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The Collection of Confidence | Reinventing Yourself, by Hypnotica

“Super Charge Your Confidence & Increase Your Success With Women Overnight”

Discover The Hidden Secrets Behind Cultivating Unbreakable Confidence. Become The Man Every Woman Wants To Be With.

By Hypnotica, Inner Game Guru, PUA Master & Author of Metawhore

Lacking confidence sucks, I know I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be frustrated, locked inside a shell that prevents you from speaking with women, let alone securing dates and sexual encounters. It doesn’t stop there either. Lack of confidence affects your work life, your finances, your friendships and your overall happiness and enjoyment of life.

But forget all that. It’s time to put the old you where he belongs; in the past. By landing on this page you have taken one vital step toward a new life. You are going to go from “the average guy” to the guy that gets respect from not just women but also other men. You are going to build the confidence to finally unleash your full potential. There will be no more boring, mundane days. From today onwards your life will be filled with excitement and new encounters with women who find your character, charm, confidence, and aura simply irresistible.

If You Want To Know The Secrets To Developing Exponential Confidence Then Listen Up

Believe it or not, I was once a nerd. I was a nerdy teenager whose first encounters with women were epic failures. So how did I go from nerd to being featured as Rasputin, the pick up master in the bestselling book “The Game”? How did I go from 3rd string dater to internationally respected seminar leader on confidence, dating and relationships?

Let me explain…

There are little known secrets to confidence, yet even when discovered they must be cultivated and mastered. I will fast track you to this mastery using 20 years of trial and error and genuine, real-life experience.

Every successful man, be he successful with women, business, sport or any other life endeavor, has one thing in common. CONFIDENCE. They all have the ability to approach people without fearing the outcome; the ability to speak up at the right times; the ability to seize the moment instead of cowering in a corner and staying silent. People who succeed do so because they cultivate their potential and subsequently manifest success.

Right now you are missing the key ingredients, the ingredients that separate the stallions from the donkeys, the ingredients that separate the losers from the winners.

You’ve seen it; the guy who walks into a room and commands attention immediately. The guy all the girls comment on once he’s left the room. The guy everyone wants to get 5 minutes with and become friends with. That can be you.

  • It’s time to stop living your life in the background
  • It’s time to unleash your full potential
  • It’s time to be the guy people respect
  • It’s time to stop being ignored
  • It’s time to master the core secrets of MASSIVE inner confidence
  • It’s time to start being successful with women!


Once you discover the methods I have spent a lifetime cultivating you will open a new chapter in your life. A haze will be lifted from your head as the road unfolds before you and you seamlessly attract positive experiences into your life. Life will be BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BETTER. You will be amazed! Don’t believe me? Okay…

Ask yourself this. Why Do Those Popular, Successful Guys Seem To Get All The Luck, All The Girls, Make All The Money And Look So Radiant?

I’ll tell you why. Because once you plant the seeds of confidence everything else falls into place naturally. You won’t believe how doors open up with new opportunities, how women appear from nowhere into your life, how money lands effortlessly in your lap. This is the essence of the law of attraction:

Confidence = Positivity = Good Luck = Prosperity

Don’t spend your life waiting in the wings for a perfect moment to come your way, for a moment of clarity where everything makes sense, for a day when you finally get that bit of luck you’ve been waiting for, for that amazing woman to walk into your life and shower you with love. IT WON’T HAPPEN. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION!


The Collection of Confidence

 – Volume 1 –


The Collection of Confidence is the ultimate personal reinvention kit. It’s time to take off your mask and release your inner man. Become the change today. The program contains 5 CDs (or digital downloads) , each one carefully crafted by myself and designed to propel you toward exponential levels of confidence with women and other key areas of your life.

I developed The Collection of Confidence from the ground up, based upon my own personal life experiences and 20 years of helping thousands of men around the globe master their inner selves. Some say I am the guru that teaches the gurus because I’ve worked with many of the biggest names in the game, guys like,

  • Neil Strauss
  • David DeAngelo
  • Steve Myles
  • Ross Jeffries
  • Mehow

 Here’s What The Gurus Say About Me:

“Hypnotica is one of the people who has personally helped me at the deepest level, the most fundamental level, helping me get my reality, identity, and belief levels together. He taught me some of the most powerful and useful concepts that I use today.”

~ David DeAngelo, CEO of “Double Your Dating”

“Hypnotica is the Inner Game Guru. The concepts he teaches have been one of the influential factors in my own journey in regards to being more successful in The Game.”

~ Neil Strauss, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Game”

But you don’t need to be a guru to master confidence! The techniques contained in The Collection of Confidence are accessible to all. Through this results-driven program you get the privilege of being fast tracked to an abundance of success.

In this powerful 5 CD training program you will learn the following:

  • How to cultivate huge confidence in all areas of your life
  • How to take control of challenging situations
  • How to master the mindset and behavior irresistible to women
  • How to master the traits of a true maverick and leader
  • How to unleash your inner potential and become successful fast
  • How to stop being ignored, rejected and misunderstood

I will take you through one CD at a time, step by step, ensuring you understand every aspect of this essential training. You will learn the purpose and importance of every exercise as we go along. As the training intensifies we will use powerful meditations that feature music from legendary brain entrainment/trance expert, Denver Clay. These meditations are designed to subconsciously reinforce the strategies and manifest your learning for optimum confidence. As the meditations rewire your brain you will start to feel immediate changes. You will feel compelled to act on your new-found confidence, taking your life in to your own hands and shaping your destiny.



