Eric LIFE PUA – Becoming Casanova: The Complete Linear Method PDF Download

Learn the Secrets to Seduce ANY WOMAN.

This book is complete linear method of Life Dating Coaching. This is the ultimate guide to Seduce Women.

This book includes our Nine Step Linear Method:

1. Approach
2. Social Rapport
3. Break Rapport
4. Attraction
5. Compliance & Investment
6. Rapport Comfort
7. Sexual Rapport Break
8. Sexual Investment and Comfort
9. Seduction

In addition, Eric LIFE PUA – Becoming Casanova includes:

– The Top Three Tease’s ever made.
– The Three Question’s to find out if you can sleep with a woman that night.
– A complete system to getting phone numbers.
– An Overview on Frames in Pick Up Artistry.
– An Overview of Touching.
– An explanation on every single way to Attract a woman.
– The Secret to Investment.
– Proven Psychology on Attraction and Love.
– Seven Bonus Section including Dates and how to get over Problem’s in your Game.
– An overview on Cold Approach Pick Up.
– Exercises and Content Check – Ups to force you to retain the information you have attained.
– And so much more, a description could never do this book justice.

This book is the guide to teach yourself how to get good at meeting women. For most guys, this is all you will ever need on how to meet a woman. From how to set up a Date, to how to Attract her, to how to consistently get her to call you back. This book is out complete guide to Seduction.

This book was created to replace any and all Seduction book’s you have into one neat and clean primer. This is the same information in a standard Pick Up Artist Boot Camp, plus much more, for a slim fraction of the cost.