  you the 5 most common causes of male impotence that you absolutely must eliminate in order to have a healthy, rock hard erections on a regular basis.

And most importantly, you’ll discover how any man can learn to keep his erection for 20 to 30 minutes longer in just a few short weeks from now.

Moreover, these techniques are 100% natural. There are no drugs, no pills, no dependency on anything..

And if this sounds a little unusual to you then don’t worry, that’s exactly what most of my clients think before they start using these methods.

Until they start to get bulging, firm erections that are thicker, firmer and almost painfully hard, that is.

And I’ll show you exactly how to get these results in just a few weeks from now too.

But just before we get to that, who am I?

I’m Jon Remington, a male health advisor, researcher and coach. I’ve helped tens of thousands of men in over 100 different countries improve their sex lives and I’m pretty confident I can do the same for you.

Today I have a very good and enjoyable sex life, a strong libido and I never have any problems at all with my sexual performance.

But you should know that just a few years ago, I myself had serious erection issues which nearly ruined my life.

It all started when I was just 33 years old.

And I know you think this is a young age to have erection problems and guess what?

You’re right.

But now I understand something very important about having erectile problems that you need to know too.

One of the biggest myths about erection issues is that they happen to you “when you get old”.

And this is the biggest load of horsesh*t lies I’ve ever heard.

You see, since I became a full time male health advisor, I’m regularly contacted by older guys of 60 and 70 years of age, who still give their girl a proper pounding several times a week.

They still bring her to shuddering, powerful climaxes..

They are constantly horny and thinking about sex..

And they can shoot a bucket load of sperm.

All because they follow some awesome unique killer techniques of firing up their wood that I teach them.

So you can take a deep breath and relax because these male health issues you have aren’t really related to your age at all, as the government funded big pharma propaganda manifesto tries to make you believe.

They’re related to your sexual health.

And that is something that can be improved in days, or in weeks.

Unfortunately For Me It Took Me A Year Or Two To Work Out How

A few years back I had a hot, gorgeous girlfriend. Michela, her name was.

She was Italian, with a voluptuous firm body, and a real cute face.

And she was constantly horny.

When we first got together we’d be at it every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

We’d regularly make excuses to disappear to the bedroom for a good long session.

You’ve probably had times like this yourself..

When you can’t keep your hands off of each other.

You make any excuse to get each other’s clothes off.

What was awesome with Michela was that she’d have these powerful, riproaring vaginal orgasms.

And if I did it right she’d have several in a row.

Then she’d be like a kitten the next day.

Devoted to me, constantly attentive to anything I wanted.

These were good times!

Although, after just 18 months of awesome, mindblowing sex, something strange started to happen.

Michela was feeling particularly horny one night as I’d been tired and working late for the past 2 nights and she was a woman that needed regular servicing if you get me.

This particular night, after a good round of foreplay, we moved to penetration and started pumping away, as usual.

And after about 5 minutes, to my horror, I could feel my wood fading on me.

“Keep going”, I told myself. Just ignore it and it’ll get hard again.

But it didn’t..

Michela eventually stopped gasping with pleasure as she felt the hardness dissolve inside her.

Cutting off her direct line to pleasure.

“I must be tired” I said, pulling out.

“Had some worries with work, must be that..”

But It Wasn’t A One Off..

Because a week later, it happened again, and again.

Until I got to the point where 4 times out of 5 I would lose my erection during sex.

It affected my confidence so much I became completely paranoid and scared of getting into bed.

I even blamed her a few times, accusing her of disrupting my concentration, or putting me off!

And I still feel awful about doing that.

But mostly I was scared she would leave me, or cheat on me with someone I knew.

After all, she was a highly sexed woman, and if I couldn’t satisfy her, you could be sure she’d find another man who would.

And who could blame her?

We all need good sex right?

I’ve always maintained that good healthy sex is 50% of a relationship.

And I knew that if she wasn’t getting it from me, she’d find it elsewhere.

She’d find someone else.

And Find Someone Else She Did

In the end I just let her do it.

And you know what, even though it was humiliating and embarrassing..

Even though it knocked my male ego.

Shattered my confidence.

I somehow found the will to be grateful for it.

I just thanked God it wasn’t a friend or someone I knew..

And heartbreaking as it was to give up on this hot, voluptous girl, I knew that it had to happen this way in order to “shock” me into getting better.

