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As a man who roams the world and seduces women and then eloquently writes about his experiences, I, unsurprisingly, get a lot of email from guys who want to do the same. Some of the guys reach out to me for travel tips, but most of the time they seek my counsel when it comes to seducing women.

And I’m only happy to oblige. I’ve been there; I’ve been a rookie without a single clue all through my younger years. But now, with a bit more experience under my belt, I’m in a position to give back by sharing what I’ve learned.

So, I reach deep into my game toolbox® and pull out a technique that’s been so well-honed that there’s pretty much zero chance it will fail. I know it works because it’s a technique that I’ve used countless times in the past and continue to use today with women all over the world.

Some of the guys thank me for the advice, and I never hear from them again, which I suppose is a great sign. But the majority of them keep coming back for more. They want me to clarify various things. They want to know why a particular approach didn’t work or how to win back a woman who previously rejected them. Essentially, they want me to do everything for them short of actually fucking the girl.

After exchanging several emails, I learn more about them and realize that no matter how many useful openers or other valuable advice I furnish them, these guys still wouldn’t succeed.


For starters, these guys come across as needy and desperate. They aren’t interesting. They haven’t achieved, nor are they striving to achieve, anything great. They don’t seem to add much value. They’re just floating around, going whichever way the wind blows instead of being firmly grounded with concrete objectives and goals. If they had a party at their house, almost no one would show up. Not surprisingly, none of these qualities make them very desirable in the eyes of others.

And if I — a fellow man who actually empathizes with them and wants to help them — lack the motivation to keep the conversation going, then why would some cute girl at a bar give the same guy a chance? She wouldn’t. She’d inevitably start yawning and move on to a more interesting candidate.

If you think your problem is game, think again. Game is about communicating your best side to a cute girl. But you can’t communicate something you lack. Game will not compensate for your poor or nonexistent standards, beliefs, goals and ambitions; that you have poor codes of honor; that you don’t represent anything; and that you are not ready to fight for anything meaningful.

If you’re a dull and boring guy who’s trying to spit tight game, your game will be dull and boring.

You must first become a cool and interesting man, a man who possesses unquestionable value, standards, beliefs, goals and ambitions. A man who always gets what he wants, no matter what it is. A man who’s actually desirable to beautiful women.

So—how do you become this man?

The Birth of The Sovereign Man

In order to build anything lasting, you must always start with a careful examination of the foundation. If you plan to build a skyscraper that will stretch deep into the sky, you must first construct a resilient base that will support its enormous mass. But even before that, you need to have stable landmass underneath that will anchor the structure in its place so it doesn’t wobble in light wind. You can’t build a skyscraper on poor foundation. Similarly, a strong and healthy oak tree couldn’t and wouldn’t flourish in areas with malnutritioned soil.

Good soil. Good seeds. Good base. Good foundation. All of that gives birth to resilience and stability. It gives birth to a great man. Unrepentant. Unapologetic. Unassailable. A man who exists for himself and doesn’t validate his actions to anyone else. A man to be reckoned with. Resolute. Determined. Sovereign. The Sovereign Man.

I’m fortunate that, during my many years of traveling, I’ve met plenty of such men, men who possessed limitless imagination and inexhaustible resolve. They built successful businesses. They lived life on their own terms. They were also highly successful with women. They seemed to be successful in all areas of life. Everything they touched turned to gold.

