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 Female Body Mastery.Do You Know These 16 Hidden Pleasure Spots On The Female Body?
Lexi Belle 2011 AVN Best Supporting Actress

Do You Know These 16 Hidden Pleasure Spots On The Female Body?

Lexi Belle 2011 AVN Best Supporting ActressHey thereMy name is Lexi Belle… and in this letter, I’m going to share with you some secrets about the female body known to less than 1% of all men…For example, did you know there are 16 unique pleasure spots on the female body? And that if you touch them in a certain order… your girl will experience an orgasm so intense and powerful it can last up to an hour??If not, you are not alone. This information is so advanced, even most women don’t know these secrets!

So if you learn them, you’ll know a woman’s body better than she does… you can actually teach her secrets about her body! You’ll give her sensations she’s never experienced before… and take her to levels of pleasure she never even thought possible…
Best of all, you’ll do it without any special “toys” or without taking any kind of mood-enhancing drugs. Once you know these secrets you’ll give a woman feelings more intense than she could get from any vibrator… or even ANY EXTASY PILL! She’ll think you’re a WIZARD as you touch her in ways that no other man has before…But before we go on – BE WARNED…Since the feelings you give her are more powerful than drugs… they are also JUST AS ADDICTING.Once you use these secrets with a woman, she wants more and more and more. She wants to be with you ALL THE TIME… and can actually become SEXUALLY ADDICTED to you. So it’s important you only use the information I’m about to share with you with a woman you really like…ALSO – some of the things I’m going to share with you are a little… how do I say… “taboo?”If you’re not comfortable learning and using advanced and explicit sexual techniques that are unlike anything you’ve ever heard about anywhere before… then this is NOT for you…Lastly – The information I’m about to share with you not only blow’s your woman’s mind in the bedroom… but when you first meet a woman… and in every conversation you have with her!You’re going to discover some ways to get a woman thinking naughty thoughts about you and wanting to fuck you… even if you’re not her physical “type”… and even if she considers you just a “friend” now! But these tricks are a little “sneaky”… so if you’re not comfortable with that, please stop reading.Still with me? Ok good! Let’s go on. And as we do, if there is a special woman you’d want to use these secrets on, picture her in your mind now.If there isn’t one in particular, just picture a really hot girl you want to hook up with…Got her?Ok, I have a couple important question for you… think carefully as you answer… and BE HONEST…Question #1:

If you were to see this beautiful woman tonight… would you know how to make a move with her, and kiss her in a way that gets her horny and wanting to sleep with you?Question # 2:

If were to get this woman into your bed… do you know how to touch her and fuck her in a way that makes her cum… guaranteed?Question # 3:

After you slept with this amazing girl… would she brag to her girlfriends about you… and tell them how you rocked her world in bed? Would she say you are the BEST she’s ever had?If you answered, “No,” to any of these questions, that’s totally ok.I can tell you, as a girl, that when it comes to turning a girl on and making a move… most men have NO CLUE!And when it comes to sex?Forget about it.That’s where most men are even WORSE.What’s sad about this is it often causes a girl to leave a guy, or worse, cheat on him… no matter how great his personality is…If a guy can’t satisfy us in the bedroom, there is really nothing he can do to make up for it. No amount of flowers or compliments or even money will keep us around for very long.What’s really sad is most women won’t even TELL a guy the reason why she left him! So he never knows he needs to improve.But the upside to this is that if you are a guy who is GREAT in bed… you have a HUGE advantage over all other men!A woman knows a guy who is great in bed is RARE… so she’ll do anything to keep him!