From our deepest despair come our greatest successes..

As long as we remain strong.

So once I’d licked my wounds I decided I’d fix this once and for all, forever.

I Resolved That I’d NEVER Lose My Erection Again

And this is what I did..

You see, you’re reading this because I’m one of the lucky ones.

Most people work in an office, or in a business that has nothing to do with male health.

I work in the sports supplements industry and nearly every day I meet experts in sports science, human biology and physiology.

That was my unique advantage in overcoming the affliction we’ve come to call erectile dysfunction.

I made the most of my situation and my resources at work and started investigating every single possible cause and solution for erection problems – and I’ll show them to you in just a minute.

I tested the effectiveness of many natural products; I studied the effects of different types of physical activity on the male body, analyzed fluctuations in sexual hormones and uncovered the harmful products in food that can be hazardous for your erections… I spent a lot of time evaluating the countless studies on the subject.

I was very surprised by what I discovered and I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting, too.

I discovered that when you eliminate these 5 erection hazards from your life completely, you’ll experience immediate surges in libido, your erections will power up firmly for much longer, you’ll start producing thick wads of sperm..and getting back the sexual confidence you had in your early 20s..

5 Erection Destroyers You MUST Eliminate In Order To Get Back The Good, Powerful Hard Wood You Deserve

Without Pills, Drugs or Pumps or Surgery, Using 100% Natural Techniques

Doctors only ever told me I needed to take pharma pills to get proper wood again..

As if it was the permanent solution!

Did they think I was stupid?

Taking a pill for the rest of my life, depending on it, like a weak junkie…

All that for a fake erection!

This made me furious..

How could they think we’d be so damn stupid?

I was blown away when I finally understood that ED is totally reversible..

Blown away with ecstasy that is..

And what I found after months on end of arduous, endless research was the following.

If you want to have naturally strong and long-lasting erections, you absolutely must eliminate the root ‘barriers’ of your erectile problems, which are:

1. Estrogenic foods:

You know what estrogen is don’t you?

It’s the master female hormone.

The one you’re supposed to have in small quantities in your body for optimal performance…

The feminizing hormone that is now flooding a typical 30+ year old man’s testes..

According to a study, the average American 55 year old man has more of this than a woman of the same age!

And why?

The biggest culprit for most of us is what we put in our mouth every day..

Take soy for example. It’s now present in a crazy amount of supermarket goods (read the ingredients next time you go)..

Thanks to its powerful lobby SoyJoy and their influence on The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  it’s even forced itself onto our Food Pyramid!

These products have crept almost undetected into over half of the food you can find in supermarkets these days..

Yet countless studies reveal that it’s a testosterone destroyer..

In one study conducted 99 infertile men, the conclusion was that the guys whose consumption of soy was higher had the lowest sperm count.

And over 90% of soy in America is genetically modified..

Another study in 2006 found the presence of benzene in pre-prepared meals, a chemical strongly linked to hormonal imbalances and other diseases.

You didn’t see that coming did you?

These products are mostly chemically treated in plants with harmful industrial cleaning products and loaded with salt and with very little nutritional value.

Gone are the innocent days of former generations when food actually meant something fresh, nutritious and free of any industrial chemicals that extend shelf-life, enhance taste or improve texture..

Instead what we now have down our supermarket aisles these days are mutated, modified lab experiments masquerading as tasty snacks!

These clever tactics trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a tasty, wholesome, nutritious meal..

When it’s really just chemically enhanced garbage..

Because as well as soy variants, you’re also eating refined oils, fake sweeteners and additives..

2. Chemicals in plastics:

A study in China found that men who work in factories where plastic wrapping is manufactured suffer from sexual dysfunction 4 times more than the average man..

Exposure to some of these products such as BPA and a couple of other chemicals in plastics can cause sexual dysfunction, testicular atrophy and even micro penis in young men..

These plastics are everywhere, in bottles, packaging and even on receipts.

One study has proved that BPA, a product in plastics is linked to delayed puberty in young men..

Another has shown evidence of BPA and sexual dysfunction (impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility)..

And despite the fact that studies have linked them to genital deformation, cancer and low testosterone..

Nothing has been done about it..

It’s time we took action and responsbility for our own lives instead of trusting ‘them’, don’t you think?

3. Weight Gain

I’m not even going to ask you if you’ve noticed the crazy increase in obesity that’s taken place since the late 1970s..

