Jmulv – Occam’s Razor Download

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the pick-up content out there?

Are you fed up with endless contradicting concepts?

Are you tired of fake “gurus” who keep failing you?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I can tell you this:

I’ve been there.

My name is John Mulvihill.

And I’m here to help you handle your dating life ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Since 2011, I made it my mission get good at… no.. Be the BEST at this.

My dream was to hit the 100 lays. I thought it was impossible.

Fast forward to 2017, I am at 722 lays as I am writing this.



Do you have to take it that far?

Up to you.

Point is, I know my shit when it comes to getting laid.

And trust me, I’m very far from being a natural.

And no this is not one of those sleazy marketing tactics to make you relate.

I was actually very nerdy.

Virgin until college.

However I do believe that my very high IQ and over-analytical mind  is what helped me figure out a lot of  what I am about to teach you.

Back in 2012 I got to coach bootcamp along with the “top” instructors from an infamous company you might know about (starts with R and ends with D…).

Here is what I discovered

  • Some of the instructors are actually knowledgable but fail to apply that knowledge.
  • Some of them have an incomplete or non-optimized strategy.
  • And some of them flat out LIE about their results.

These instructors were promising results they couldn’t get themselves!

As you can guess the student would NEVER progress or at least veryyy sloooooowly.

Actually most of those students would average 5 to 10 lifetime lays although they have been studying that shit for years.

How convenient is that for those instructors to keep selling you their new magic pill product every month huh?

If you relate to what I am saying…

I want to help you break that cycle.

See, my goal is not to make of you a repeat customer.

This is not my full time job.

My goal is to make of you a legit PIMP and make this community great again.

I spent years picking the brains of all the top guys I personally know who literally PULL EVERY NIGHT.

Most of them prefer to remain anonymous and are not interested in teaching their secrets…

With my critical and analytical mind, I kept optimizing what works and ditching what doesn’t.

That left me with…


That’s how Occam’s Razor is born.

“Occam’s Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct. “


Know What To Do: The Masterclass

The theory section covers literally EVERYTHING you need to know about game. It cuts out all the fluff and bullshit.


  • A proven method that even the most socially retarded and anxiety-crippled kid can apply to approach beautiful women (without being intimidated or “try hard”)
  • A simple yet POWERFUL secret that the top guys have been applying successfully for years, that will allow you to adapt your opener to any woman in any situation (without the rigidity of routines and without relying on “your state”)
  • Peek into my brain to get how I literally captivate the girl within the 3 first seconds. (It’s a balance between being non-try hard but still keeping a strong sexual tension)
  • Never creep girls out or get a hash rejection ever again. (with my method your game doesn’t even look like game. )


  • How to properly “Vibe” : This will not only teach you to never run out of things to say, about also say things with purpose that moves the interaction forward.
  • Imagine deploying minimal effort and yet be the most engaging, witty guy she meets that night. Every word you say is bringing her a step closer to your bed.
  • How to subtly test for compliance  ( her willingness to do things for you), using cutting-edge psychology and persuasion tactics. (these are powerful so use them ethically and carefully)


  • Learn how to deal with any objections she has in her mind  (see even if she is into you, she needs to feel safe, comfortable and more importantly not slut-shamed)
  • Effortlessly deal with any external obstacles (like cockblocks or other men)  using my proven method that saves hours of frustration and will allow you to pull effortlessly)
  • They call me the “WOLF OF WALLSTREET” of Pick-Up, that is because I will teach you to deal with any objections imaginable to going home with you (and trust me, after a decade of going out, they are always the same)


  • Get access to my field tested ultra-optimized PULL SCRIPTS to literally become a pull-machine (it took me years to find the perfect things to say so I am literally cutting YEARS off your learning curve and failed experiment)
  • Learn how to pull during the second half of the night but also the first part of the night (whoever told you the first part doesn’t count is an IDIOT. This is how I pull multiple times a night and I will show you the secret trick so you can do it TOO)
  • I will show you how to get into the girl’s brain and make her addicted to you like CRACK COCAINE.
  • Blast through LMR (last minute resistance) by knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it (Girls will literally fall in love with you and beg to have sex with you after you do those small things no one talks about…)


  • How to game hired guns (women hired for their beauty) without appearing like a peasant or just another desperate client. (What if you could make a hot stripper, bartender or model your girlfriend or personal sex slave?)
  • Get access to my personal sequences and templates that I use to keep track and manage my rotations of girls. (You will never have to chase for sex ever again)
  • How to keep the hottest girls you fucked in your rotation and get them addicted to you. I will literally brain dump the result of years of trials and errors of text sequences and optimal strategies for you to build a harem of hot girls.

After watching this, Game will have no mystery to you.

You will have a CRYSTAL CLEAR understanding of EVERY little aspect of what good game is and should be.




Only the most efficient and optimized strategy conceived in the whole industry history.

Now unveiled to you.

See How It’s Done: The Infields

After watching this section you will understand why I say that I am the instructor with the most infield footage recorded.