Oh, and if you know the little tricks to turn a woman on BEFORE you get to the bedroom… well… let’s just say the guys who know those things never have to worry about sleeping alone 😉So why are most guys so bad in bed then?Well after interviewing dozens of men and women on the subject… then doing some research on my own… I’ve discovered it’s because…Most Men Don’t Know The 3 Big Differences Between  A Man And A Woman’s Body!
And I’m not talking about the obvious stuff here. All guys know women like more foreplay and have different “equipment”… but there are 3 other not-so-obvious differences most guys miss completely… that I’m going to share with you now.
Pay close attention… because knowing just these 3 things can be the difference between being the best or WORST a woman has ever had…Difference # 1
A Woman’s Body Is Capable Of Experiencing
Up To 10x As Much Pleasure As A Man!
Yep, you heard me. You guys might have the world as your urinal… but when it comes to experiencing sexual pleasure… we girls have all the fun 😉Think about this – Have you ever SCREAMED during sex because something felt so good?Those aren’t screams of pain you know =)Also – did you know that our skin is only 1/3 the thickness of yours?It’s why we are always cold!But that also means it’s 3 times as sensitive!And get this – a mans penis only has 3,500 nerve endings.A woman’s clitoris has over 8,000!A girl’s nipples are the same way… and so is every other part of her body!Which is why (and this is also Difference # 2)…Difference # 2 A Woman Is Capable Of Experiencing Pleasure In MANY Different Ways!When it comes to sexual pleasure, you boys really have only one way to get there – and that’s by way of your penis.But for a woman… when someone knows how to touch her in the right ways… her ENTIRE BODY becomes one big sexual organ!For example, you know how great it feels when a girl is giving you a hand job?Did you know a GIRL can get a feeling just as powerful and exciting by you are
STOKING HER ARM!?Yep, it’s true. And later I’ll show you how to do this during a casual conversation with a woman to make her horny for you 😉There are DOZENS of secret spots on a woman’s body that can bring about INTENSE sexual pleasure. And when you knows what they are, and how to touch them… WATCH OUT!!Girls not only want to sleep with you… they actually become ADDICTED to your touch! Because she knows no other guy can touch her like you can!
Difference # 3
Stimulating A Woman’s MIND Is Just As Important As Her Body… But A Master Does Both!You may have heard the saying that a woman’s most powerful sexual organ is her MIND.Well, that’s only partially true…What is true is that a woman’s mind is EQUALLY as powerful…That’s why we girls get more turned on by things like saucy romance novels and dirty talk than we do by looking at naked pictures or videos.But like I said before, we LOVE physical stimulation also…
and we are capable of experiencing a lot of it ;)So what’s the key to giving a woman out-of-this-world pleasure?Combining BOTH.When you know how to stimulate a woman’s mind… and her body… you can take her to levels of pleasure even she never thought possible…I call it, “Multi-Sensory Stimulation”… and it’s the techniques that do this and hit a woman from ALL SENSES that work like magic…That’s when you can start do things like touching her on special “secret” places to make a her horny for you… within minutes of meeting you…And after you touch her once… she wants you to touch her more and more… until you are inside of her! These are the types of things that make women become sexually addicted to you and want to fuck you all the time! And… do whatever you want in bed.It’s not all that hard to turn a “good girl” into a your own personal nymphomaniac when you know how…And that’s what my new DVD program “Female Body Mastery” is all about.Who Am I, And Why Should
You Listen To Me?
My name is Lexi Belle, and I’m a 24 year old bi-sexual adult film star.I’ve been very fortunate to star in over 50 adult films… and have won 8 awards for them as well ;)I’ve been fascinated with sex for as far back as I can remember… I think I started masturbating around age 5 – true story!And ever since then I’ve been a student of sexual pleasure and new ways to give and receive it.I guess you could call me a “sex nerd”… as I’ve read over 100 books on sexuality and sex techniques!But where I REALLY got my “sex education”… so to speak… hehe… is through a LOT of hands-on experimentation with both myself and other girls…I’ve discovered some powerful secrets about the female body NO ONE else seems to know – even other bi-sexual girls…I never thought I’d be sharing them… I have too much fun using them in my private life! It’s kinda fun being the only one who knows this stuff 😉

… but my friend Shawna convinced me that if I did, I’d be helping give a lot of girls out there some SERIOUS pleasure… and the thought of a girl cumming because of something I discovered with me not even being in the room put a huge smile on my face =)
So in Female Body Master you’re gonna get ALL of my secrets to making a girl scream and squirt in extasy!It’s the only program on the planet to show the secret ways to stimulate a woman’s body for maximum pleasure, every time. All demonstrated for you in explicit “show-all” videos by my hot bi-sexual girlfriends and I… and we leave NOTHING to the imagination ;)The Female Body Mastery DVD program breaks down into 5 unique sections:

To sweeten up this package even further, I’ve decided to include some powerful free bonuses!

You’ll also get these 2 exciting bonus reports!

Ok, Let’s Wrap This Up! You’re Going To Get….

Advanced Penetration PleasureHow She Rubs HerselfSex Drive ScienceSexting To Get Her Dripping WetSeductive Touching

Supercharged SeductionThe Science Of Orgasmic Pleasure

This DVD program helps men learn about the various ways to properly stimulate a woman’s body.

Bonus videos include:
– How She Rubs Herself
– Sex Drive Science

Bonus reports include:
– Sexting To Get Her Dripping Wet
– Seductive Touching

30 day trial to Ultimate Sex God Club

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Neuro-Orgasmic Connections
– A sensual place to kiss a woman above the waist
– Where to touch a woman when you’re making out
– What to say to a woman when she is about to climax
– 7 ways to create a connection during penetration sex
– How to know when a woman likes to have her ear kissed
– How to find out if a woman likes dirty talk without offending her
– The one place you need to kiss before you go down on a woman

Supercharged Seduction
– Seduction sequences
– The foreplay orgasm
– An eye contact technique
– Special massage techniques
– How to get the first kiss without being rejected

Advanced Erogenous Zones
– 5 ways to drive a woman wild
– A special spot on a woman’s thigh
– Where to massage a woman that relaxes the muscles that cause her to orgasm

The Science of Orgasmic Pleasure
– Different kinds of orgasms
– What makes a woman orgasm

Advanced Penetration Pleasure
– Little tricks to spice up normal positions
– Different positions for longer, more intense orgasms
– Advanced stroke techniques for multiple orgasms

What You Get:

5 DVDs


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