Vince Kelvin – Extreme Kino and Kiss Escalation Download

Vince Kelvin – Extreme Kino and Kiss Escalation : Tired of conversations that seem to go nowhere? Still waiting for women to make the first move? Fed up with ending up being just “the friend”? Time to excalate where you used to hesitate!!!

Let seduction virtuoso Vince Kelvin radically revolutionize your reality with women, as he’ll help you take much more liberties and naturally, masterfully and super rapidly escalate kino and kissing with extremely innovative new routines!

Witness Vince at his wildest deviously demonstrate outrageous techniques on women on stage…

– Fastest Kiss Close Routine Ever!

– The New “Sea Shell” Anchoring Demo!

– Killer Kino Conditioning Concepts!

Pick up the mind of a Porn Star by Vince Kelvin

THIS IS NOT PORN, its informational (and very cool)

and now.. the decription

Vince Kelvin – Pick Up The Mind of a Porn Star
How to Score a Porn Chick!

Starring Anastasia Pierce and Jewel Marceau

Seduction Virtuoso, Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin brings you this long awaited special edition, in which he will pickup the mind of a porn star Anastasia Pierce of Maximum Kink!! As you enjoy this fun and entertaining interview, you will witness Vince set fabulous frames and precisely elicit the needed states and responses from this incredible “pinup like” Bondage Diva, with very simple yet so precise questions that just hit the right spot… you’ll find it so helpful for you to very naturally…

– Build rapport by setting yourself as the insider in her world.

– Condition and encourage Bi-sexuality in the wilder women you meet.

– Elicit and evoke what allows them to give themselves the permission to go for it.

– Plus…Anastasia will help you expand your frame.