James Lee-Brain 2.0 – Super-charge Your Brain with Mind-boosting Nootropic Supplements and Drugs PDF Download

*Please note – this is a quick guide originally created as short eBook. The print version will arrive appearing like a pamphlet so please note. I have only created a print version due to customer requests* Nootropic substances shouldn’t be a secret, benefiting only the select few who are ‘in the know’ You CAN hack your brains operating system to achieve heightened levels of cognitive abilities Do any of the following statements sound familiar to you? – As I get older, my mind seems to be slowing down and I am forgetting things – I am having trouble concentrating and maintaining focus on important tasks – I am suffering from low mood and lack motivation – I have been diagnosed with a neurological disease such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons or Multiple Sclerosis and I want to do everything I can to slow the progression of my illness (* note – nootropics are not cures for these illnesses – they can just help slow the progression, along with the various pharmaceutical options) – My days involve demanding cognitive requirements (college students or certain professionals) and I want to do what I can to get a mental edge, without dangerous side-effects As with my other guides, the aim of this guide is to distill all the complex research into a simple, concise document which lays out all the information you need to know on the various nootropic supplements and drugs available today. Some of these nootropics, such as the racetams, are virtually unknown outside of ‘brain hacking’ circles. And even then, most of the information available only refers to piracetam, the most well-known of this class of powerful neuro-enhancers.