Gary Brodsky – Pimp Mindset Download

Recorded live spoken by Gary Brodsky and Anthony Muraco


Think about this__ any pimp can get women- all women to screw hundreds of strange men a night, then give him all the money and most guys can’t get sex from their girlfriends or wives!

The secrets revealed here are incredibly powerful. Their overwhelming sexual potential and control are known in secret around the world. The secret is now out. This Audio is filled with all the greatest moves that can not possibly fail to work because they have been used as sexual mind control since the beginning of recorded history.

Take a moment and just imagine how great your life would be if women did everything for you–everything. Anything you wanted them to do, at any time, for any reason. Can you picture it, can you feel their fingers on your body, their hot breath on your face, in your ears Can you smell them, taste them, hear the rapid beating of their heart as they press their bodies against yours
Can you do it–can you imagine all that Can you–because that’s what we’re talking about here. This isn’t about finally getting some woman you’ve been fantasizing about to finally notice you, to take pity on you enough to allow you to take her out on a date.

This isn’t about establishing a relationship. Hell, no. That stuff’s for the losers who don’t know anything about women, who are ready to settle for crumbs because they wouldn’t know what to do with a cake if you gave them one.
This is about getting your cake, gentlemen, and eating it, too.
This is about you getting what you want, when you want it, the way you want it. We are talking about women calling you, cooking for you, buying you gifts, rubbing your feet, washing your car, and bringing their friends to your place to party once they begin to fear you’ve grown bored with them.

This is about having them fight amongst themselves for the chance to clean your house and do your laundry! And, of course, most importantly, we’re talking about getting women to do what really counts, which is giving you the grandest, hottest most sensational sex, the way you want it, every time you want it!
All of those who have forgotten that a woman’s place is wherever you want her to be. Let’s bring it back … the way it was meant to be.
The life you have been waiting for.
The life you deserve!

It has some good ideas and concepts.

Who is Gary?

Gary Brodsky has over 30 years experience in seduction excellence. Once you listen to the audio’s or read any ebooks, you will immediately notice the absence of any real competition.

Besides his extensive work in the field, Gary has been trained by US Intelligence in psychology, communication (both overt and covert), mind control, persuasion, and covert seduction. All of these skills will make you unstoppable in your ability to get the woman or multiple women that you desire.

Gary is a world-renowned authority in the field.