What factors contributed to their unabashed success? I’ve been thinking about this constantly for the past several years, and I think I’ve figured it out. That’s the topic of my first book, The Sovereign Man: How to Become A Man of High Value, Confidence and Action.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The number one factor that’s responsible for making you attractive or unattractive to others.
  • How to permanently eliminate neediness and desperation by doing what you enjoy.
  • Potent ways to utilize time as a weapon to get what you want from others.
  • An efficient way of structuring your time that lets you accomplish important things without ever getting burned out.
  • A trick I use that automatically boosts my productivity. It works because it’s based on a well-known scientific principle.
  • How to live life a king by viewing everything from a higher value vantage point.
  • Internalize the powerful law of abundance.
  • Train your mind to demystify and de-idolize women (and others).
  • The one thing you must always do before showing interest in someone.
  • How to “flip the script” and assume the upper hand in any social interaction.
  • How to get people to do what you want without begging (or even asking them) for it.
  • The difference between entitlement and confidence, and how one automatically leads to another.
  • Effortlessly obtain confidence by eliminating these 3 psychological hurdles that stand your way.
  • The “blind faith” method that makes you more confident over time.
  • Identify and conquer your real fear (hint: it’s not rejection).
  • How to cultivate the right mindset in order to embrace risk instead of fearing it, which has allowed me to travel to over 60 countries without being afraid of the unknown.
  • The real reason why women love jerks (hint: it’s not because they’re jerks). And how you can get women to like you as well without having to become a jerk.
  • The only limitations that should ever prevent you from taking an action.
  • The two major factors that make or break your outward presence.
  • How to act like an owner in any social setting.
  • How to guarantee that your actions always carry real weight by following these few simple rules.
  • Learn to utilize “strategic laziness” to your advantage.
  • A way to quickly see whether you should get involved in an endeavor with someone or something or pass on the opportunity.
  • How to ask for things without ever coming off as needy and desperate.
  • What every man absolutely must do if he wants true independence, sovereignty and control.
  • And much, much more…

But don’t just take my word for it…

The Sovereign Man is James Maverick’s manifesto on how to become a confident and high value man who ultimately strives to build his own kingdom. It’s not a typical how-to guide that presupposes certain conditions or outcomes, but a deeply introspective reflection on the critical mindsets that serve as a foundation for successful men.

All of us have different characters, experiences and goals, but the traits that best assist our quest to realize our ambitions are universal. Maverick is known for his wide-ranging travels to exotic locales, in this case though, he serves as the guide on a journey that delves deep into your motivations and personality, helping you become a much better man, ready to take what’s yours from the world.

– Nick S.

The Sovereign Man isn’t a book on quick tips, pick up, or how to get “that” girl to like you. It’s not a book on’ hookin’ with up women. It’s not a book on bangin’ bitches. And it’s not a book on the pseudoscience of “game.”

What it is, is it’s a book for Men. Men that are looking to go somewhere, men that are striving to accomplish something in life. It’s for Men who have a Mission.

The Sovereign Man chronicles the vital pillars of a man’s life and what makes he for who he is. He is an open minded individual. He vales time and judgment, for through his tenacity, he knows he is entitled to claim for what is rightfully his.

Through his determination and perseverance, he has become ‘an infamous’, so to speak, amongst the masses and garnished their respect and admiration in return. He reigns supreme in his kingdom and through that, he is rewarded with none other than his sovereignty.

But who is he, per se?

Perhaps, he is none other than you…

– Christian L.

It’s Sunday morning but I woke up really early. After I finished my workout I jumped into shower and later, when music lounge was coming from the speakers I made myself healthy, nutritious breakfast. Tuna with pasta. Who doesn’t like it? I thought while looking at my notes from French lesson. I looked through window.

Here, in Ireland summer was fighting desperately with cynic autumn. No chances. Then I sat down next to my desk and sum up my reflections after reading “The Sovereign Man”. Well…

This book is simply one-way ticket into world of knowledge, wisdom, experience and self-development. I could say much positive things but what I want to underline is the fact that… this is not one of how-to-pick-up-girls with tricks. It’s not about that. Is that how-to-sell-product book? Maybe it’s how-to-be-successful-guide? None of this.

What I like about “The Sovereign Man” was declining social approval. So-called success should never be a goal itself. James was taught many important lessons in his kaleidoscope life but the book is not written for people who Google “top 5 tricks to pick up women” or “how to get easy money”. The book is…

…for those who bravely and intentionally take their chances to win better life through experience based on cement motivation. The life which everyone envies but as majority is just too much scared to try have one.

James asks questions which are often asked but not so many people try hard enough to get the answers. I would say that book is SCARY and EYE-OPENING for everyone who will discover that the person who leads its life is the one from mirror reflection.

