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Responding to Texts the Right Way

Texting can be super hectic sometimes but you have to think of it as a game. Yes, I said a game and the reason I say this is because games are fun.

You need to start thinking that everything involved with dating is fun so HAVE FUN WITH TEXTING!

When learning texting we tend to do a lot of wrong things.

We don’t text back right away, we tease her but at the wrong time or we banter with her for way too long making the original joke not that funny anymore.

Another key thing is that we don’t flirt and talk to the girl like we’re just her friend which isn’t the right thing to do… period.

Girls that you’re interested in need to know that you’re interested and just texting them isn’t going to let them know this, it’s how you text her and respond to her texts that will let her know.

Say you’re at work and during your break you sit back and shoot a text to a girl you like and she responds, you want to flirt but not in a over cheesy way.

Here’s what I mean.

When you shoot your first text, she’ll respond and then when you respond TEASE HER! Most guys just have these boring and drawn out conversations that go nowhere. If this is you, stop doing it today.

Girls like fun and flirty conversations that keep them entertained. I’m not saying become some entertainer for her but you need to stand out from the rest of the guys that she’s probably texting and seeing.

When you respond and tease her, don’t overdo it, you want to tease her two to three times TOPS in the beginning of the conversation while sprinkling in teasing texts throughout the rest of the conversation.

A good way to flirt is by not complementing her but again, teasing her in a fun way, here’s what I mean…

You: I love my job but I wanna go home already, lol.
Her: Yeah it’s slow at my work today.
You: Sitting around looking cute isn’t a job, ma’am!
Her: Shut up! I have a real job jerk 😉
You: So…what do you do…if you don’t mind me askin’, miss?
Her: I’m an RN at a hospital in south OC

Notice how I responded to her first text? I teased her and then she told me she has a real job so I asked what she did and she told me.

I didn’t overdo it by continuing to tease her but I will do something similar to this later on in the conversation when she says something I can poke fun of her for.

Never poke fun of something that will make her feel insecure or bad, always do it in a fun/playful way.

Say a girl tells me that she tripped and fell at work in front of everybody, I already know she’s confident enough with me poking at her since she just told me something embarrassing…

Here’s how I’d do it so I don’t offend her but at the same time I’m flirting with her.

Her: I just slipped and fell at work right in front of everybody…so embarrassing :/
Hydro: What? Details, woman!
Her: They mopped the floor and I took the corner to fast and I slipped and almost did the splits.
Hydro: Did anybody point and laugh?
Her: No! They’re not mean like you!
Hydro: I’m just sayin’…I’ve done what just happened to you and it sucks but you have to admit when you see someone else fall it’s always funny am I wrong?

See how I poked at her and then I related to what she went through to soften the blow? I’m not apologizing, I make her feel more comfortable by letting her know I went through something similar to what she just experienced whether it’s true or not.

As the old saying goes, it’s not lying it’s flirting.

Responding to her texts when she texts back or texts you first, always keep in mind that you want to FLIRT and TEASE HER to stand out and let her know that you’re not just some dude who wants to be her “friend” and that you’re interested in her for more than that.

You don’t want to respond off the wall to where she’s looking at her phone like, “WTF did he just text me?”

Tease her for a text or two and then go into normal conversation like you would with someone you’ve known for a while.

Over thinking is only going to throw you into your head even more than you probably already are.

I know it’s put me in tough situations to where I messed a lot of text conversations up.

Remember, you don’t always have to be that crazy and witty guy, just stand out a little more than the rest and you’ll be better than 95% of the guys that she’s talking to.

Be sure to keep what you want out of this relationship in mind every time you communicate with her for the first few weeks, whether it’s a date, sex or a girlfriend.

Have a direction so your text conversations go there, it will help A LOT.


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