Step 1 is the foundation level. This is where we gather the building blocks for self-confidence through a process of self-reinvention. You will discover:

  • How to kick start confidence building and set the ball in motion immediately
  • How to understand real purpose and how to recognize your true self
  • A SUPER SEXY SECRET women find irresistible
  • The keys to real change and cultivating results fast
  • How to harness and bring about real change
  • How to embrace the unknown
  • How to let go of self limiting behaviors and thoughts processes
  • How to rewire the way you think, feel and react
  • How to plan and prepare for success
  • How to embrace change and manifest positive results
  • How to cultivate your unique, individual self
  • The Winning 5% Secret you can learn in 59 minutes

Step 1 is first base for building your confidence. Once you complete this step you’ll have a blueprint to use in every area of your life to attract success. From women to your career, this step will give you the mindset for success and prepare you for the secrets contained within STEP 2…



Rejection sucks, and luckily you won’t need to deal with it anymore. Because in this step I will lead you through the most effective methods to completely eliminate all rejection from your life. Once free of the rejection that haunts the majority of men, you will begin to see the world in a whole new light, and see the amazing opportunities that are waiting to be realized.

Release your fear by discovering mind-blowing techniques to experience personal and mental freedom. Here’s just a small sample of what I will reveal to you during this life-changing/mind-altering audio training:

  • How to Avoid the “Laziness Trap” that kills 95% of your potential
  • The secret to relentless, compulsive focus
  • The straight up facts about rejection that will shatter everything you thought you knew
  • How to break through the wall holding you back from preventing rejection
  • How to cultivate the spirit of boldness and adventure
  • The ONE THING you need to be super successful with women
  • How to flip rejection on its head and use it to build ULTRA Confidence
  • How to exploit the flexibility of thought and manipulate the MATRIX
  • Learn the SECRET unwritten rule of the universe (unexposed until now)
  • Learn the “What Else” exercise that will force you to break through limiting thought processes in seconds
  • Learn a simple trick that makes approaching women easier than ever before

THERE’S ONE MORE EPIC THING….in this step you will learn a 30 minute exercise that will change your life, forever. This exercise alone is worth thousands of dollars and is available exclusively in The Collection of Confidence.



In Step 3 you will take the next valuable pathway in becoming the man you always wanted to be. You will start getting exactly what you want out of life. I will reveal the secrets to getting everything you want by simply expanding your mind beyond the limits you’ve been bound by for so long.

All you have to do is listen and you will be empowered with the following:

  • Efficient decision making skills that will lead to optimum success
  • Master new levels of courage, bravery and fearlessness
  • Learn the 3 simple steps to positive change
  • Become the alpha male women can’t resist
  • Uncover tactics to exponential success cultivation
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of indecision
  • Master the raw power of action
  • Learn how to destroy the “Average Guy Syndrome”
  • Learn how to create the life YOU want to live
  • And finally…learn the unspoken 3-second rule that dating gurus use but never reveal!

But that’s not it…there’s one more exercise in this step that will blow your mind. It’s more powerful than meditation and has a 100% success rate. I can’t talk about it here. All will be revealed inside…



In this step I teach you the power of ASSERTIVENESS. Knowing when to assert yourself and how is imperative in taking control of your life. Once you master assertiveness you will become a powerful presence in social situations and command respect from those around you.

Step 4 will provide you with the following knowledge:

  • Learn the power of “NO” and how women find it irresistible
  • The Gift of Assertiveness… and how to maximize its potential
  • How to avoid the aggression holding the majority of men back from success
  • How to harness absolute self-control in every situation
  • Discover how to communicate effectively and stamp your authority on any situation
  • Learn how to command the attention of women and how to obtain the respect of other men.

At this point you will be noticing considerable transformation, both in your natural actions and the reaction of others to your newly developed confidence. You will begin seeing results in all areas of your life, particularly with women and the attraction of success and money. You will feel healthier, more energetic, more motivated and happier.

But wait… there is still one last step to take in your training, one that will allow you to move forward fully-loaded with confidence.



In this last step I will share an exercise and a meditation that will allow you to take everything you have learned so far and keep building. Everything you will have learned in the program is the framework required for a prosperous, confident life. But you will need to keep building, practicing and manifesting confidence. The more you do this the more natural confidence will become and settle in your psyche as a natural part of your everyday practice.

During this step, you will discover:

  • The secret to manifesting even more confidence in your life going forward
  • How to build upon your personal vision and not upon the expectation of others
  • How to become fearless, make tough decisions and risks…and how to fully reap the rewards!
  • How to sidestep your old unconfident demons with ease
  • How to fix any broken aspect of your life using one powerful tool
  • How to turn mistakes into lucrative opportunities of abundance

WARNING: The last tool in this box is an exercise so powerful you will only be ready for it once you’ve progressed through the 5-step training. It’s so intense it is capable of breaking those who haven’t walked the path…But don’t worry, you’ll be ready, I assure you.

 All The Tools Required to Build A Strong Foundation Of Confidence
Are Right Here In This Program. Start Becoming The Man You Always
Wanted To Be Today…

Man, I wish I had these tools to tap into when I first started out. Think about it, you get to bypass 20 years of growth by taking on a 5-step training course that includes my tried and tested strategies; the same ones I charge hundreds of dollars in personal coaching sessions to reveal.

And don’t forget, this is just the beginning. These are the seeds, and once planted your life will begin to flourish. You will begin to see so many changes, like…

  • Regularly attracting new female encounters
  • Effortlessly achieving your goals
  • Connecting with new friends
  • Making more money and being more successful in business
  • Felling healthier with more energy and radiance
  • And most importantly…enjoying life and an abundance of prosperity in everything you do!

The Collection of Confidence is a lifelong tool, something you can tap into at any time to further grow your confidence. The more you practice these techniques the more you will get out of them and the more confident you will grow.