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The 53 Laws Of Being A King With Women

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  • Always maintain a position of power – how to take “perfect ten” women off the pedestal in your mind… and put yourself on HER pedestal instead
  • The #1 body language shortcut that triggers total sexual submission in any woman…
  • Why you should never chase women… and how to “stack the deck in your favor” when meeting a woman so that she chases YOU.
  • The secret to creating earth-shattering confidence in any situation (this is ONLY for winners)
  • How to dominate your life every day – a stunning confidence builder
  • My simple trick to knowing your true path in life and how to follow it (overnight game-changer).
  • Little-known fashion and style secrets of Hollywood’s most attractive and high status men – gets you noticed right away by the hottest women who would otherwise ignore you.
  • The daily success secret of millionaire CEOs, actors and athletes that takes 5 minutes a day and creates legendary levels of confidence.
  • Your new “default mode” of conversation with every girl you meet. With this technique in your back pocket, you can mess up 90% of an interaction and she will STILL sleep with you.

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  • In a rut with your life right now? NO PROBLEM!
  • Lacking the confidence to really go for it? NO PROBLEM!
  • She’s not getting back to you? NO PROBLEM!
  • Don’t know what to say? NO PROBLEM!
  • Girls playing “games” with your head? NO PROBLEM!
  • Nervous about your first date? NO PROBLEM!
  • Want her to step up and chase you?  NO PROBLEM!
  • Trying too hard to impress? NO PROBLEM!
  • Stuck in the “beta” position? NO PROBLEM!
  • Getting walked on and disrespected? NO PROBLEM!
  • Tired of settling for 6’s and 7’s? NO PROBLEM!
  • Sick of competing with other guys? NO PROBLEM!
  • She’s playing “hard to get”? NO PROBLEM!
  • Not getting any sex? NO PROBLEM!


    A secretive rule to follow when competing with other guys that will keep you from getting walked on or abused, and raise you up to otherworldly levels of status…


    The King’s #1 rule for life – if you’re not dating hot enough girls right now, it’s because you are violating this law.


    A simple “mindset shift” stolen from the world’s greatest investors that makes attracting the hottest women blazingly obvious and easy.


    The top body language secret that gets you noticed and introduced to beautiful women and high status individuals.


    How to draw female attention on yourself without trying (makes you look like a celebrity to anyone who’s watching)


    Something you can do every 2 months that keeps your confidence sky-high and makes you incredibly interesting and attractive.


    A weekly strategy you can follow that will make you a social rockstar in 30 days or less, guaranteed


    How to be her King by affecting her emotions first, and keeping her from getting to you emotionally (until you’re ready)

DISCLAIMER: “The 53 Laws of Being a King” work best on the hottest, highest-quality women (less attractive girls will think you’re “out of their league”)

When You’re The King, Women Come To YOU

  • The #1 secret to high status – do THIS when first meeting a girl you don’t know…
  • A law of conversation that get her so sexually curious, she’ll follow you anywhere… all the way to your bedroom…
  • What she needs to feel before she’ll sleep with you and how to install it in her mind instantly…
  • How to text message a girl in a way that makes her think about f*cking you…
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid with texting, and the #1 rule to follow that guarantees she comes out to see you in person…
  • A stunningly effective method for sexual escalation…
  • The Law of sexual attraction that makes her think it was her idea to get on her knees and beg to please you…
  • What to do when she gives you shit or “tests” you… take her power away and use it to drive her wild with desire…
  • How to keep your power in every interaction – make women fall into your frame and follow your rules…
  • Exactly how to look at her in a way that makes her want to f*ck you…
  • Bad behavior – what to do about it and how to turn all her tests into sex…

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