And if you didn’t think this was directly linked to erection problems then you’ve been sticking your head in the sand..

Because at one point that weight gain is gonna negatively impact your hormones, your internal organs, your blood circulation and your heart health..

And these all correlate to your wood..

A study in 2002 proved the direct link between excess weight and if it needed proof..

And even having a small gut can lower libido and reduce erection strength..

How else can fat actually block your erections?

Put simply, fat cells attached to the walls of your blood vessels can slow down blood flow to the penis, resulting in erectile dysfunction..

This happens mostly (but not exclusively) to overweight guys..

That’s not to say saturated fat is bad..

It’s not.

But low grade oils and poor quality animal fat aren’t exactly gonna let your blood flow south like a rapid mountain river after the snow melt.

4. Sexual abstention

Lack of sex leads to lack of dopamine..

What’s dopamine though?

It’s another hormone…this time the one that is behind your excitement, desire and thrills..

And when it’s flowing, you’ll feel excited, novel, in love..

You’ll be constantly horny..

Just like at the start of the courtship..

When you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other.

Yet give up the chase, stop bothering..stop wooing your girl, stop going after her and..

Your dopamine will dry up faster than the desert streams..

On the other hand, frequent and long-lasting sexual activity with a partner will increase your dopamine and levels of free testosterone very fast.

As will the chase, the conquest to charm another..

And because testosterone is the male sexual hormone, the more you have the better!

Abstaining from sex though, will see your testosterone levels plummet and your sex drive will dry up.

5. Blaming your age!

Too often I hear the excuse that “it’s my age” or “I’m too old to get good erections.”

This is why so many men just give up and resort to popping pills. But more importantly, it’s completely wrong! The proof is that I am in touch with men aged 65 and over who have sex several times a week.

It’s not your age; it’s your health that counts.

Plus, every pharmaceutical solution on the market is trying its hardest to make you believe that your erection problem is hereditary, that it’s because of your age, or that it’s somehow due to a psychological condition.

And this is very rarely the truth..

The industry who manufactures the pills for erection problems does not want you to get good natural erections because when you do, you won’t need their pills anymore…which means they lose lots and lots of money.

And they don’t want the kind of information I’m giving out being shared with men all over the world.

So now you know the root causes of your problem, you know exactly what you need NOT to do to have erectile dysfunction.

So now let me tell you exactly what you need to now do instead in order to get naturally hard, long-lasting erections and high libido in just a few weeks from now, just like Jamie, a guy I helped out, did.

In fact, let’s get straight to that same question men ask me every day:

“Jon, could you give me a complete and comprehensive method to experience naturally strong, long-lasting and frequent erections together with intense and powerful orgasms, no matter what my age is?”

After 3 years of hard work of evaluating the results of my studies I was finally able to create a comprehensive and effective system to help men to get much better erections in just a few weeks.

Using this system you’ll feel the return of you sexual desire, you’ll get your morning erections back, you’ll feel the return of your sexual confidence once again and very importantly you’ll be able to stay hard for much longer during the act.

Instead of worrying about pills just to make love, with this full sexual fitness system you will get much better erections naturally, and without any harmful side effects.

The system I created has helped tens of thousands of men to succeed in having a far more enjoyable and satisfying sex life and in fact, it has worked much better than what I actually expected.

Today, the techniques I teach are used by men in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Here are some excerpts of the program so you can see how it can help you:

  • How To Find And Use Powerful Aphrodisiacs

You will learn all about potent, natural aphrodisiacs that rocket your testosterone levels and about others that enhance blood circulation in your penile area.

I’ll show you exactly which supplements are the most effective, where to find them and how to increase their effectiveness with a unique programming technique.

And as we both know that some supplements hardly work at all I’ll make sure you know how to avoid those ones at all costs.

  • Eating to boost testosterone

You’ll learn all about how to eat to boost your erectile power and your libido fast.

Just as important, you’ll find out exactly which foods are dangerous for your erections too and how to avoid them forever.

When you eliminate these and include the super-foods I recommend, the effect on your testosterone and erections is very potent.

You’ll start to notice the difference within a week or two.

  • Penile exercises

You will learn a series of penile exercises that actually strengthen the base of penis, increasing your ability to hold more blood for longer, which allows you to stay hard for much longer.

The crazy thing is that these exercises actually also boost the girth of the erect penis. And as we know, women always prefer girth.

