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Dear friend,

An instant dream girlfriend.

An instant life partner and companion.

Let’s go all out here… with a young, feminine, sexually fun, and sweet hearted girl to boot!

An angel so perfect that you can’t HELP but to wife her up and have your babies with…

Sounds like hype, right?

I wouldn’t believe it either, if I hadn’t witnessed it hundreds of times over the past ten years.

Of course, I’m talking about the amazing results from my OLD program “Seduction Science”. The technology has moved way ahead since then…

You Only Need To Find The RIGHT Girl

I’ll show you how to meet and date those beautiful, yet top-quality “hidden gem” girls.Most guys just can’t see themselves meeting and bedding new women every week.

But it’s very possible, as my fellow Seduction Science students have proved over and over. If you want it, it’s out there.
But really, would it take a dozens of beautiful women to change your life? No!

You can be living all your dreams with ONE stunningly beautiful “soul mate” girl.
Think about it, you don’t need a lot of women to fulfill your sexual fantasies, make you happy, and complete you.

You just need that ONE special girl that’s your sexual match, that enjoys the same pursuits that you do, and rocks your world in bed.
The kind of girl that makes you FORGET all the other girls, that you makes you want to wife her up, and have your children with.

With THAT kind of woman you don’t need “seduction” or “game” or “dating”, because you just won’t f***ing care!!!

I’ve consulted thousands of guys since 2001 and I can tell you that we men all want the same thing… that Soul Mate girl you’re so crazy hot for that you have sex multiple times a day with her and you don’t have eyes for any other woman!

The Instant Perfect Girlfriend,
Okay, that’s a bit on an exaggeration… it’s not truly instant.
But there is no faster “Perfect 10”-getting method in the world than Soul Mate Formula’s 3 step process (keep reading on, I’ll tell you).  And I will teach you exactly how to pull it off.

In fact, I’ll teach you THREE different ways to pull it off, the “aggressive”, the “passive”, and “the lazy” methods.

All you have to do is identify the girl you’re crushing on.

In short, you’ll have your chosen soul mate girlfriend quickly, with the kind deep connection and mutual attraction that most people take years to develop.

In fact, I’m going to reveal the exact 3 step formula in this letter, RIGHT NOW.

But first, here’s WHY the right girlfriend is SO important.

Why This Is The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read
You’ll surprise and shock your friends and family when you enter with a sweet, young girl hanging off your arm.  But this isn’t about ego gratification.

Here’s why the right girlfriend means everything:

Reason #1 :Hot Sex As Much As You Want, Whenever You Want It With a Soul Mates Girl you can cum inside her every day, multiple times a day, and you’ll be hot for her again and again.

Say GOODBYE to the condoms and the fear of catching something, and say HELLO to barebacking her hot wet pussy as much as you want.  NOTHING compares!

In comparison, masturbating alone to the net ultimately feels empty and unsatisfying.

And trying to pick up girls for sexual flings (if you can manage it, and that’s a big IF) is a lot of logistical legwork, anxiety, rejection, and you need to wear condoms.  And afterwards, you feel shitty and empty and you just want the girl OUT the door!

A fling truly cannot compare to deep cumming inside your Soul Girl after some fiery wet sex, and connecting with her more deeply than ever before.

In fact, you won’t even care about other women, because with a sexually compatible woman you get the best wet sex you want, as much as you want, whenever you want it.

Reason #2 : Sharing Life Experiences With A Beautiful Woman!

Maybe you like sports or watching movies.  Or maybe you prefer traveling or hiking in nature.  But whatever you enjoy, sharing your recreational passions with a beautiful woman makes them TEN times better!

What’s better than having a recreational playmate that you can SHARE your world with? Nothing!

Stay in bed. Have her grab a movie. Go outdoors together. Sharing is caring

When you have a woman to share your passions with, it’s just you and her, alone against the world.

When you have a beautiful girl prancing around the apartment in her lingerie nightie, ready to SHARE the day with you, THAT is what makes life worth living!  THAT is what brings a man PEACE and HAPPINESS!  (not to mention as many hot orgasms as you can handle!)

She enjoys your interests.  She would make a fantastic mother to your children.  And she completes you.  With someone to share your recreational passions and the world with, that half that was missing is fulfilled.