  • 30 night game infield footage videos showing interactions from start to finish including many pulls (taking women back to your house). Unlike other company’s “hotseats” that you have to pay to watch one-time, you get to KEEP all these videos so you can pause, rewind, and rewatch them again and again. They will show you how to interact with women in different situation such as at bars, clubs, and on the street… Whether the woman is alone, with her friend, in a group, with or without other guys, EVERY SINGLE CASE is covered in those videos. And you get to SEE and HEAR everything that’s happening in the interaction
  • RAW unedited videos where you get to experience what REAL-LIFE game looks like. There is no flashy salesy game here where I leave with the girl in a cab pretending I closed her.
  • SOAK UP my vibe and subcommunication through those videos and how I apply the stuff I teach you in the masterclass section.
  • But what about daygame? I have 40 more infield videos of me in day game and instadate interactions. Again, you get to see and hear everything I do in the interaction from start to finish. I show you how to casually get girls numbers during the day and how to take them instantly on dates. You’ll even get to see me PULL them home that same day. Become a wolf in sheep clothes during the day by slaying all the hot girls while other guys are too afraid to approach outside of bars and clubs.
  • But what about dates? I included infield footage of 5 dates from start to finish. You will get to see how I make the the pull and close INEVITABLE through a carefully planned and optimized sequence and system that makes the girl fall in love, turning all your dates into recipes for sex.

Absorb The Knowledge: The Worksheets

  • The worksheets are designed to help you digest the content and avoid information overload. Skip those at your own risk. Every question is carefully designed to make  you understand and remember every concept I am talking about.
  • See there are 4 level of competence: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, inconscious competence. These worksheets are designed to get you to have inconscious competence.
  • Answering questions by actually writing your answer moves you from a passive state of learning to an ACTIVE state of learning. That way, not only you will remember every concept but also you will find yourself having a PLAN OF ACTION before going out.
  • Avoid plateauing and spinning your wheels by having a laser focus on those game concepts before applying them in field. So when you go out, you know what to focus on and what to practice.
  • Going through those worksheets makes you internalize the knowledge 10 times better and faster.

Apply The Knowledge: The 6 Week Challenge

  • After going through the worksheets, the 6 weeks challenge is the CLOSEST thing to a bootcamp to create a lasting transformation in your game.
  • I want you to treat those sheets as YOUR PERSONAL COACH. This is almost like having me coaching you and guiding you through the different concepts.
  • Going through all these modules and infields can be pretty overwhelming and you can quickly fall into the trap of INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I am conscious of this problem in the community. Most people consume without taking action. Don’t be one of those. Stand out.
  • I designed those challenges specifically for you to apply my system in the SMARTEST WAY possible. You going through those is literally MY GUARANTEE STAMP  on the ass of the next girl you pull 😉

This set of instructions will teach you how to implement all the content in the program properly.


You might not expect this but… This is actually the BEST PLACE to be in when starting this program.


Because there is little to no re-programming to make in your brain.

We will be starting from a clean slate.

And I will literally IMPORT years of optimization directly to your brain.

Most of the beginners I coached progressed way faster than the intermediates or even advanced (but shhhh… that’s a secret).

Also don’t think just because you are beginner you should not worry about pulling.

I know your primary sticking point is overcoming approach anxiety or holding a conversation… But with this system, I am teaching you everything to overcome that FAST without worrying about state, or other bulcrap.

So you will get this area of your game handled FAST, so you can focus on the better part (and the only important part) which is handling objections and PULLING.

So yes, I will literally cut YEARS off your learning curve.

When you’ll have your dick in the wet vagina of your perfect ten who’s moaning and begging for more, you’ll quickly forget about how you considered yourself once as a beginner.

So are you ready to make the most life-changing decision you’ll ever make?


This will get you the CONSISTENCY you want.

You probably had some results with a very suboptimal and deficient strategy.

There is probably still some gray areas, and you are not sure why some nights you were a pimp and some other nights you were a bitch.

I am telling you.

Consistency is possible.

But you have to declutter your mind.

I guess you learned a lot of good stuff already.

But you also learned some bad stuff.

And you know what’s crazy?

You might not even be aware of it!

In fact I had some clients who thought the BAD STUFF was getting them laid.

When in reality, they got laid DESPITE of it.

So my one condition for you to join the program is to come from a clean slate.

Forget about what you learned.

And embrace my optimized system.

It’s literally the most efficient shit that will get you laid every day if applied correctly.

No fancy stuff.

Only the bare minimum to get you laid efficiently.

So if you are ready to make the shit and join the elite club, embark on now!


You’re already banging hot chicks on a relatively regular basis?


Being an “advanced” guy, you probably see things that rookies don’t. Right?

The subtleties.

See, moving from banging a 5 to an 8 is relatively straightforward. But getting from an 8 to a 10 can be a lot tougher without the proper guidance from the right mentor. And this is the kind of girls we all want to be banging, right?

I can confidently say that I am leading the pack of the whole community right now with the most number of girls banged at 722 (without sacrificing quality).

I will show you the narrow path to reach true ELITE level game (not the one advertised to you by other marketers who are intermediate at best).

Learn the secret strategy that will make Dan Bilzerian look like a wimp next to you (without relying on looks or money).

Most of these strategies I learned from guys who are not even in the PUA community (at least not publicly) and who would HATE IT to have those secrets revealed.

I will show you PROVEN SYSTEMS that I use MYSELF PERSONALLY to literally have a constant influx of hot girls directly to my house. ( You will have access to my snapshots, text sequences and proof…)

This system will allow you to build an eco-system of hot girls swarming around you, without having to chase AT ALL.

Your game will be so bulletproof and optimized that your only concern will be to figure out how many times you can humanly fuck every day.

So if you think you are worthy of joining the (actual) top 1% club…