  • Stay calm to stay hard

I teach you a subliminal visualization method that will let you be completely free of the unwanted stress and tension that can sometimes cause you to lose your erection or to have premature ejaculation.

This technique will also help to last for longer and to be far more confident when it comes to the bedroom..

  • Detoxing erection-destroying chemicals

You’ll find out about the causes of male sexual dysfunction that doctors never tell you about – chemicals.

It is essential to know how to avoid chemicals in the home and office that disrupt the endocrine system and also how to detoxify to eliminate them and get harmful estrogenic compounds out of your body, instead of having them linger in your liver and in your fat tissue, which is where they are now.

A pleasant effect of this part is that you’ll suddenly find you get your energy back, get rid of brain fog, constipation and bloating.

  • Testosterone Exercise Workouts

You’ll see how to work out in just 12 minutes a day, 3 times a week to strip fat fast from your gut, back and neck and develop a muscular, manly frame that women are attracted too.

You’ll learn 4 unusual but very effective techniques for getting much more testosterone in your body on a daily basis, to spend entire days charged with sexual desire.

What You Get From This  Brand New Course For Boosting Erection Quality Extremely Fast!

By Jon Remington

  • A full step-by-step guide with everything you need to boost your erection quality naturally
  • Advice on ED diets, powerful aphrodisiaque foods, supplement programming and penile exercise workouts for blood flow
  • Yet more super workouts to boost testosterone and blood circulation to the penile area
  • Subliminal visualisation techniques to overcome mental blockages to getting hard
  • Cutting edge research to maintain erection quality right through to old age
  • A complete solution on its own to help you to get much firmer erections on command
  • Dopamine booster techniques to send libido skyward

In short, this erection boosting program will deliver all the good things that naturally firm wood brings to a man

Things like..

  • Satisfying frequent erections

  • Longer-lasting hardness

  • Enhanced performance in bed

  • Feelings of confidence and satisfaction

  • Greatly improved relationships

  • More Ejaculation Volume

  • Intensely pleasurable orgasms

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had erection problems, I guarantee that if you follow this complete program, you’ll be able to restore your male sexual health to glory. And it could take just 1 or 2 days before you start seeing the first results. Many men see improvements right away and reach higher levels 2 or 3 weeks later.

Here is a recent testimonial:

Powerful As Hell

Thanks! Your tips are amazing. It took a few days to get my head around it but the instant techniques were powerful as hell and useful in the first couple of weeks. After 6 weeks I’m lean and mean and last for 45 minutes easy, which is already too much for her especially with my new added girth which powers me in. Awesome, awesome…

Chris Rancini, New England, USA. 48 Years Old.

Just imagine in 5 minutes from now, you have access to this full erection boosting program and you start working on the techniques today.

And the next time you have sex is tonight or tomorrow, or in a week or two, and it’s already much better than it’s been for months.

And in 4 weeks time you’re able to get even harder more often and go for over 45-60 minutes.

In 3 months time you’re a raging bull of an alpha male, fighting not to pin down your girl every time you see her and make love to her hard for over an hour.

Intense Waves Of Pleasure

I honestly had no idea that those techniques would be this strong. My balls and penis feel bigger and heavier now in my pants. I feel like doing it really often and when I do I get these intense waves of pleasure. I never used to get erections when sitting down working but now they happen almost every day. Morning erections are seriously back as well. Love that feeling and really wish I could thank you in person.

Geoffrey R., Northampton, UK

I can get hard like I used to ten years ago…

I just couldn’t get aroused for my wife especially when kids were at home.

So like you said I used your penile exercises, libido workout programs and supplements together and now I feel like a race horse and I can get hard like I used to back ten years ago. And the wife is lively in bed and she’s happy too, says thanks to you. I always thought men took Viagra for this kind of thing but I guess I’m wrong and thank God (and you Jon) for helping me try this.

Bless you

Mitch K., Minnesota, USA. 52 Years Old.

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And of course, you’re going to learn natural techniques that really work!

BONUS 3: Libido Supplements Plan

Whoever it is that told you 1 single supplement is enough for you is lying to you.

Kick-starting your libido into action is about combining several inexpensive natural herbs.

Here is how you do it with a simple guide to using the supplements in the right way for your body to react.

Using herbs in the right way is extremely powerful.

BONUS 4: Male Libido Action Guide

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