How To Make Women Laugh by Martin Merril Download

The Power Of Humor

I have a question for you:
“Would you prefer to be with someone who can consistently make you laugh heartily or someone who wear fancy clothes and talk in a ‘peculiar’ way? (Or maybe both?)”

Psychological studies have shown that during an initial contact, it’s psychologically impossible to dislike someone who has made you laugh genuinely for 5 times or more. (According to my experience, the word “dislike” should be replaced by “resist the attraction of”.)
Think about it. It’s basic human nature to avoid pain and gain pleasure. What do we do when we experience pleasure? We smile or laugh! Laughter means pleasure, and humor is what creates laughter.
Humor is powerful – much more powerful than most people have ever imagined and will ever know. However, most men will get stuck in a place called “Average, Dull And Boring” for their entire lives.
But I want you to be different; I want you to be funny; I want you to be way more attractive than average. I want you to have an edge over all the rest.

And I want you to feel a deep sense of satisfaction as other men marvel at your amazing ability to make women laugh and fall in love.
What do women themselves say? I can quote you countless letters or surveys in major female magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmo… I can ask you to check out the profiles on dating websites (they usually have a section for women to declare what type of men they’re looking for)… I can ask you to go and find proof on TV and movie screen…

But you don’t need this extra proof to convince yourself that the ability to make women laugh is the basis of attraction (and the trademark of a charming man).
In fact, reliable statistics showed that 82% of women consistently rank humor as one of the top 3 qualities of men they want to date.

Why Make Women Laugh?

Some guys look at women’s laughter as a “by-product” of a healthy, promising conversation. To them, laughter is JUST something good to have, and they can perfectly live without it.

But that fact is… Laughter alone can make women fall in love with you. The more she laughs, the better your chance is. If you can keep her laughing her head off, you’re “almost there”. Conversely, if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, you have to be able to make her laugh.

Laughter is not merely “good to have”. It’s pretty much all you need. If you really want to attract women easily and quickly, you must be able to make her laugh at any time, any place, and any way you want.

But the sad truth is… Not many of us can really claim to be funny.

Sure, all of us can crack a joke or two. Sometimes we can be quite funny for a whole night. But can you do it consistently time after time, night after night? Are you able to systematically and carefully construct “humor messages” to suit different women’s tastes? Do you know the secrets that will make humor a natural part of you so that it’s effortless to stay humorous and charming?

You know what? The ability to make any woman laugh and fall in love is inside each of us. Even if your answer to any of those questions is not a confident “YES”, you can choose to reclaim your power of humor. You can stop being boring, or average, once and for all.

Making Women Laugh Is A Science

Some other guys talk about the “art” of making women laugh.

Sure, they can call themselves “artists” as they like, but the problem is… once they treat “making women laugh” as an art, they have very few rules to rely on and they can’t really measure their results. Making women laugh becomes an uncertain event.

But the fact is… Making women laugh is a science.

I’ve devoted several years of my life studying the science of making women laugh, which involved “textbook after textbook of theories”. (It could get quite intimidating, dry and technical, opposed to what you might think.)

I came to the conclusion that human beings’ reactions to different types of “humor stimuli” are predictable. And there are tested-and-proven methods to match a piece of humor with a subject’s education, personality, and cultural background to induce laughter. Any man, regardless of look, intelligence, education, and personality, can unleash his power of humor to make women laugh and fall in love.