Erotic Hypnosis for Men
Erotic Hypnosis for Men

Erotic Hypnosis for Men Download | Erotic Hypnosis for Men Mp3 Hypnosis

This recording will bring the listener through a state of relaxation, into a state of arousal,and finish with a climax.All that is needed is an open mind and a imagination,the recording will take care of the rest.

It is best listened to with headphones but it will work without them.Try to use the recording in a dimly lit room that is quiet.Get comfortable before you start,scratch or rub whatever needs to be scratched or rubbed.Wear loose
clothes or loosen tight clothing,because blood flow is important to your results.Take off your shoes,remove your glasses or contacts,be comfortable.Go naked if you can,but beware that you might stain your sheets!

Do not listen to this recording if you are driving,operating heavy machinery or doing anything that needs your attention.It can be dangerous,you may drop off into a trance.

Use and enjoy this product as much as you want.You will enjoy it more and more as you get better at relaxing your body and creating fantasies through guided imagery.