The author believes in lifelong learning and I have impression that even his writing style is one of the aspects which were mastered through years. He turns art of writing into word juggling. Reading one sentence makes us want to read another, then page, then chapter.

Tanned girls, tasty meals for 2 dollars, bottles of wine reflecting skyline and palm trees… everything is possible miracle. Just leave the workplace and buy the ticket.

– Mateusz B.

There are metric tons of books out there that will offer you bottled happiness if only you buy and read them. Those books usually contain a lovely story which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For a day or so.

This is not one of those books. This book will scare the crap out of you. It will strike at the very core of your existence. Step by step, each chapter breaks down one of our elemental values and shows you what that value really is, not what people pretend it is. In a way, this might be the first honest book you’ll ever read.

I think there will be people who will call this book ‘Machiavellian’ but just like Machiavelli, Maverick is a realist. Tamed people look at realism and see cynicism or worse. This book merely takes a look at human relationships for what they really are, not what people pretend them to be or what the advertising industry would like us to think.

Don’t buy this book if you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside. Buy this book if looking at the world makes you feel a splinter in your mind. This book will not take that splinter out, but it will tell you why you feel it.

Removing the splinter-that’ll be up to you.

– Martin V.

James Maverick is the author of a blog (mavericktraveler.com) about travel, women and self-improvement that I’ve been following for some time now. When he launched his book, I threw myself at it and wasn’t disappointed.

While most of the content will be familiar to regular readers, it’s presented in neatly structured chapters that really help understand the ideas conveyed. Basically, this book is a series of tips and advice from a self-made, well-travelled, independent man on how to, if one is so inclined, to escape the cage in which most of us live. It is illustrated with several anecdotes from the author’s own path heeling hammer the point home. Even if one is not interested in such upheaval, there are lots of practical advice on how to better manage your time and resources, with practical implications for any man trying to improve himself.

As another reviewer pointed out, many things you find here are common sense, but it is nevertheless useful to see a successful man’s insight into such matters. Then again a lot of things that are common sense to one person are not to another, so I truly believe there’s something here for everyone. I have been closely following the advice on the value chapter, which I would say was my weakest spot, and so far I’ve been pleased with the results. Nothing too drastic, just little behavior changes that show me the little things really do add up.

This book will not change your life – as it repeatedly points out, true change comes from within. However, it can help you find weak spots in the way you manage your life, improve them, and give you some waypoints on the foggy seas on the road to success.

– Luis A.

James Maverick, the guy who runs mavericktraveler.com, is an interesting character. He left his comfortable life in America (I believe he was working for a tech company), moved to Brazil, lived there for few years then began living all over the world (I think he lived in about 5 countries in Latin America) and then began to explore Europe, spending lots of time there.

The book is a compilation of his thoughts about being the absolute best man you can be. There were lots of sections that I already knew, but there a couple that had me saying, “right, absolutely.” Few points he makes are amazingly accurate and something I didn’t quite understand myself.

I really like the section on building your own “value capital” and also the section on understanding if your participation in a specific endeavor will be worth it or not. There are lots of other ideas and thoughts, but I can’t give away the rest of the book.

All in all, it’s a book that every man must read because out of the various sections, every man will find something that he’ll find suitable.

– Dawson L.

Every single man who reads The Sovereign Man finds something to help them overcome their barriers and achieve their objectives and goals. How will it benefit you? What kind of a “light bulb” moment will you have? What will be your epiphany? How will it change your life? There’s only one way to find out…

To make sure I didn’t miss anything that I thought would be important for aspiring men to internalize, I purposely delayed publishing the book by over 3 months while I painstakingly read and re-read the book to ensure that all my knowledge had adequate time to “seep in” before I published and unveiled the book to the world. I’m happy to say that at this point there’s nothing I neglected to add to this book. It’s all there, everything that I wish my father had passed on to me, things that I wish I knew when I was born.

That’s why I’m more than convinced that you’ll find this book to easily be one of the most influential books you’ve ever purchased.

To your rebirth,


PS: Don’t delay another moment – the road to sovereignty starts now!